15 things that people did before the Internet

12-01-2018, 10:30

Today, many have already forgotten what the world was like before the advent of the Internet. Teenagers do not even know how it was possible to live like this without a modem and what to do without social networks and surfing the expanses of the global network. So, remember what people filled their free time just a few decades ago.
1. Bought encyclopedias

Yes, I had to purchase these huge files of thick volumes. Finding the right information in the encyclopedias was still that difficult.
2. Spent weeks searching for the right things.

Previously, there were no huge online stores. People had to look for something needed in the Yellow Pages and call every store to find out if they really have this product.
3. Asked the way

There was no google maps or gps. People had to use paper cards. And to get somewhere in the city, it was best to ask how to do it, from passersby.
4. Recorded music

The children actually recorded their own music CDs (and earlier tapes) and exchanged them. The Internet has changed all that.
5. Read in the library

Encyclopedias were good for school. However, the university had to go to the library. Moreover, not all libraries were the same. Many times I had to send another, because the previous one did not have the necessary literature.
6. Written by hand

Although computers and printers were already in the early 90s, they were very rare. Most people had to do all the tasks at school and college, recording everything by hand.
7. Corresponded by week

For example, the official correspondence took several weeks. To fill out a form, you had to call the company, order a special form, fill it in, send it back and get a confirmation. Each stage took several days.
8. Forced to communicate with her parents

There were no mobile phones. When you had to call your girlfriend home, parents always took the call, and you had to ask them to call their daughter to the phone.
9. Waited for the development of negatives / photo printing

I had to go to a special store and leave the film there to show it. And only then could they insert their photos into the album and show them to their friends.
ten.Waited for watching a TV show or movie

Those who wanted to watch your favorite TV show, you had to wait. And the main thing was not to miss the right time, because it was impossible to record the broadcast on TV.
11. Memorized phone numbers

Or they kept special phone books. And when you had to call someone, you had to turn the dial or press a bunch of buttons.
12. Read the news once a day.

Every morning began with reading the newspaper from this paper. After that, there was no news until 18:00 on TV.
13. Played outdoors

Moreover, parents did not always require from their children to periodically report on whether everything was good with them. You just had to appear at home before dark.
14. Listened to messages on the answering machine

Today, everyone is used to judging their popularity by the number of “likes” that they have been given. People rated their popularity except by the number of messages that they left on the answering machine.
15. Lived in confidence

The fact is that before people knew that no one was recording their telephone conversations, that their face would not appear on any random photograph of outsiders, that their correspondence was not read, etc. Life was then much simpler and more confidential.

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