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X53S from the world famous brand is a popular and demanded model. Attractive design, excellent technical characteristics, high power and performance, reasonable price - all this becomes the main selection criteria for the buyer.

ASUS is a Taiwanese company that manufactures laptops, personal computers, tablets, as well as computer components, smartphones and mobile phones. The brand is quite popular and in demand in Russia because of the budget prices for high-quality products. Beautiful design combined with excellent performance - the main features of this brand of laptops.


Asus X53S is a reliable and modern laptop, one of the best models of the brand. Specifications meet all the requirements of the modern user. The laptop runs on the latest INTEL HM65 platform with a high-performance Intel core i7 processor. He easily performs even the most difficult tasks.Graphics adapter NVIDIA copes with any games, applications, programs. The hard drive is endowed with memory by the manufacturer in the range from 500 to 750 gigabytes.

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We continue to consider the model Asus X53S. The characteristics of the laptop is quite powerful. This is noted not only by users, but also by experts. Laptop webcam pumped up - just 0.3 MB. However, it is possible to connect an external camera via USB-port. The computer supports memory cards, Wi-Fi with a maximum speed of 1000 Mbps.


One of the most important advantages of the Asus X53S notebook is the matrix. The high resolution of the widescreen screen provides excellent image quality with a standard viewing angle. The saturation and brightness of the display have optimal parameters, making the picture look realistic. The ultra-modern video card installed by the manufacturer allows you to watch videos and play games with maximum color reproduction. The performance and other technical characteristics of this laptop are not inferior in many respects to gadgets of well-known companies that produce modern electronics.

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The powerful AMD processor successfully copes with any tasksA large amount of hard disk allows you to store important information. In addition, the laptop has an LED backlight. ASUS is known for producing high-quality laptops at budget prices. This model is in an attractive price range from 18 to 28 thousand rubles, depending on the amount of RAM. Plus the fact that the manufacturer has provided the buyer with the opportunity to choose the color of the model's case. An elegant combination of luxurious shades - silver, gloss brown, gray, black - the brand's business card.


Despite its high performance, the laptop still has weaknesses. Its operating system and speed will not be enough if the user installs modern demanding games. This lack of designers decided by increasing the RAM to eight gigabytes. It should be noted that the mains connector is not reliable enough. Over time, this can cause problems with Internet access via cable. Prolonged operation of the laptop can lead to problems with the cooler and connecting to other devices via a wireless network.

asus x53s specifications


Like the rest of the models, the case of the Asus X53S laptop has its own characteristics. The cover of the device is made of high quality plastic. The glossy surface with a grooved pattern gives the laptop a solid look, making it look expensive. In addition, the surface protects the device from various stains, fingerprints. In the middle of the cover is the company logo.

Despite the standard look of the notebook, Asus’s corporate identity reads immediately. On the sides of the laptop has connectors for peripheral devices. The laptop is quite large (378 x 253 x 34.9 mm), it weighs almost three kilograms, has an impressive screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. This is a huge plus for designers and gamers. The build quality of the laptop at altitude. The body is perfect, comfortable, protected from chipping and cracking. However, if you carelessly handle your laptop, you can easily damage the cover or the back. The laptop has a standard keyboard layout with convenient key settings. They are at a comfortable distance from each other.

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The weak point of many laptops is the battery. The Asus X53S battery has an average capacity of 5200 mAh, which allows it to work without additional charge at full capacity for three hours. The battery in the device is a classic lithium-ion battery.For a laptop of this performance, the battery does not quite fit. Thanks to its powerful cooling system, the battery will last longer. Often she loses the ability to hold a charge for a long time if you keep your laptop near the heating system or in the cold. A battery on a laptop can completely lose the ability to charge after one and a half years of continuous operation.

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Want to buy a laptop from Asus? Choosing a model, check out its specifications, view reviews and reviews of real buyers. Judging by some of them, the Asus X53S laptop is really a great unit. He has a big screen, it is powerful, productive, well cooled, "pulls" many modern games. Users note the high quality of the case, durability, and the ability to choose the color. Among the shortcomings: the laptop is heavy, the battery doesn’t hold the charge badly, it gets very hot, sometimes system errors pop up. In general, Asus X53S is an excellent working and gaming option.

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