7 ways to wash gouache from clothes and carpet

Behind every great artist is a woman who is able not only to inspire the creation of unsurpassed creations, but also to wash away the tracks of insane creativity!

If the masterpiece is already ready and flaunts on the wall, then it remains to be easy: find out how to wash out the gouache. Let's start!

Gouache is a durable glue-based paint. In composition, it differs little from watercolors: it contains less base and more pigment, which makes it difficult to remove.

Where to begin?

If the gouache stain is fresh, then the contaminated part of the clothing should be placed under a stream of water. At the same time, the water should be cold, since hot water will contribute to enhancing the adhesion of the paint to the fabric.

For greater cleaning effect, it is necessary to apply usual household soap (brown, since white deodorized has no noticeable effect). You can use the detergent for dishes like "Fae" or toothpaste.

If the stain is old, then remove it from the clothes you need to start with the following: rub the area of ​​contamination with a stiff sponge to remove the surface paint film.This stage will prepare the stain for the subsequent cleansing.

Method 1. Bleach

Mix bleach and cool water in the pelvis, immerse the stained item in there and leave for 3-4 hours, then rinse the clothes thoroughly.

For colored clothing, choose oxygen-containing bleach, they will preserve the color of the fabric!

Stain removal method

Method 2. Salah with oxalic acid

Derive gouache can with ammonia and oxalic acid, mixed in equal quantities.

The formed substance should be applied to the stain and left for half an hour, then rinse the clothes thoroughly under running water and wash in the washing machine.

Tip!To achieve the maximum result, you need to stretch things with the addition of stain remover.

Method 3. Merciless

Derive gouache will help all kinds of solvents: acetone, white spirit, gasoline, etc. It is enough to apply the product on a cotton pad and wipe the contaminated area of ​​clothing, moving from the edges to the center.

After processing it is necessary to wash the product thoroughly.

Do not use solvents on synthetic fabrics!

Method 4. Glycerin + ammonia + denatured alcohol

The mixture should consist of equal parts of glycerin, ammonia and denatured alcohol. The resulting substance should be applied with a cotton pad on the spot and stand for a few minutes.

After it is necessary to rinse the product under running water, place a concentrated “Fae” type dishwashing liquid on the spot area and let it sit for half an hour, then the product should be rinsed again and washed.

Method 5. Eucalyptus Oil

To remove the gouache stain, you need to wet the area of ​​contamination with eucalyptus oil. Scrub the stain thoroughly.

When the gouache is removed, rinse the product in cool water and then wash with the addition of a stain remover.

Method 6. Mustard

Dissolve the mustard powder in cool water to form a pasty mixture. Apply the paste to a spot and soak from a quarter to half an hour. Then rinse the item in cool water and wash it in the washing machine.

Constantly moisten the mustard mixture, preventing it from drying out, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the mustard itself from the surface of the product.

Stain removal

Method 7. Oil + Powder

Stains of gouache with clothes will help to remove a teaspoon of butter added to laundry detergent.

This mixture is rubbed into the stain, after which the product is washed in warm water, and the area of ​​the stain is washed with soap.

How to wash stains on the carpet?

If the "surplus" of creativity reached the carpet, then do not despair and put a cross on the carpeting. It is enough to buy a special cleaning agent suitable for the nap of your carpet.

The product is thoroughly diluted in water until a dense foam is formed (it is a cleaning substance!).

The foam is applied to the stain and rubbed with a soft brush. The remainders of the foam are allowed to dry, after which they are removed by a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth.

Dry the carpet carefully to avoid deterioration, the appearance of putrefactive odor and the formation of mold!

Remove the stain from the carpet you will also help the universal soap "Antipyatin." And for a coating with a long nap or a light-colored carpet, a special spray cleaner for hard-to-remove contaminants is suitable.

Remember!Always use personal protective equipment (gloves, mask) when using chemical agents to clean stains. The room in which you started to clean the carpet should be well ventilated!

Painting in gouache even in the hands of a child becomes a truly exquisite and talented creation. So let the gouache stains do not sow discord in your enthusiastic mind creativity!

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