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Olga Lerman in everyday life is not particularly fond of but on stage from the energy of the audience, from their applause she becomes warm in her heart and very pleasant. This girl was lucky - she became the favorite actress of the director-choreographer Angelica Holina. In the Theater. In two years she played Vakhtangov Anna Karenina and Tatyana Larina.

Instead of introducing

Olga herself does not understand how she became the singer of Anna Karenina. According to her, at first she, like other young actresses, was introduced to the play “The Coast of Women”, but when she saw her, Angelica Holina immediately called for a Tolstoyan heroine to try.

Olga Lerman

Cholina's performances are unusual - they are without words, the actors express emotions through movements and plastics, so it is not surprising that inexperienced actress Olga Lerman was frightened at first. She thought she was not ready to play Anna Karenina. At the tests, the girl came to some kind of T-shirt, with a short haircut, in a word, not at all the heroine of L. Tolstoy, but the director apparently felt something in the young actress.


Olga was born on March 25, 1988 in Baku. Her mother - Victoria Lerman - worked as an assistant director of the Russian Drama Theater. Vurgun, and his stepfather, Fuad Osmanov, was an actor. The bohemian environment for the girl was familiar, from childhood she performed in performances for kids and at the same time she studied at the ballet school.

When the family moved to Krasnodar, Olga Lerman and there did not leave the ballet machine, stubbornly continued to learn. The desire to become a ballerina did not leave the girl. But in the end everything did not turn out the way she dreamed in childhood.

Shchukin School

No one has ever pressed Olga. Just at one point, she realized that she did not want to be a ballerina, and after graduating from school she applied to the Moscow Art Theater School. Without enrolling, the girl was going to go home, but her friend persuaded her to try her strength at the Shchukin School. Appreciating the plastics and charm of a young entrant, the admissions committee credited her among the students.

Olga Lerman enjoyed studying in “Pike”, and from the third year she worked at the Theater of Satire. Everything seemed to go smoothly on her. But when Olga's graduation performance was seen by the oldest actress of the Theater. Vakhtangov Galina Konovalova, then advised the girl to appear Rimas Tuminas.She took the advice without thinking. Apparently, the sixth sense suggested that in her new theater everything would turn out well.Olga Lerman, actress

Theater them. Vakhtangov

Vakhtangov Theater, being considered one of the best in the capital, maintains its own tradition - to treat newcomers kindly. Actors of the older generation have signs of attention to young colleagues. So, Lyudmila Maksakova after the play “Anna Karenina” as a gift to Olga Lerman presented an unusual casket, which she once presented to the famous actress of this theater - Cecilia Lvovna Mansurova. Olga hopes that she will follow the tradition and someday pass on the relic of a young, beginning actress.

If everything happened by itself with Anna Karenina, Olga had to fight for the role of Tatiana Larina Olga. Once in the corridor she “caught” Rimas Vladimirovich Tuminas and asked him to rate her as Larina. The director agreed and invited the young actress to a general reading of the role. Olga had to sit for a long time and wait for her turn. When she finally recited Tatiana, that was it. The restrained artistic director did not promise the actors anything, only thanked them, saying that he needed time to think.

Until the very end, the actors did not know who would play Tatyana and who Onegin would be.Many “went crazy” from waiting, but in the end, two people were involved in the role of Larina - a Lithuanian actress and Olga Lerman. Their Tatiana differ from each other. The character in their performance has a different character and a different vision of the world.

Olga Lerman - temperamental actress, despite the natural restraint. This is what she gets and Tatyana, the favorite of Pushkin. According to Rimas Vladimirovich, Tatiana Larina is a “wild”, impetuous nature, especially when it comes to love. Olga says: her childhood was spent in the open, in the village with her grandmother, like the heroine. The actress still remembers the feeling when she was alone with nature and felt like the mistress of the created world.

Olga Lerman: films with her participation

olga lerman movies

Currently, the actress is actively acting in films and TV shows. She made her debut as a cinema with the role of architect Sasha Tsvetkova, who dreams of working in the most prestigious bureau of Moscow (“Handsome”, 2011). Was noticed in the role of Maya in the criminal series “Sharpie”, where she played together with Anton Feoktistov. Directed by Edouard Parry singled out the girl among hundreds of contenders for this role, and during the filming advised to watch films of the seventies - eighties.

Olga also starred in the films: “Alone by Contract”, “Combined Fates”, “Peter Leshchenko. All that has gone before…". Her filmography includes 16 film works. Critics believe that the actress is calm, not conspicuous talent, which attracts with its tenderness, simplicity, warmth. And which is hard to forget.

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Actress Olga Lerman: biography, creativity 86

Actress Olga Lerman: biography, creativity 21

Actress Olga Lerman: biography, creativity 2

Actress Olga Lerman: biography, creativity 73

Actress Olga Lerman: biography, creativity 13