Alteration of old things: a new life

The time comes, and the owners begin to restore order in the closets, while finding a lot of old and, at first glance, Some ruthlessly thrown away, while others make us think. It's a pity to throw away a thing that reminds you of something, was loved, or just went out of fashion, but has a good look. And it also happens that, having spent a lot of time in the store, a person does not find anything suitable for himself that attracts his eye.reworking old things

And at this moment thoughts of alteration come to mind. At first glance, reworking old things may seem like a laborious task. This is not true. By showing a little imagination and applying a bit of work, you can give a new life to old or unremarkable things, and pleasure to yourself.

Virtually any thing can be turned into something unique and original. Especially since the alteration of things is a very exciting process. The main thing is to start.

Alteration of old things in fashion: jeans

alterations of old things with their own hands

Ideas of alteration can be offered the following:

· The possibilities of the reclamation process are dictated by the state of the thing. If there is one or more non-reducible spots, then tattered cuts or stylish calico patches will help.

· If the lower part of the pants is very worn, the classic version is an alteration in shorts. The decoration can be coloring, bleaching stains, decor using buttons, zippers, rivets or rhinestones.

· Worn bottom can also be decorated with colored stripes of fabric or leather.

· A similar option is that you can sew a skirt from the top of your jeans, decorating it with laces, ribbons, braid or embroidery. Alteration of old things into fashionable do-it-yourself opens up a flight for fantasy and allows for a combination of seemingly incompatible ideas.

· If the pants can no longer be a whole thing, then there are good options for making toys, bags or using jeans in other things.

· Shabby pockets fit trim rivets, braid, metal elements.

· Shorts or jeans adorned with beads around different sizes, preferably with white mother-of-pearl, will look very fashionable and beautiful.

Remake knitwear

alteration of old things in fashionable

T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters - these clothes in every wardrobe are many, creating an extensive field for activity. Since things of this type are most often knitted, there are enough problems with them: they fade, stretch, and tear. Alteration of old things, such as knitted clothes, may be as follows:

· Surprisingly, T-shirt fabric can be cut. Thus, you can cut off the sleeves, a piece of fabric along the neckline to make it deeper.

· The back can be decorated with cuts, leaving it so, or fabric hemmed in contrasting colors.

· The slits on the sleeves, inserts on the back or in front will look romantically.

· It is also possible to trim the bottom of the product.

· Absolutely change the look of things can bow, which, by the way, you can cover the hole.

· And again, rhinestones, rivets, beads, ribbons and more will be suitable for decoration.

· And the most fashionable elements can be embroidery and applique.

New life jackets and shoes

Alteration of old things for the cold season, such as vests and jackets, may consist of appliqués, textile or leather inserts, decoration with buttons, rhinestones or lace.alteration of old things into fashionable do it yourself

Shoes do not give much imagination to wander, but something can be done with it:

· Create crochet floral bouquets from knitting threads or thin knitwear, which are attached to the back or side of the sandals.

· Decoupage can be done on worn places.

· You can paint sandals or shoes with special acrylic paints or color spray, thereby giving them a unique original look.

· Glued pieces of leather or leatherette of contrasting colors will also look great. Alteration of old things will make it useful from the two unnecessary.

· Of the thin chiffon fabrics, the lace bow attached on the front will look great.

· Sandals and shoes can be decorated with edging of pigtails or harness.

· Children's shoes will be more fun if you draw flowers on it, animal faces or images of characters from your favorite cartoons.

· What will become a special chic for shoes is that you first need to apply glue on them, and then sprinkle thickly with sequins and glue on the colored lace.

We update furniture

There are a lot of ways of reworking old things with your own hands, and the following will be suitable for furniture:

· The backs and armrests of old sofas and chairs can be sheathed with inserts of leather and curtain fabric.

· Save the situation will help capes of fur, resembling animal skins or fancy bright colors.

· Cushions decorated with embroidery or appliqué to match the bedspread will be a stylish addition.

· Originality will be different decor backs large bright buttons or ribbons.

· Lockers can be repainted, or with the help of paints to put on their doors various patterns

· The decoration of furniture with lacquer decoupage will be a good tone.

· The special chic will be to finish the surface of the door of the lockers with pictures of flowers or types of night city.

In general, there is a great variety of techniques and ideas for reworking old things with your own hands. Limit a person in this can only lack of fantasy and laziness. And if with the first one you can solve the problem by finding the necessary materials in the network, then with the second one you will have to fight on your own. Especially since the result is worth it!

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