15 items with AliExpress that are needed on vacation

It seems that a full summer in Russia is not to be expected. Nothing terrible, nobody canceled the vacation - because in the home country of warm days you can’t wait, it's time to go “to the south” or at least to another city for vivid impressions. If the purchased vouchers are already warming your pocket or you have a detailed road trip in your head, it's time to think about organizing the trip. You have been assisted in collecting 15 things from AliExpress that will make your vacation more comfortable and safer.

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Cushion that fits on the car belt

Travel are different. With such a pillow you will help the passengers of your car to survive a long journey.

Price in AliExpress shop: 192 rubles.
Savings: 10 rubles.

Get enough sleep and get your money backOrganizer for the back seat of the car

Long road by car - it's always hard. Candy wrappers and food packaging are scattered throughout the cabin, inaccurately closed water bottles are spilled, and hot drinks coasters are always not enough for everyone. The problem of chaos will help solve the organizer for the car. It is convenient for all edible supplies and gadgets that are often taken on the road. You can also install a tablet on it and turn it into a convenient screen.

Price in AliExpress store: 1 718 rubles.
Savings: 94 rubles.

Clean up the car and saveGPS tracker

It seems that such a gadget is necessary for everyone who goes on vacation with children. Rest will be a hundred times calmer if you knowthat your child will not be lost in an unfamiliar city. Before walking, ask him to put a small device in his pocket.

Price: 1 300 rubles.
Savings: 70 rubles.

Do not worry about children and financesPortable changing table

Another thing that comes in handy if you go on a trip with children. Now it will not be necessary to look in a panic for a suitable surface if you had a confusion with your baby. They laid out the "backpack" - and there are no problems.

Price: 3 011 rubles.
Savings: 165 rubles.

I want to travel in comfort and get a refundWaterproof watch + fitness tracker

Waterproof watches are ideal for those who can not imagine life without a wrist accessory. In addition to the exact time, the gadget will show what your pulse is, how many steps you have gone, and tell if you slept well.

Price: 2 437 rubles.
Savings: 134 rubles.

I want to know the time in the water and saveSelfie stick that will stand all

Withstands gadgets and cameras of almost all sizes - from smartphones to SLR cameras. You make class shots from a trip, and you’ll even pump up your hands. Dream. Remote control included.

Price: 832 rubles.
Savings: 45 rubles.

Take selfies and savePortable fan for very hot countries

In rare cases, it becomes insulting that the holiday season comes only in summer - in some countries during this period it is terrible to meddle. In Egypt, Jordan or Israel, for example. If you still decide to take a chance and bought vouchers for early August, then you will definitely need a portable fan. The gadget seems funny, but is guaranteed to save you in the burning heat.

Price: 1 698 rubles.
Savings: 93 rubles.

I want coolness and money backPowerBank with solar panels and flashlight

For those who consider the release of long hikes over cross country with a backpack on their shoulders. The power bank, which is equipped with a compass, a flashlight and powered by the sun’s energy, is solar powered and will help you stay connected even if you have been living in a tent camp for a week.

Price: 2 735 rubles.
Savings: 150 rubles.

I want to always be in touch and get cashbackCover on the beach, on which there is no sand

When you still get to the soft sand, then stop loving him as soon as he starts to roll on a towel, get on clothes or get clogged in a bag.The enterprising Chinese have invented a bed for such a case, which does not leave the sand a chance.

Price: 1 461 rubles.
Savings: 77 rubles.

Sunbathe and saveInflatable sofa

These compact inflatable loungers fell in love with the organizers of all open-airs of the country. If you plan your own open-air on the beach or in the countryside - the bivans will be very much in topic.

Price: 3,139 rubles.
Savings: 173 rubles.

I want bivan and cashbackSet to allocate space in a suitcase

The most careful travelers have a habit of putting things in packages and only then putting them in a suitcase. Now with this method of allocating space, you can say goodbye. A set of nylon bags for a suitcase will perfectly replace countless plastic bags.

Price: 2,422 rubles.
Savings: 120 rubles.

Allocate a place and get moneyTransportation for cords and charge

A real salvation for those who do not even go on vacation without a personal arsenal of equipment: a smartphone, camera or laptop. With such an organizer, every shoelace and charging will get to the hotel in perfect condition.

Price: 534 rubles.
Savings: 29 rubles.

Buy cashback organizerLuggage accessories

The beacon for the suitcase to immediately recognize the native baggage on the tape at the airport.

Fasteners for hand luggage, so as not to carry in their hands several bags at the same time.

Protective bags for suitcases, so as not to spend each time on 300, or even 500 rubles for packing and not to suffer, removing it from the baggage after the flight.

Total price: 1 546 rubles.
Savings: 85 rubles.

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15 items with AliExpress that are needed on vacation 14

15 items with AliExpress that are needed on vacation 66

15 items with AliExpress that are needed on vacation 18