All current interplanetary missions (December 2017)

This infographic was compiled by Olan Fron, one of the members of the Planetary Society. It presents all the active interplanetary missions, as well as the main planned events in this area as of December 1.
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Next year, a number of new interplanetary stations should go into space. Key ones:
• Insight - NASA's apparatus for studying the geological structure of Mars.
• Parker Solar Probe - NASA probe, which should be closer to the Sun at a record short distance.
• BepiColombo - a joint mission of the ESA and JAXA to study Mercury.
• Solar Orbiter - an ESA vehicle for exploring the sun.
• Chandrayaan-2 - Indian mission to study the moon. It will consist of orbital and descent modules, as well as a lunar rover demonstrator.
• “Chang'e-4” - the Chinese mission, within which the first landing in the history of the vehicle on the far side of the moon should take place.
You can also highlight the following expected events:
• In July, the Hayabusa-2 unit will reach the Ryugu asteroid.
• In August, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will reach the Bennu asteroid.
• On the night of December 31, 2018 on January 1, 2019, the New Horizons will make a historic span of the Kuiper Belt 2014 MU69 object.
• Most likely next year will be completed the mission of Dawn, which is currently operating in the orbit of Ceres.
• Depending on the technical condition of the device, a decision will be made on the possible extension of the “Juno” mission.

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