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Arseny (Arsentiy, Arsen) the meaning of the name and the interpretation of the nameArseny: manly (Greek).
Name Day Arseny: May 21 (8) - Rev. Arseny the Great (V c.) Was first educator of royal children, then retired to the Egyptian desert, became a monk and lived there, performing miracles through prayers, fifty years.
25 (12) Nurse - Rev. Arseniy Konevsky enlightened by faith Christ's Karelia.
Mystery Name Arseny: If in the morning on Arsenia, on May 21, the big dew is a foretaste of good weather; no dew - to the rain. A clear day on Arseny - expect this year the abundance of cucumbers.
Zodiac name - Gemini. The planet is Mercury. The color of the name. - blue. Auspicious tree is ash. The cherished plant is the iris.
Patron name - swallow. The stone-talisman is an amethyst.
Diminutive forms: Arsenya, Arsenyushka, Arsuta, Arsyusha, Senya, Arsya.
Patronymic: Arsenyevich, Arsentievich, Arsenovich, Arsenyevna, Arsentievna, Arsenovna.
Characteristic name Arseny: Arseny loves music, but would hardly have made her his profession when parents would not insist.That is his misfortune - he cannot always resist circumstances, and therefore he very often does the wrong thing in life, marries the wrong woman, does not raise children so ...
In short, the lack of firmness of character is the trouble of Arseny. He is vulnerable and sensitive, by nature not a leader at all. Successes more often in his imagination, which is so violently developed that sometimes it replaces reality. And yet it happens that, even in mature years, Arseny can turn his life around and confirm the meaning of his name! However, he will not take revenge on those who subordinated him to his will, for his magnanimity is enormous. This is generally the property of all people with a creative imagination - even if failed creators.
Name Arseny in history: Arseny Sukhanov is a hieromonk, the builder of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery of the Epiphany and the kelar of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. He was sent by the king and the patriarch at the beginning of 1649 to the East to study the rites of the canonical church. When he returned, Arseny wrote the work “Debate about Faith”, in which he noted with malicious gloom that the faith did not deteriorate in our country, but in the East. Arseny managed to take out from Athos and other places seven hundred most precious manuscripts, which are still considered an ornament of our national libraries.From Jerusalem, Arseny, at the request of Patriarch Nikon, brought a model of a large church of the Resurrection of Christ, which served as a model for building the Resurrection Church in the New Jerusalem Monastery.
Arseny Tarkovsky (1907-1980), the author of collections of poems "Earth - earthly", "Before the snow", "Bulletin", "Magic Mountains", etc., left a noteworthy trace in Russian poetry. In 1980, Arseny Tarkovsky became a State Prize laureate THE USSR.

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