A nebulizer is what? Which nebulizer is better to choose?

When treating respiratory organs doctors sometimesadvise to resort to inhalation. When a disease of bronchial asthma, this procedure is vital. At present, inhalation with a blanket and pots with a decoction is no longer relevant. There is a device that will make this process easy and easy not even for infants, it's a nebulizer. What is it and how to choose it correctly, we will consider further.

A nebulizer - what is this?

The name of the device speaks for itself: "Nebula" means fog or a cloud. The nebulizer turns a medicine or mineral water into a kind of fog that is inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece. This is the principle of his work.nebulizer is

In this way, drugscan penetrate into the most distant parts of the respiratory system. The nebulizer is an inhaler, but it works much more efficiently than conventional inhalations. And the procedure is less troublesome.

When a nebulizer is used

To use a nebulizer is first of all to help yourself in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • ARI of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Chronic lung diseases, pneumonia.
  • Chronic bronchitis.
  • Bronchial asthma.nebulizer is an inhaler
  • Tuberculosis of the lungs and bronchi.
  • As prevention of various complications after surgery on the respiratory system.
  • Emphysema, cystic fibrosis.

Contraindications to the use of nebulizer

It is necessary to pay attention to contraindications to the use of nebulizer, and those also are available:

  • Pulmonary hemorrhage.
  • Violations in the work of the heart muscle.
  • Spontaneous pneumothorax on the background of bullous emphysema.
  • Allergic reaction to used medications in the nebulizer.

To use a nebulizer is to help the body, and not to harm, be careful. If you use the device correctly, the positive effect will not take long.

What are nebulizers?

At present, there are nebulizers portable for home use and stationary, which are used in medical institutions.

These devices differ according to the principle of converting the drug into steam. So? they are:

  • Compressor.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Electron-mesh or membrane.

And now we will examine in more detail all types of nebulizers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Nebulizer compressor - it is also called inkjet. The principle of operation is as follows: the drug is converted into steam by passing air through it under high pressure.nebulizer doctor

Compressor nebulizers are also of several types:

  • Compressor nebulizers with a constant particle sputtering speed.
  • Adjustable, having an inhalation key.
  • Automatically activated by breathing.
  • Dosimetric nebulizers.

Disadvantages of the compressor nebulizer:

  • Very noisy during work, which can cause inconvenience.
  • It can not be used without an electrical connection, which means you can not take it with you on the road.

Positive aspects should also be noted:

  • The particle size of the atomized substance is regulated.
  • You can use mineral water, hormonal drugs, antibiotics.
  • Not a very high price.

Ultrasonic nebulizers are more sophisticated. Such apparatuses convert the drug into steam due to ultrasonic vibrations.

Positive factors:

  • Do not adjust your breathing.
  • You can use in any position.
  • The drug penetrates even into the alveoli.
  • Not very noisy.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Can be used in the treatment of children under 1 year.

Disadvantages of ultrasonic nebulizers:

  • Not all medicines can be used.
  • You can not adjust the size of the sprayed particles.

Membrane nebulizers or mesh-nebulizers. The principle of their work is as follows: the drug substance is forced through the mesh membrane using ultrasound at a frequency of 180 kHz.

Advantages of the mesh-nebulizer:

  • No noise.
  • The possibility of using any medicinal product.
  • Works both on batteries and on the electrical network.
  • A large number of baits.

The disadvantage, perhaps, can be identified only one: high cost.

If the nebulizer is purchased on its own, the instruction should be carefully studied. It is necessary to know which medications you can use and which ones you can not use. Let's talk about this further.

What tools can I use in a nebulizer?

To conduct nebulous therapy alloweduse only specially designed medicines for this purpose. Before use, they must be heated to room temperature. You can also use high quality mineral water of such brands as "Borjomi", "Narzan". Before using mineral water, it is necessary that there is no carbon dioxide left in it, so you must release it beforehand by opening the bottle.nebulizer omron

In nebulizers use, first of all, preparations-bronchodilators. These are such as "Atrovent", "Salbutamol", "Berotek", "Berodual".

Such solutions are possible for use in any type of nebulizer.

Hormonal preparations, antiseptics and antibiotics can be used only in compressor and mesh-nebulizers. Among them most often used are:

  • "Pulmicort" is a hormonal drug.
  • "Tevomycin", "Dioxydin", "Furacilin", "Fluimucil".

Also mucolytics, immunomodulating and many others are used only in compressor nebulizers and membrane ones. Here are some of them:

  • "Lazolvan".
  • "Pulmozim."
  • "Kromogeksal".
  • "Interferon leukocyte".
  • "Lidocaine."

It is worth saying that such facilities as mineral water and saline are suitable for use in any kind of nebulizer.

What is forbidden to use in nebulizers

In any case, without a doctor's consultation, you should not use any medication for nebulization. The use of mineral water or saline is allowed.

That is strictly prohibited to use in nebulizers:

  1. Medicines that do not affect the mucosa:
  • "Eufillin."
  • "Papaverine".
  • "Diphenhydramine", etc.

2. Means in which there are essential oils. For the lungs, such therapy is dangerous. It can also cause a breakdown of the nebulizer.

3. Home made decoctions, infusions. It is not possible to adjust the dose of the contained medicinal product in a decoction or tincture. You can cause a breakdown of the nebulizer.

4. It is forbidden to use drugs that are not intended for nebulization. It is unacceptable to use ground tablets, as well as syrups. Breakages in this case can not be avoided.

How to choose a nebulizer

It is very important, when choosing a nebulizer, to know what diseases you need inhalation.

The compressor is a universal nebulizer. We learned about its positive and negative aspects earlier. If it suits you, you should specify some of its parameters:

  • The maximum operating time.
  • Performance.
  • Type of camera for inhalation.
  • Method of processing.nebulizer ne

More detailed information about the operation of the compressornebulizer are contained in its technical passport. In it you can find out about the volume of the medicine, about the possible size of the sprayed particles. About what else you need to know when buying, you can consult a doctor.

Also I want to note, if you need a nebulizer fortreatment of bronchial asthma or chronic pulmonary diseases, then do not consider buying an ultrasound machine. About its positive and negative aspects was told earlier.

Even with the selection you need to focus on the size, noise and type of device.

The manufacturer is important. For example, the nebulizer OMRON of the Japanese manufacturer, the nebulizer "Microlife NEB 10A", manufactured by Switzerland, is popular.

Choosing a nebulizer for a child

Our children often catch a cold, alsoa large number of babies suffer from asthma attacks. The nebulizer in such situations is simply salvation. It will facilitate breathing a child, help to relieve an attack.

How to choose a nebulizer for children? Take into consideration a few tips:

  • Choose a nebulizer in the form of a toy to interest the baby.
  • It is advisable to choose a small, noiseless option.
  • It is very convenient to use compact mesh-nebulizers, especially for the removal of asthma attacks, when the child lies in bed or is out of the house.
  • If a child is prone to frequent colds, stopping is better with an ultrasound nebulizer.
  • Acquire the device, explaining to the kid that this is a kind nebulizer-doctor.
  • Before buying it is best to consult a doctor, what kind of nebulizer is needed.children's nebulizer

Choosing a nebulizer for children, you can pay attention to products of the company "Little Doctor". They have an original children's decoration. For example, the model B.WellWN-115K in the form of a child's toy.

Another reason to purchase a nebulizer forchild: he can replace the unpleasant procedure for children taking bitter and tasteless medicines. Nebulizer therapy is much more effective, since the medicine penetrates into the most distant parts of the respiratory organs. The child breathes and heals. And if the nebulizer is in the form of a toy, he will do this procedure with pleasure.

Popular nebulizers

Consider some popular models of nebulizers.

So, the nebulizer Omron is popular. It is produced in Japan. These devices come in several markings.

The nebulizer c28 is a compressor and runs noisily,has large dimensions and weighs about 2 kg. It does not work without an electrical connection. Convenient for home use. Easy to maintain. It can use all medications that are acceptable. The working time is unlimited.

Nebulizer ne c24 from Omron has smalldimensions, weighs about 300 g. Works without creating noise. The duration of one approach is not more than 20 minutes. Then you need a break for 30 minutes. It can be taken with you on the road due to its portability.

The nebulizer "Omron NE" of the Japanese manufacturer has excellently proved itself in the market. It has good demand among buyers, although it is not a cheap option.

Nebulizer NE firm OMRON with a mesh membrane is a good and reliable option for the removal of asthmatic attacks, both at home and on the road.

Excellent choice nebulizer Ld - "Little Doctor". This model is produced in Singapore. Compressor nebulizer, has an attractive design for children. A bit noisy, but easy to use. Has a few baits, not very expensive. The procedure lasts 20 minutes, then you need a break for 40 minutes. Ultrasonic devices are also trustworthy and serve a long time when the product is used properly.

Another producer has won lovebuyers. This is the nebulizer B.Well, which produces the UK. Compressor models are very convenient to use. Noisy not much, they have a lot of baits. Work can be a long time without interruption. It is convenient to store and carry in a special bag.

Ultrasound nebulizer B. Well is recommended for chronic diseases. It works silently, but does not allow using many types of drugs. Light, but works only in an upright position, which is not very convenient for small children.nebulizer b well

The mesh-nebulizer B.Well is very practical, has a small weight. No noise, can run on batteries. Has a storage bag, spare batteries, a few baits.

He won the trust of a nebulizer "Microlife NEB 10A! Reviews get only good thanks to the high Swiss quality. This is a compressor nebulizer. Has three modes of spraying, can work continuously without a break for rest. It can be used both at home and in hospitals. Noisiness is not very high. Has nozzles for washing the nose. Many medications can be used. It's easy to use and store, as there is a handle for moving and a compartment for accessories.

How to use the nebulizer correctly

In order for the nebulizer to last a long time, it is necessary to use it correctly.

  • To carry out nebulizer therapy, use only those drugs that are recommended for this model.
  • Dissolve drugs only with physiological solution, in any case not boiled water.
  • Refuel the device before inhalation itself, for this use only sterile syringes and needles.
  • During the procedure, you need to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • If you use a mask, it should fit tightly to the face, otherwise the inhalation loses its effectiveness.
  • After carrying out nebulizer therapy the device must be thoroughly washed.
  • The usual washing consists in soaking the parts in a soapy solution, after that it is necessary to rinse them, rinse with boiling water and dry them in the open air.
  • Boil only those parts that are subject to boiling.
  • Components that can not be boiled can be disinfected with a special solution: hydrogen peroxide, septodor solution or chloramine solution. Do not forget to remove the remnants of these solutions.

Follow these simple rules, your nebulizer will last you a long time. Be sure to read the instructions of the device that you are going to operate.

Reviews about nebulizers

Given that the nebulizer is a popular deviceat present, very many people buy it for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, for the removal of asthmatic attacks. Positive feedback is very large. For some, this is literally salvation during an attack. Many people report a decrease in the duration of respiratory diseases if a nebulizer is used. The incidence of colds is also significantly reduced. Of course, very popular are the compressor devices. They are easy to operate, care, and also have the opportunity to use a wider range of drugs. Also the price at them is quite accessible. The disadvantage of this device is its noise.

Mesh-nebulizers found their buyer andleave a lot of positive feedback due to its portability, noiselessness. For parents who have children with asthma, this is just salvation. Since it can be carried with you, use at any time. One drawback of such devices is high cost, but if it is a question of a child's health, this is not the most weighty argument. The well-being of the baby should be the first place for the parents. It is worth noting that there are reviews in which the fragility of such devices is noted, and very expensive repairs. Therefore, it is not necessary to leave the nebulizer unattended in the hands of the child.

Many families acquire ultrasoundnebulizers. Positive reviews indicate that they can use essential oils, decoctions. The ultrasonic device works silently and is inexpensive. In the reviews one drawback is indicated: hormonal preparations, antibiotics can not be used, which is so important for the removal of asthmatic attacks.

And in conclusion I want to note that the nebulizer -this is your friend and assistant in the fight against disease. Having decided to buy it, be sure to consult a doctor and make the right choice. Using this magic device, you can stay healthy in the midst of colds.

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