5 signs that you are used

3-12-2017, 17:30
These signs indicate that you are simply being used, and you give in.
We all sometimes to some extent use other people to our advantage. But hardly anyone likes being manipulated by them. But remember, probably among your friends there is one in whose sincerity you doubt.
In work, friendship, or even romantic relationships, no one is immune from being used. And most often we succumb to provocation. Signs of being used.
1. You are made to feel guilty. Manipulator in order to achieve their goals, sometimes enough to pretend to be offended. Psychology works simply: you believe that you have offended a person with something, you begin to feel guilty and try to somehow smooth it off by fulfilling requests or conditions of a manipulator.
2. You are only interested when you need your connections. Does your friend tirelessly admire your ability to connect with the right people? It flatters you, of course. And when he asks you to help bring him down with someone, you, of course, do not refuse.Only then this "friend" suddenly disappears somewhere exactly until the moment when he needs your help again.
3. You have a feeling of compassion. It seems that you are simply being manipulated, uttering the phrase "come into my position", "I will have problems" ... You should not be sent to such calls for help if you hear them all the time. Everyone has bad days, but if such situations recur regularly, there is reason to think.
4. You are asked for a quid pro quo. You may find a person very useful. He may indeed be of some small service to you, but in return he will ask for a favor that is much more important. And you will not be able to refuse this manipulator. Match the "sizes" of requests.
5. You are returned again and again. This often happens in a relationship.

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