50 shades of marriage

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Many men do not understand at all what women mean when they say they want to get married.
- That means they want to go to the registrar! What could be easier! - say men. And they will be mistaken. Because for us, the daughters of Eve, a simple “I want to get married” can have dozens of shades.
I have friends for whom "getting married" means "I want a wedding." And not just a wedding, but a mass celebration in honor of a particular individual of the female sex. For such a woman, the ceremony itself is extremely important - marriage proposal with a drop on one knee. Or a white dress with puffy skirts. Or a bachelorette party with friends. Or the choice of lace garters in the store.
There are women who want to get married in order to legally have a baby. The child is their goal and main task. And the husband ... What is the husband? Husband - fodder base, carefully prepared for mother and child. At least until mamma starts earning herself. After that, you can easily get rid of daddy, limiting his intervention in the life of his and child's alimony.There are also such schemes.
And there are women for whom all this tinsel is not very important. And the child is not needed. But it is important stamp in the passport. Or rather, not a stamp, but a status. For one reason or another, the status of a single woman does not suit them. It seems to them that the state of marriage is a measure of some success in life. Oh, if that were the case.
Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation there are no such laws that would allow all married people to get happiness without a queue. Marriage also does not guarantee you wealth, career growth, discounts on fitness or free coffee at McDonald’s.
I do not know if you will understand me, but I consider the ideal motivation for a woman - besides love, of course, the idea of ​​marriage as a collaboration. About long-term (ideally life-long), honest and mutually beneficial cooperation, allowing to combine efforts to achieve goals.
The problem is that women looking for just such an honest and mutually beneficial cooperation are very, very little against the background of everyone else. Alas.

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