Miss Boom Boom Competition in China

Competition "Miss Boom Boom" in China In China, a competition for eating insects 28.06.17 The traditional competition for eating insects was held in the Chinese city of Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Participants temporarily ate bamboo worms, dragonflies and maggots. Frames of daily life in China..

Congenital syphilis

Congenital syphilis out of 5 possible based on Congenital syphilis- This is syphilis, which is transmitted to the unborn child by transplacental through mother's blood. Congenital syphilis is early and late. Early congenital syphilis includes fetal syphilis, infant syphilis, and early childhood syphilis. Late..

10 major movie premieres of the fall 2018

10 major movie premieres of the fall 2018 With the beginning of autumn, the light season of blockbusters will be replaced by the loaded season of paintings that major studios are desperately promoting for awards. In order to at least somehow navigate in a..

09.09.18. Expectations. Moscow

09.09.18. Expectations. Moscow We continue to study the pre-election balance of power in the regions before the gubernatorial elections. Today is Moscow. Moscow belongs to the several regions in which the gubernatorial elections of this year will be next and the current head of..

Chace Crawford photo, biography, personal life 2018

Chace Crawford Biography Childhood Chase grew up in his native Texas. Like any ordinary child, he attended school and was fond of sports. In particular, the future actor liked football and golf. And besides that, Chace was engaged in drawing. In his free time..

What ends excessive bodipositiv. A photo

What ends excessive bodipositiv. A photo Do you have a big belly, stretch marks and chest drooped? Excessive hairiness and a lot of cellulite? Do not despair. Bodypositive movement accepts all. And some of the girls will make candy, highlighting the advantages and disguising..

What is destroying our biofield, and how to restore it

What is destroying our biofield, and how to restore it What is it and why is it necessary It is assumed that there is energy in the entire land. Every living thing or plant has its own special energy. She stands out in space..

Give a wage increase to deputies by 2 times

Give a wage increase to deputies by 2 times! While we are discussing here cellulite assholes, photofeery pulled up, empty beaches of the Crimea, or vice versa, lies and provocation of individual bloggers sitting on the soldering board of the State Department, and so..

Leo Love Horoscope on October 2018 for men and women

For women Perhaps there is a need to protect from outside advice, outside help will not be needed. Apparently, this is a good time to be alone. It’s probably time to give support to loved ones. Love does not have to rush, do not..

Kate Middleton and Megan Markle at the Wimbaldon Finals

Kate Middleton and Megan Markle at the Wimbaldon Finals Prince Louis christenings 10.07.18 ? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and William, Duke of Cambridge today baptize their third child - Prince Louis. Parents with baby already arrived in the Royal Chapel The royal family at..

What else is Europe blaming Russia for?

What else is Europe blaming Russia for? Not only that Russia today is the main topic for discussion on the political arena of the European Union is not at all in a positive way, it also continues to negatively feed the public with new..


Monogamy Monogamy is a direct path to unleavened sex in a couple or even to its alleviation. As soon as the couple declares a monopoly on each other's genitals, sex begins to decay. The question arises: why voluntarily spoil your sex? What kind of..

What is contact

What is contact? Oksana Vasilyeva May 14, 2015 Every advanced internet user is well aware of what a contact is. More precisely, Vkontakte is one of the most popular domestic social networks. But, unfortunately, for many the word “contact” is associated only with this..