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Argued that nature rests on the children of prominent personalities. Actor of great talent, Andrei Alekseevich Popov, the son of an outstanding director Alexei Dmitrievich Popov, is an exception to the rule. He is remembered for many theatrical works and film roles. It combined talent, beautiful appearance, intelligence and decency. Gentle humor helped him live, and without this feeling he did not exist.

Childhood and youth

Kostroma is a city where on April 12, 1918 in the family of a theater director and doctor a boy was born who was destined to become a great actor. Mom completely devoted herself to raising her son and from the first days of his life left her favorite job, devoted herself to the family. According to the memoirs of parents, little Andrew was nimble and restless. In childhood, he said that he wanted to become a chimney sweep. But it was difficult for him to resist the captivating world of art in which his father lived and worked. In adolescence, Andrei Popov had already firmly decided to master the acting profession.Father was frightened by the idea that his son went to the profession only because he was familiar with theatrical life since childhood. Does the son have talent? The young man was irresistibly drawn into the theater. There, behind the scenes, he could see the work of the actors and compare the reviews of his father and other recognized masters of the play. So for all his life, the future actor learned to analyze work in the theater and in the cinema. He became a student of the studio at PTSA in 1939. After completing his studies, he started his acting career at CTSA.

Start acting

Actor Popov

As the biography saysAndrei Popov, he began his creative work at the Center for Technical Science under the direction of his father, Alexei Popov, who at that time was the main artistic director of the theater. Still doubting the correctness of his son’s choice of profession, for a long time he did not trust him with serious work. Andrew took part only in occasional roles. But the experienced eye of the director began to notice how, over time, his son’s talent burst out. Seeing the dedication with which he works, his father began to give him leading roles. The relationship between them in the theater has changed completely. Actor Andrei Popov grew up in the eyes of his father as a professional.

Alexey Popov was a smart, honest man, had a strong-willed character. The leadership of the Main Political Department forced him in 1960 to leave the post of head of the theater troupe. Continuing to serve in the Center of Technical Information, Popov-son took up the post of chief director of the theater in 1974. A fateful acquaintance with a woman of his life happened in the theater. Irina of Macedon, the wife of Andrei Popov, was his support throughout his creative career.

Director's job at CTSA

Debut role

While holding the position of leader, the actor did not stop playing in the performances. He appeared on the stage in the performances "Difficult Years" and "The Light of a Distant Star." "Stones on the palm" were put by him in this period of life. The premiere of two performances came at his time of leadership:

  • "Brandenburg Gate".
  • "Unknown Soldier".

The talent of Popov-son as a director in musical performances was especially vividly revealed:

  • "Rinaldo goes to battle" (comedy).
  • “Soldier and Eve” (fairy tale).

With his magnetism, Popov brought D. V. Tunkel, B. V. Erin, N. A. Mokina, M. M. Butkevich to the theater walls. In the SA theater, under his leadership, three works by Maria Knebel appeared on the court of the audience.In the 1960s he became the lead director in the Heifetz Theater. "The death of Ivan the Terrible" was put them on the tragedy of AK Tolstoy. The premiere took place in 1966. Role number 1 was played by Andrei Popov. To date, this acting work is considered the best in the piggy bank of his work. Even leaving the walls of the theater, the actor played in this production. Theater Popov gave the images:

  • Epikhodova staged "The Cherry Orchard."
  • Voynitsky in Uncle Vanya.
  • The elders of Vaskova (“And the dawns here are quiet.”) This work within the walls of the theater was the last.

Chekhov roles and care from the Center

Chekhov's heroes, played by Popov, became the benchmark for acting. That is why he was offered to play in Chekhov's plays, staged in other stages. After 35 years of work in the SA theater, in 1973, Andrei Popov left because of clashes with the military leadership of the theater troupe.

Invitation to the Moscow Art Theater

Best role

Andrei Popov came to the Moscow Art Theater at the invitation of Oleg Efremov. He called him in 1974. The first release of the actor took place in the play "The Life of Galileo", where he inherited the main role of Galileo (1975). Within the walls of the theater, Popov appeared before the audience as Sorin in The Seagull. K. Rudnitsky recognized this game as a “small acting masterpiece”. The spectator appeared forever drowsy, strained by the old Sorin, who in a youthful manner fell in love with Zarechnaya.Popov was able to convey his game all the hopelessness and bliss of love, settled in the soul of old Sorin. In the walls of the Moscow Art Theater were played the roles:

  • Lebedev in the "Ivanovo".
  • Lonshakov in "Feedback".
  • Sash in "Duck Hunt".

But there was no full employment in the works in the theater.

Theater named after KS Stanislavsky

The main director of the Stanislavsky Theater becomes, without leaving the Moscow Art Theater, in 1976. At that time, the creative team was weakened by the constant change of leaders. In order to save the theater, Andrei Popov invites to cooperation students who he himself educated. New faces appear: Anatoly Vasilyev, Boris Morozov, Iosif Rayhelgauz. New works have been delivered:

  • Cyrano de Bergerac by Boris Morozov.
  • "Vassa Zheleznova" and "Adult daughter" by Anatoly Vasilyev.

These works helped the theater to regain its former glory. But under the pressure of the party leadership, these people had to leave the theater. And after them, Popov himself left him (1979). Officials were frightened by the appearance of another “Taganka”.

Cinema in the life of an actor

In the life of each actor there are significant roles and not very much. But none of the roles played by Andrei Popov can be called insubstantial.For each work, he prepared with full dedication of creative forces.

Below in the photo - Andrei Popov in the film "Othello".

Andrey Popov

The first film role was played in 1930 (“Big Trouble”). Of course, the most memorable for the audience were his Shakespearean and Chekhovian heroes. We had to play on the screen and the role of villains, for example, Iago in Othello. Replay Popov in Shakespeare's images was impossible. In The Taming of the Shrew, he clearly won against the background of the same role played by American actor Richard Burton.

Features of the actor

Films by Andrey Popov were built on the contrast. In each of his characters, he was looking for positive traits, while in no way justifying the vice. The bright appearance of the actor can always be found on the screen, but all the characters are individual, unique. I remember the role of the energetic and at the same time possessing naive thoughtlessness of Khlestakov, the ups of romance at Chelkash, comical in his fussiness Sylvain from “Piggy”, the image of anti-fascist Ross in “The last stop”, the self-confidence of Platonov from “Ocean”, the lack of will built before the tragedy of Nazansky from “ Duel "by Kuprin.And Serafim’s father, Andrei Alekseevich Popov, played a very high level in the film “Everything remains for people”! The temperamental Petruccio from “The Taming of the Shrew” by Shakespeare was played with overwhelming force, the unprotected obsession of Ephraim Solomatin in the comedy “The Teacher of Singing” and many other roles were impressive.

Popov tried to convey to the viewer not only what the hero thinks, but also how he thinks. The servant Zakhar in his work “A few days from the life of I. I. Oblomov” by Nikita Mikhalkov’s Goncharov, played by Andrei Alekseevich, became a memorable role. Admirers of Popov's work are very fond of his work in “The Hussar's Matchmaking” (genre - musical film), where he played the old miser. The actor in the film sings couplets and dances. He really liked the vaudeville genre.

He re-created the image of the hero Bourville in “The Great Walk” with the participation in the dubbing of a foreign film. He introduced his understanding and vision of the behavior of the hero.

Radio plays with the participation of the actor are unforgettable:

  • Ivan Ivanovich, "White Bim Black Ear".
  • Teacher, "Former People."
  • Lomonosov, "Great Pomor".
  • Gregory Guy, "My Friend" and a number of works.

Chekhov's stories were rediscovered by radio listeners. They were re-read Bunin and Paustovsky.

King Lear

Best roles

For the beloved master Andrei Popov, his performance was staged by his student. Anatoly Vasilyev was preparing for the premiere and in the lead role saw the meter. King Lear was the last child of the actor. A new translation of the tragedy was ordered specifically at the request of Popov. And on June 10, 1983, Andrei Popov (little is known about his personal life) died. The rehearsals of the performance were stopped.

He was buried at Vvedensky cemetery (German) in Moscow.

To remember

Last years

What was the actor Andrei Alekseevich? Handsome by nature, successful artist, darling of fate and self-critical to himself. Could be soft, intelligent and at the same time uncompromising and hard. In life, he is remembered as a person who loves home comfort, with a great sense of humor.

He adored his students and always said that he was studying with them. What happened to the personal life of the actor Andrei Popov? He dedicated it to students. Since 1968, Popov has been recruiting students and starting teaching. Popov called his ward Vitaly Maximov a son, he did not have his own children. The wife was Irina Vladimirovna of Macedon (1913-2006), ballet dancer, theater director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.But God did not give the kids.

Being the owner of many titles and regalia, Andrei Popov was a modest and shy person. In 1973 he was awarded the title of professor. For all his acting power, he always showed respect for the students. He wondered why the students got up when he entered the classroom. I never allowed myself to sit at the table if the student answered near the blackboard.

Great actor

Many students speak of their teacher as a senior comrade. Popov called his students "colleagues." The recognized actor was extremely important to hear the views of their students about the play and about his playing in it. Once he heard a not very good review of his first work at the Moscow Art Theater in the play "Eldorado" from his students, Popov was very worried about this assessment. His opinion was important to him. Although, in fact, these were the words of the students. On the day of the release of their first graduate students, Popov personally arranged a farewell party at the Prague restaurant for his money.

The last words of the teacher

According to the master's students, Popov said that the theater is needed “to help people live, both for those in the hall and those on the stage.” And his help was palpable.Popov sought orders, laureate badges for those whom he considered worthy of it. Protecting his students, he could put a membership card on the table. Anatoly Vasilyev, Galina Petrova, Sergey Koltakov, Iosif Rayhelgauz, Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Yatsko are called Popov as their teacher. Through the help of people, his acting life, work in leadership positions, work as a teacher passed. He considered himself a happy man. Andrei Popov as an actor completely dissolved his personal life in the service of art.

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