Alcohol: ban on sale. What hours and days are banned from selling alcohol

For a long time, a law has been in effect that makes it impossible to sell alcohol at certain hours. The ban applies to all regions of the Russian Federation without exception. State actors have the right to establish additional rules aimed at tightening the sale of alcoholic beverages. Why is the state struggling with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages? What are the requirements for the sale of alcohol? These and many other questions can be found in the article.

On limiting the sale of alcoholic beverages

In Russia, there has always been a problem with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The situation is not the best today. The amount of alcohol consumed per capita is several times higher than the norm, which is quite depressing.The authorities, concerned about the problem of drunkenness, are actively passing laws aimed at restricting the spread of alcohol.

Interdictions operate in the most different spheres. Everyone knows that you can not sell alcoholic beverages to underage citizens. Recently, one more thing was added to this ban: a time limit on the sale of alcohol. In the regions there are certain hours and even days when the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

State authority to sell alcohol

What rules does the FZ-171 "On the regulation of production and turnover of alcohol" fix? Article 4 deals with the possibility of introducing a state monopoly on alcohol. In this case, the powers of state bodies include:

  • regulation of prices for alcohol-containing products;
  • organization of federal control over the production and circulation of goods;
  • the introduction of nationwide product labeling;
  • import and export regulations;
  • the establishment of standards, technologies and technical conditions of production;
  • product licensing;
  • restriction of production and sales.alcohol ban

It is about limiting the sale of alcohol will be discussed below.

Causes of restrictions and prohibitions

Alcohol is sold only at certain times and days. Trade is not allowed everywhere, but only in specially designated places. There is a ban on the sale of alcohol products to persons under the age of majority. Why do all these rules apply? What is the point?

Unfortunately, alcoholism is one of the most important problems in Russia. Neither feast nor grief is complete without alcohol. The reasons for the high level of alcoholism in the country are very diverse. This is a low standard of living, an underdeveloped culture and much more. Perhaps the culprit of the problem is even the Russian mentality, but this is a controversial statement.alcohol sales time

Alcoholism is the source of many misfortunes. A large number of crimes and offenses connected with the drunkenness of citizens. The authorities should fight against alcoholism in every way, but not by direct prohibitions, but indirectly: by promoting physical education and sports, by cultivating the people, etc. Do not forget about the need to improve the standard of living. For example, take the countries of Scandinavia. The standard of living there is the highest in the world, and in the sobriety rating these states are in the first places.

Places of prohibition

Alcohol is not allowed to be sold in some public places, a list of which is given in Article 16 of the Federal Law-171. Retail sales are prohibited in the following locations:

  • military facilities;
  • mobile outlets;
  • train stations, markets, airports;
  • public transport and transport stops;
  • Gas station (car refueling);
  • educational, medical and sports facilities;
  • some cultural institutions (in some places allowed the sale of soft drinks).

In the case of the sale of alcohol in these places, the law establishes sanctions. You can sell alcohol no closer than 150 meters from the presented establishments.

What generally refers to alcohol? According to the Government Decree on the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, these are beverages that contain more than half a percent of ethyl alcohol. These are vodka, wine products, beer, cider, mead and much more.

Days of ban

At what time, and on what days was the ban on the sale of alcohol imposed? The federal law allows regions to independently impose bans on the conditions for the sale of alcohol-containing products. Local authorities in many cities were quick to take advantage of such a ban.So-called "days of sobriety" were introduced, when the sale of alcohol was completely prohibited. As a rule, such days are associated with children's or youthful holidays. So, almost all Russian regions have imposed a corresponding ban on the following days:

  • September 1 - Knowledge Day and the beginning of the school year;
  • May 25 is the day when schoolchildren mark the last bell;
  • June 1 is the date designated for Children's Day;
  • end of June - graduation balls, the date of which is appointed by the regions;
  • June 27 is the All-Russian Youth banning the sale of alcohol on weekends

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the day of sobriety, which is celebrated since 1911, every 9/11. In Central Russia, June 12, the Day of Russia, and September 12, the Day of Family Communication, are also added to the dates presented.

Can the regions even introduce a "dry law"? Unfortunately or fortunately, local authorities do not have such powers. This will violate the requirements of several laws at once - antitrust, free trade, etc.

Ban hours

Over time, alcohol sales must also be handled by local and regional authorities. There is even a whole table by which it is possible to determine the hours of the ban on the sale of alcohol in a given region.At the same time, a federal, that is compulsory for all, rule is established: trade in alcohol is prohibited from 23 pm to 8 am. This requirement does not apply to bars, restaurants, cafes, as well as shops selling without the use of law banning the sale of alcohol

In Moscow and the Moscow region there is a ban that coincides with the federal one. In St. Petersburg, alcohol is not so easy to buy: alcohol is not sold from 22 pm to 11 am. Similar time frames are set throughout Central Russia. And in Yakutia, for example, everything is much more complicated. You can buy alcohol here only from 10 pm to 2 pm The most stringent requirements for the sale of alcohol are set in Chechnya: it is forbidden to buy alcohol here from 10 am to 8 am.

The law on the sale of alcohol: age restrictions

The new law banning the sale of alcohol at certain hours and days (1995, amended on July 29, 2017) regulates the sale of alcohol to individuals. In particular, the regulation on the sale of alcohol to minors, that is, persons under the age of 18, is prohibited. However, some stores have the opportunity not to sell alcohol-containing products to persons under the age of 21.ban on the sale of alcohol on holidays

For the sale of alcohol to a minor person the seller will be subject to administrative liability.However, if the culprit repeats the violation within 180 days (within six months), he will be subject to criminal liability.

The composition of the crime is of a formal nature. Its objective side will be retail trade in alcohol. The intent of breaking the law in this case is direct. The seller understood that the buyer may be a minor. The seller will be the subject of the crime - the retail employee.

Sanctions for selling alcohol during the forbidden hours

For the sale of alcohol at night, the culprit will be fined in accordance with article 14.11 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation for 100 thousand rubles. The same punishment awaits citizens or legal entities who decide to sell "strong drinks" in improper places. Additionally, such a liability as confiscation of alcohol-containing products can be what time and on what days ban on the sale of alcohol

And what will expect citizens or legal. persons who agreed to sell alcohol to minors? The seller as an individual will be fined in the amount of 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles. An official will pay a fine of 100 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. A legal entity will be forced to give the state an amount reaching half a million rubles.

Prosecution will be awaited by those who repeatedly broke the law. The penalty here - up to 80 thousandfine rubles, or correctional work up to three years. It is also possible ban on filling a professional position - also up to 3 years.

Opinions about the law

How do citizens, as well as the legislators themselves, consider a law banning the sale of alcohol on weekends and at certain times? Are the restrictions imposed by representatives of the legislative process effective? Initially, it was calculated that the measures taken would significantly reduce the level of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the population. Many considered the measure effective. Reducing the hours in which you can buy alcohol, should affect the consumption of on the sale of alcohol age restrictions

However, there is a group of citizens who think differently. Opponents of the law oppose a ban on the sale of alcohol on holidays. Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly reported on cases where citizens were purchased by alcohol, either in advance or in the shadow points. Opponents of the law claim that you can always buy alcohol in advance, and the restrictions or prohibitions have never had a positive effect. Moreover, a citizen who purchased alcohol in advance in large quantities, can stop controlling himself and drink everything.As a result - serious poisoning, intoxication, increased crime, etc. There are also people who believe that the restrictions will lead to the development of the shadow market and its own production. In illegal locations, alcohol is not usually sold at a better quality. This can lead to poisoning and serious injury. Surrogate products produced independently may even be fatal.

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