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Adam Goldberg is an actor who was rememberedviewers by roles in the film "Saving Private Ryan" and the series "Friends." In addition, on his account several director's work. In the USA, Goldberg is known as the author of popular music projects.

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short biography

Adam Charles Goldberg was born in California in1970. Childhood and adolescence of the future actor passed near Miami Beach. My father was a Jew. Relatives on the maternal line come from Ireland, France, Germany.

Adam's love of theatrical art awokequite early. Once, as a schoolboy, he attended a play based on the work of William Shakespeare. The production inspired him. Since then, Adam began to attend various theatrical seminars and participate in amateur productions.

Carier start

For the first time on the set, Goldberg turned out to bewhen creating the movie "Mr. Saturday Evening." The picture tells about the life and career growth of Buddy Young - once a popular comic. The film was released in 1992. The plot encompasses childhood, youth, the beginning of the creative path of the main character. At the end of the narrative, Buddy Young is a forgotten, lonely person. Goldberg played an episodic role in the film. However, in the future he performed a few memorable roles. But his name is known both in the US and in Europe. What is Goldberg's success? After taking part in which pictures, did this actor become popular? In the movie more than thirty roles played Adam Goldberg.

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He became popular after the release of one of thegenius paintings by Steven Spielberg. It's about the famous tape "Saving Private Ryan". Adam Goldberg, whose filmography includes most of the work in the series, took part in the filming of the following paintings:

  1. "Under the buzz and confusion".
  2. "Prophecy".
  3. "Higher education".
  4. "Whiskey with milk."
  5. "Ed from the TV."
  6. «Awakening of life».
  7. "The New Frankenstein."
  8. "Deja vu".
  9. "Staying Alive".
  10. "Norman".
  11. "The Monster in Paris."
  12. "Miss Nobody".
  13. "Christmas on Mars."
  14. From the inside.

"Saving Private Ryan"

The picture, according to one of the versions, is based onreal events. The film, in which Adam Goldberg played his first significant role, tells of the landing of American soldiers on Omaha Beach. The plot of the picture is known to millions of spectators. Captain Miller receives an order - to find Private Raina. The mother of this soldier should not receive three death notices. Two of Ryan's brothers were killed. There remained only the younger - a paratrooper, landed in the rear of the enemy. Miller should bring Ryan to the headquarters. Adam Goldberg played one of the rank and file. His role in the film of Spielberg is insignificant. However, it was after taking part in the filming of this famous film that Goldberg began to receive more interesting proposals from the directors.

Adam Goldberg Filmography

TV series

In the late nineties, Adam Goldberg becamewidely known as an actor of multi-series television films. He starred in the series "Slaughter Hammer". In the big movie, he got more roles though bright, but secondary.

"Friends" - a comedy television series, started inearly nineties. The film received many awards, including the Emmy Award. Until 2004, ten seasons were created. Adam Goldberg took part in two of them.

Director and Producer

At the beginning of the two thousandth Goldberg begandirecting activity. He made several films and acted as a producer of a number of television projects. It is worth saying that this actor is also a talented musician. He composes music and texts. Some of the compositions created by Goldberg served as a musical accompaniment to his projects. The favorite directions of the American actor and director are rock and jazz. Goldberg took part in the following television projects:

  1. "Creating a woman."
  2. The Cat Ik.
  3. "Ambulance".
  4. "Practice".
  5. "Beyond the possible".
  6. Fargo.
  7. "Traffic light".
  8. "Medium".
  9. "Handsome men."

Goldberg also deals with scoring. His voice says one character cartoon "Babe. Piglet in the city. " As for his career as a music producer, the LANDy band has been performing for more than ten years. In 2009 there was a debut album.

"2 days in Paris"

In 2007 the premiere of melodrama took place, inwhich Adam Goldberg played one of the main roles. The painting "2 days in Paris" received several prestigious awards. The lyrical story tells of the Frenchwoman Marion and her friend - American designer Jack, who was played by Goldberg. In the relations of the main characters of the film, a crack was formed. To save the situation, Marion and Jack are sent to Europe. Their goal, first of all, is to visit Paris, the city of lovers.

adam charles goldberg

They spend several days in Venice. However, the mysterious Italian city disappoints them. There remains only one hope - the French capital. In Paris, the main events of the film take place.

Little is known about Goldberg's personal life: he is not married, has a faithful dog, and for several years has been in a relationship with designer Roxanne Dener.

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