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Berlin is one of the world centers for street art. Works of underground artists can be seen on many streets of the German capital, both in the city center and in its individual locations with a paid entrance. Street art has become so popular that they have even recently opened a street art museum in Berlin, which resembles a true, boring art gallery. One of the features of the most vibrant and talented artists of Berlin is the passion for creating their paintings in places far from human crowds. To get to where the units are taken and to paint there his picture - this is how many Berlin street artists act, to find pictures of which is another quest for a simple inhabitant, but not for a researcher of the urban jungle. In today's post, I will show you the largest illegal gallery of Berlin street art, which I discovered quite by accident. I had plans for the day, but, looking on the way to the intended goals in this location and seeing a huge amount of beautiful street art, I sacrificed the original plans and left the object, having spent half a day here and looking in almost every corner of it.I nasnimal in this complex more than six hundred photographs, of which I selected hundreds of the most interesting, which I will show you in this post, and also tell you how to get to the coolest gallery of street art in East Germany, about whose existence nobody knows.

We are talking about the complex GSVG-shnyh barracks in the Berlin suburb of Bernau, which I recently talked about in a separate post. The barracks are interesting in their own right, but their transformation into a luxurious wall painting gallery makes this place a must-visit point for anyone interested in modern art and street art in particular.
01. The fact that the barracks complex will have something to see besides the shabby walls is hinted at the mural on the main building, which is two floors high.

02. The facades of the former barracks buildings are also full of quite pleasant works of street artists.

03. I have noticed such a tendency that really high-quality works rarely appear in garbage dumps and unraveled objects. The cleaner and more secretive the object is, the more high-quality paintings can be found there. I met the coolest graffiti in the most distant places from civilizationfor example, in the repository of Soviet nuclear missiles in Folegzang and the town adjacent to it. Bernau is no exception.

04. Despite the fact that this is a suburb of Berlin and it is in easy transport accessibility from the capital, but the place is not trampled by crowds of vandals and various idiots who turn objects into razdrostroennye bins. This factor accounts for the huge amount of bright work inside the barracks and outside.

05. This factor is understandable - no one wants to draw surrounded by piles of garbage and in the crap and destruction of space. After all, the artist also needs inspiration in the place where he creates his works. And the best works are always drawn in the most atmospheric places that are not easy to find.

06. True, it often happens that after an object becomes popular with street artists, flocks of morons will learn about it, who also want to feel like a part of modern art, but the limit of their creative abilities is to put spray painting on the wall. But since one painting is too fast and not interesting, these morons manage to inflame all the free space on the walls, creating those garbage heaps around really beautiful works.How to deal with this is not clear, and it is a pity that this fashion does not pass, and the visual vandals, destroying all beauty wherever their curved hands can reach, become more and more every year.

07. The same beautiful Vogelsang, the atmosphere of which I have always enjoyed, this year was subjected to a locust invasion, which destroyed the whole atmosphere there - now everything is broken, broken down and lashed out. Even the magnificent works of street artists are disfigured. Soon there will be a model garbage dump, despite the fact that the city is located in a forest far from civilization, but fame on the Internet has not spared it either.

08. Bernau’s barracks are also pretty dirty with tags, but the quantity of high-quality street art here predominantly prevails over the mediocre daubs, and the place is not known in wide circles, so there is still a wonderful abandonment atmosphere, colored by excellent works of street artists.

09. Judging by the style, this lady is the authorship of the same artist as the lady in the previous picture.

10. The inscription above the mirror "The Past." Interesting idea.

11. In the barracks of Bernau, a huge number of works of various levels and styles, but mostly interesting and evoking feelings and emotions, are the main criteria that distinguish art from mediocre daubs.

12.In one of the buildings adjacent to the barracks, all the walls were painted with animal shadows.

13. These shadows also occurred within the barracks themselves, although for some reason they were red there.

14. I saw this girl on a couple of other Berlin castings; apparently, the author does not know how to draw anything else.

15. I don’t know what NAP ZONE is, so the meaning of this graffiti has not been revealed to me.

16. Comics with erotic elements.

17. Photorealistic stencils.

18. It is often difficult to establish whether the entire space on the wall is the creation of one author, or the author painted only the face, and someone else added rainbow colors after, and then an asshole came with a balloon and put a tag under the picture, saying that he painted it .

19. A little simple street art.



22. Someone added Soviet characters to their militarist posters. Looks interesting.

23. "And you again tell your children that you did not know anything about it." I hope my reader is quite erudite, and I do not need to explain who is depicted on the sticker?

24. Beautiful minimalism, complemented by peeling plaster, which looks like part of the picture.

25. Also minimalism, but I really liked the style.

26Drawing does not have to be technically difficult to evoke emotions and feelings. This is the talent of the artist - even a simple technique to convey something to the viewer. Birdie is my favorite!

27. This is more art than street art. Such pictures can be imagined in the art galleries of the capital, but not in an abandoned barracks.

28. Still modern art. Probably not everyone will like this, but in my opinion there is something in it.

29. In some places there are absolutely amazing work, perfectly fit into the general chaotic background. Impressions spoil only tags of vandals.

30. The following four works are authorship of one artist, whose name, unfortunately, is unknown to me, since he does not sign his works.

31. The author draws women in his original style.

32. In some places it is very abstract, but the style and color palette, as the author’s signature style, is recognizable from work to work.

33. Another drawing from the same series.

34. What hooked me most in the “gallery” of Bernau is the fact that not only classical street art is represented here in the form of fonts and the characteristic hip-hop style of graffiti, which is often quite uniform.In Bernau, there is modern visual art of various genres and styles, in form it is street art, but in meaning it is much more.

35. The next few shots, presumably the work of one author or team of authors. I really liked their style, reminded something of Kandinsky's style.

36. Why not Bauhaus?

37. How cool the author beat the brickwork on the remnants of wallpaper in his drawing! Images, form, style - all at the highest level.

38. Technically flawless work. I do not understand how they achieve such a gradient?

39. Similar style, but a bit simpler. The works also belong to the author, who does not leave signatures.

40. Judging by the style he is.

41. Another couple of works.

42. It seems to be nothing complicated, but for some reason I liked it and I decided to include them in my TOP 100 graffiti from Bernau.

43. Another sample of abstract style.

44. Probably another author, but the style also gives Bauhaus.

45. An interesting image.

46. ​​Apparently, the same author.

47. Surprisingly, almost all the artists who left their works in Bernau, do not sign them.

48. And there is something real in it. When a person devotes himself to the cause for which he spends his time and resources to create a picture in an unknown place that only a few will see and they will never know who created it.This art is in its pure form, in which there is no admixture of vanity, commerce and satisfaction of some of its ambitions and complexes. That is why I love street art so much.

49. Art for the sake of art. A position close to me in spirit, because my blog, although not an art, is also being done for the sake of only one idea for a narrow circle of those who are able to understand what is close to me and share my interests with me.

50. The picture, which I met about in the same way in two places in the barracks.

51. Though the picture repeats, but there is something in it. Against the background of shabby walls, it looks psychedelic and causes emotions.

52. A little more philosophical psychedelics.

53. Once I went to art school and such abstract drawings were my favorite style. By the way, one of the few works that is signed.

54. Danko?

55. The next few works are executed by one artist in a realistic style and this is one of the most impressive works of me in this illegal gallery of fine art.

56. Images of dark-skinned girls were just between the Soviet orders. Such a mixture of eras looks very interesting.

57. Orders are original drawings,remaining from the Soviet period, the history of this object.

58. The light falling from the skylight underlines the image very much.

59. More works by this artist. Children playing seem to be shadows of the past, which suddenly appeared on the walls of an abandoned building, the life of which left more than a decade’s spirit.

60. When wandering through such a huge abandoned complex alone (my partner and I usually share objects to better experience the atmosphere of the place), amid absolute silence and post-apocalyptic pictures, such pictures literally come alive and inhabit this abandoned building with phantoms. The moment when art complements the surrounding reality with images that enhance the atmosphere of the place. In abandoned locations, I am always very receptive and such street art touches the soul much more than paintings in art galleries, which are cut off from the place of exposure and represent windows to other worlds that created their artists. And then the drawings on the walls are part of this world, in which you happened to be today, and very much complement it.

61. The boys try themselves in breakdance in the ruins of the former house of officers.Very high-quality work, which caused a tide of nostalgic feelings in me. After all, once my friend and I also went out in sports pants to the stadium and took my first steps in breakdancing, trying to learn to stand on my hands. And a little later they trained in the garrison house of officers in our military camp.

62. Very well I went to this picture. It is a pity that I do not know who its author.

63. Parkour on the steps of the stairs from the same artist.

64. Some more interesting works from the walls of the collapsing house of officers.

65. Very expressive and deep picture, especially impressive in a similar frame.

66. This is the high school of street art.

67. The artists' workplaces are hidden, and in order to find a picture, sometimes you have to look deeper or, for example, open the switchboard door.

68. Even gym elements are affected by art.

69. Among the new school is found and the original Soviet old school.

70. In places, the combination of all the elements in one frame creates the aura that we call the atmosphere or bright texture. When everywhere you look, juicy shots everywhere.

71. Sometimes street art takes on interesting forms.

72. Another artist (or team) with his bright and original style.

73.The painting on the wall opposite continues the plot.

74. Judging by the style, the same authors.

75. Picture of the Berlin Sam Crew team, the work of this team I showed you in a post from the station Teufelsberg. I met their graffiti on other Berlin games as well.

76. The height of the wall here is like in a two-story house, so that you understand the scale of the pattern.

77. Some authors have a very vivid imagination.

78. There were also rather original fonts on the site.


80. Judging by the style, the same authors as in the previous snapshot.

81. Beauty!

82. Fonts -classic graffiti. A well thought out font always pleases the eye.


84. Graffiti in the barracks gymnasium beats up communist symbolism.

85. Old Bugs.

86. Exlibris on half a bed.

87. Various hodgepodge graffiti from barracks premises:



90. The variety of styles is impressive!


92. Simple but cute. Especially on such a cozy home wallpaper.

93. Not bypassed by the theme of stickers.


95. Augmented Reality :)

96. The geometry of space and fantastic light dispose to creativity.

97. "Free your disputes" - as if the mushroom tells us.

98. The girl says nothing, but judging by her position and look, she clearly calls for the same thing that the mushroom is for.

99Such graffiti on the ruins of an empire looks very symbolic.

100. Graffiti with meaning from the author Sonia.

101. Close up.

102. Character.

103. Someone who was not weakly fooled and covered all the walls in the building of the officers' club with creative textures.

104. At the end of the post I will give one of the most powerful drawings in this street gallery, in my opinion.

105. Canvas on the entire wall.

106. Very expressive drawing.

107. The work that impressed me most from what Bernau saw in the barracks. Not least because of the magnificent backlighting - the sunbeam, which broke through this hole through the ceiling, created an atmosphere that intensified the perception of this canvas.

108. The painting depicts the legendary "Last Supper", only with modern world leaders, Obamka spoke in the role of Jesus.

It is not known how long this object will last, given the rapid pace of the disappearance of such places in the capital. So, as they say, hurry to see. Coordinates of LIDL parking where you can leave your car: 52 ° 40'07 "N, 13 ° 34'54" E. Immediately behind the parking lot is a fallen fence, crossing which you find yourself in the territory of the barracks. A homeless person lives in the building nearest to the parking lot and there is no graffiti there, so you can safely pass it and head to the main building.The Bernau Barracks is the largest illegal street art gallery in the capital, so if you love street art and plan to visit Berlin soon, I recommend looking here. Disappointed will not stay. Given the wide range of styles and types of art presented in the barracks complex, everyone will find something to their taste.

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