Anna Dmitrieva: biography, date of birth, achievements in tennis and career of a sports commentator

Anna Dmitrieva is a famous Soviet tennis player who later became a sports journalist and commentator. She was awarded the Golden Microphone Award as the best sports commentator. She achieved significant success in sports: she won 18 times in the championships of the Soviet Union in singles, mixed and doubles. He has the title of Honored Master of Sports, is the sister of TV host Vladimir Molchanov.

Childhood and youth

Anna Dmitrieva and Vladimir Molchanov

Anna Dmitrieva was born in Moscow on December 10, 1940. Her parents were representatives of the metropolitan creative elite. Father Dmitry Vladimirovich is the chief artist of the Moscow Art Theater, and mother Marina Pastukhov-Dmitriev is an actress.

Anna Dmitrieva herself in childhood was interested in painting.The athlete has repeatedly admitted that she was passionately drawing still lifes with her father: he was on an easel, and the girl was in an album. On the court, the heroine of our article was for the first time in a rest home in the Moscow region, where members of the Moscow Art Theater came to rest after the war. Anya went there with her father, where he often became a witness to exciting tennis fights between vacationers.

Her great-uncle Vsevolod Alekseevich Verbitsky was keen on tennis. Contemporaries recollect that they went to his matches like to the theater, these games were so spectacular. Anna Dmitriev herself did not have time to catch the eminent relative on the court, when the girl was growing up, Vsevolod Alekseevich was already seriously ill, did not even think about sports.

After a trip to a holiday home near Moscow, Anya got carried away with this sport. Mkhatovtsy took it seriously, suspecting that her great-grandfather's talent might well have been passed on to her. When she faced the question of how to go on: ballet or tennis, she made a choice in favor of the court.

Meet with Teplyakova

In addition, an important role in the biography of Anna Dmitrieva was played by an acquaintance with the famous Soviet tennis champion of the 1920s and 30s Nina Teplyakova.

It took place at dinner with a friend of the family, Boris Erdman.The famous theater artist after the sudden death of the father of the heroine of our article, which occurred in 1948, became for her a caring elder friend, in every possible way took care of the child.

During lunch, Teplyakova learned about Ani's passion, and also that she was already showing good results. Nina Sergeyevna invited her to come to the section of the sports society "Dynamo". In the future, the athlete defended the colors of white and blue for a decade and a half.

First successes

In tennis, Anna Dmitrieva amazed everyone around her with her abilities, practiced with great pleasure, although at first she felt like a stranger in a sports environment, as the atmosphere was completely different at home and at school.

Fortunately, Dmitrieva had experienced and eminent teachers. Nina Nikolaevna Leo taught her the basics of this sport, at that time she was one of the most famous tennis players in the country, confidently entering the top 10 strongest in the entire Soviet Union. Nina Nikolaevna, although she has not yet completed her professional career, she has already taught the basics of tennis to the younger generation.

At the first competition in her life tennis player Anna Dmitrieva came quite by accident. It was the Moscow team championship, which took place at the end of the summer.The heroine of our article by the time engaged in tennis just about a year. It turned out that one of the teams lacked a player, its participants frantically ran through the stadium in search of a replacement. Suddenly, the eyes of the head coach of “Dynamo” caught Anya, who was walking nearby. She was taken, because in the incomplete composition the team would not have been able to take part in the tournament at all.

She lost her first game, but gained an invaluable experience of participating in adult competitions. A year later, she entered the team at the Moscow Championship officially, as one of the best in Dynamo. In addition, the girl was the current champion of the Union, so that she could easily defeat opponents from other sports clubs in the capital.

It is noteworthy that, despite the high employment in tournaments and trainings, Dmitrieva managed to get a higher education. In 1966 she became a graduate of Moscow State University, received a diploma in French philology.

Professional career

Photo by Anna Dmitrieva

Officially in adult tournaments, Anna Vladimirovna Dmitrieva began performing when she was only 16 years old. In 1956, she won the Moscow Championship in mixed and doubles, and the following year she became the winner of the All-Union Olympics schoolchildren in pairs.

In 1958, the Soviet Union joined the international tennis federation, and the heroine of our article is included among the members of the first Soviet delegation in the history, which is sent to the Wimbledon tournament.

In the UK, Dmitrieva succeeds in her age group. On the grass court, which is unusual for her covering, Anna first wins the Beckham tournament for juniors, and in the youth Wimbledon tournament she reaches the final, where she is inferior to Sally Moore. After foreign experience, the level of her game has noticeably increased, the photo of Anna Dmitrieva began to appear regularly in the national sports press.

International success

Especially Dmitrieva success in the international arena. In 1962, the heroine of our article won the Open Championships of Czechoslovakia, Hungary (immediately in singles and doubles), in 1963 won the absolute championship of Uganda, in 1965 - in Scandinavia in doubles, in 1966 - Yugoslavia.

Also on her account are individual victories in tournaments of a not so high rank in Algeria, London, Alexandria and Cairo.

Grand Slam Tournaments

Anna Dmitrieva at Wimbledon

Dmitrieva's performances at Grand Slam tournaments can be considered quite successful.In 1960 and 1967, she reached the quarter finals of the British Open in pairs, and in 1963 in the semifinals with Judy Teghart, she lost only to future tournament winners - American Darlene Hard and Brazilian Maria Esther Bueno.

Her best result in England in singles - participation in the 1/8 finals in 1960. In 1967, Dmitriev, together with the Soviet tennis player Alexander Metreveli, held the longest match in the history of the tournament among mixed pairs. It was 1/4 final against Australian Ken Fletcher and still the same Brazilian Maria Esther Bueno. A pair of Soviet tennis players lost with the score 8: 6, 5: 7, 14:16.

During the US Open in 1962, she played in the fourth round, losing to future Australian champion Margaret Smith.

Title Honored Master of Sports

The honorary title was awarded to Dmitrieva in 1964. At that time she was ranked third in the list of the strongest European tennis players.

In 1997, the heroine of our article headed the International Lawn Tennis Club in Russia, and in 2004 she was introduced to the Russian Tennis Hall of Fame.

In 1972, the biographical book “Play Your Game,” dedicated to Dmitrieva, appeared in the series “Sport and Personality”.

Features of technology

The fate of Anna Dmitrieva

A distinguishing feature of Dmitrieva on the court was the amazing ability to correctly predict the actions of opponents and to make their own decisions with lightning speed how to act in a given situation.

As a rule, Dmitriyeva played in an aggressive and attacking manner against most of her rivals, used a variety of style and technique of strikes at the net, from the back line she liked to twist, giving the ball an unpredictable trajectory. These were the main distinguishing features of her tactics. Throughout her professional sports career, she has collected a huge number of titles.

Dmitriyeva won six times at the Games of the Peoples of the USSR, performed at the open championships of Yugoslavia, Scandinavia, France.

After completing a professional sports career, she worked as a coach in the Dynamo sports society for several years, but in 1975 decided to link her fate with journalism. Since then, it became known as a sports commentator Anna Dmitrieva.


Journalist Anna Dmitrieva

The authority of the heroine of our article in tennis was simply enormous. With her capacious and gentle comments, she delivers true delight to the fans of this sport, explaining the details and features of a particular fight.

Commentator Anna Dmitriyeva always managed to keep a report judiciously and without unnecessary emotions, and her ability to help viewers understand what is happening on the court was envied by many.

In 1995, she began reporting live for the first time from the Wimbledon tournament. For several years, she was paired with another famous domestic tennis player Alexander Metreveli remained the main voices of Russian tennis.

The heroine of our article became the winner of the Golden Microphone award in 1997. She was recognized as the best sports commentator on domestic television. Speaking about her career, you need to remember that she worked for many years at the State Television and Radio of the Soviet Union, then switched to the NTV channel. Until 2010, the management of NTV sports channels was headed by Anna Dmitrieva. Sports experience of the journalist helped to understand all the subtleties, to solve managerial and organizational tasks.

In 2017, Dmitrieva began her collaboration with the Eurosport channel.

Personal life

Biography of Anna Dmitrieva

The athlete prefers not to spread about her personal life. However, it is known that her first husband was Mikhail Tolstoy, grandson of the famous writer Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy.Their union turned out to be record-breaking short; three months after the wedding, the young realized that they had very little in common, so they decided to divorce. In addition, they could not stand the burden of family life, everyday life.

The second husband of the heroine of our article was the grandson of the children's poet Korney Chukovsky, whose name was Dmitry. The union with him turned out to be long, strong and happy. Now the spouses have two adult children and five grandchildren.

Activities in recent years

Anna Dmitrieva's career

Dmitrieva, despite her age (now she is 77 years old), continues to work. Moreover, she not only commented on tennis tournaments on television, but also, at the request of online newspapers and print media, actively commented on the performance and training of domestic athletes in front of all major tournaments of the year.

As an example of an analytical analysis that Dmitriyev presents to tennis fans, we can recall that in the summer of 2018, the heroine of our article before the match Ekaterina Makarova and Svetlana Kuznetsova explained in the second round of the Wimbledon tournament, why he highly appreciates Andrei Rublev at the US Open.

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