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From time to time, in various discussions and disputes at some point, my interlocutor, usually older than me, goes to a completely un-argued level and starts saying that I "have not yet matured" or he "has a lot of life experience."
Well, for example, I affirm that “marriage is a joint life, but without each other’s limitations,” and I am told that “I have not yet grown up and do not understand what a wedding and marriage are.”
Or I say that to go to college right after school, when I do not understand what you want to do, there is no need. And they answer me that “after 10 years you will understand that you were mistaken”.
Pro army in general is always fun. I argue that the guys are not the army makes men, and that it is not necessary to serve all. I usually respond to emotions that “I served! I have experience! you do not understand anything!".
The fact is that if a person has this life experience, then it is necessary to give specific arguments, and not stupidly repeat the phrase “I have life experience”. Well, it's great if it is there, but then you have to tell certain things so that the other person understands.
With age, a similar situation. By itself, age says nothing about a person.And the opinions of people change not just because of time, but after some events that can occur as in a short time, and through the years.
So, if a person is so experienced and lived, then you need to be able to articulate your position with arguments.
It seems to me that those who talk about life experience and age have some problems with self-determination and a sense of age.
Personally, I never switch to the discussion category “I am older than you” and “I have experience.” Because it is simply stupid, and does not speak about the interlocutor about anything. I always try to describe my position widely.
So it goes.
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