Bald cats: breed name, photo, description

When we start talking about cats, we immediately imagine a fluffy and soft, affectionate and gentle creature. Therefore, many animal lovers bald cats cause confusion, and sometimes rejection.

From the history of the breed

Surprisingly, these animals are not the work of human hands. How bald cats appeared, neither history nor science can give an exact answer. Scientists are inclined to believe that such unusual kittens are very rarely born in ordinary cats. This is due to a mutation of the gene that is responsible for coat.bald cats

The first information about these unusual animals came from Mexico in 1903. Later, the mention of them appeared in one or the other end of the world. Some animal lovers liked these gentle and kind creatures. Therefore, steel experiments are being carried out to cross to obtain similar offspring. It cannot be said that all attempts were successful, however, nature took care of that bald cats survived as a breed.It continues to evolve, and perhaps soon we will see changed animals. Nowadays, bald cats (sphinx breed) are divided into several species. bald cat photo

Breed and its varieties

These animals lived in the palaces of ancient Egypt. Then for a very long time, people seemed to have forgotten about them, but the most surprising thing is that they did not disappear, but spread to all continents. By the beginning of the twentieth century, naked cats had already taken part in exhibitions. The following types of these cats are especially popular today:

  • Don Sphynx.
  • Canadian Sphynx.
  • Peterbald (Petersburg sphinx).
  • Elf.
  • Ukrainian Levkoy.
  • Kohona (Hawaiian Hairless).
  • Bambino

What are the differences between these animals and do they exist? Let's get acquainted closer.

Don Sphynx

This is one of the most common hairless cats. The current name of the breed was not immediately. At first it was simply called the “Don Cat”, then the name “Russian Hairless” appeared. They even tried to call her “Russian trotter”, but, fortunately, this “name” did not stick.bald cats breedThe Don Sphynx, in turn, is subdivided into three types - bareborn, flock and brush. Cats are covered with deep wrinkles, and their skin is warm and soft to the touch.Most of the folds are concentrated in the head, neck and groin. It is curious that in newborn babies vibrissae are curled. The breed standard allows any color, but it is noteworthy that a black bald cat is found more often in this species than in others.

Canadian sphinxes

The appearance of these cats is very attractive and unusual. The bald cat, whose photo can be seen in all publications about these animals, has rounded and very smooth body lines. The body has no hair at all, it is covered only by numerous folds. This is especially evident in newborn kittens, and with age, the folds decrease slightly. bald cat sphinx photo [

The Canadian Sphynx is distinguished by its large, beautiful eyes. For their extraordinary brilliance, this type of sphinx is sometimes called the "moon cat." Canadian sphinxes are recognized as one of the most beautiful cats in their breed.


The bald Sphynx cat peterbold very much resembles an ordinary oriental cat, but without hair. And in this case, appearance is not deceptive. Petersburgers bred by crossing the Don Sphynx with an oriental cat. They have a narrow and elongated head, large almond-shaped eyes,rather slender and slightly elongated body, long limbs and very neat legs. what do you call a bald catMostly peterbolds have a friendly character. They are smart, playful and very inquisitive. They do not seek independence, and often even avoid it. Peterbalds get along well with children, quickly find friends among other pets. Because of this, these cats are very popular.

Breed of bald lop-eared cats - Ukrainian Levkoy

This bald cat, photos of which are often shown by breeders, was bred in Kiev 10 years ago. They are the result of mating Scottish Fold and the Don Sphynx. I must say that these animals combine the features of these two breeds. Left coats are hairless, although the presence of a brush (small cannon) over the body is allowed.breed of bald lop-eared cats

The head, neck, groin area and abdomen are covered with folds. They are not as pronounced as in the Don Sphynx. From Scottish Fold they got lop-eared. This gives the animals a very unusual look.


If the levkoev ears hang down like a Scottish fold, the bald sphynx cat of the species elf has ears, the tips of which are bent to the back of the head. Thanks to them, animals and got such a name. bald cat sphinx photos

Elves do not have hair and quite justifiably apply to bald cats. This unusual appearance they received as a result of mating American Curls with sphinxes. Over this type of cats began to work in the early XX century, however, these animals have not yet been officially recognized.


Cats of the bambino species look like little and funny dachshunds. Such a cat has a muscular and round body, a pointed muzzle, large pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes.

These features and folds on the body of a bambino were awarded to a bald cat Sphynx (you see the photo in our article), and he received shortened limbs from Munchkin. In this animal, the folds on the body are not so pronounced. breed of bald lop-eared cats

Despite the short paws, these cats are very agile, although it is quite difficult for them to climb high furniture. These are playful and sociable animals. Bambino different original exterior, which will allow them in the near future to win the hearts of millions of cat lovers around the world.


This cat is very similar to the Sphinx, although there are no family ties between them. Kohona arose naturally, man did not participate in its creation. She lives in Hawaii.Her name is translated from the local dialect as "bald."], breed of bald lop-eared cats

If sphinxes skin feels like velvet, then Hawaiian hairless cats look more like melted wax. This is explained by the fact that representatives of this breed have no hair follicles, and this means that hair growth is impossible. Why and how this mutation arose, scientists have not yet established.

Maintenance and care

So, we have presented to you the common types of bald cats. Agree, animals are unusual, and therefore care for them must be special. To the touch sphinxes are very hot. Their body temperature is 39-40 degrees. Kittens generally resemble a heating pad - in some cases, their body temperature reaches 42 degrees. what do you call a bald cat

For these animals, the temperature regime (20-25 ° C) and the complete absence of drafts are important. They are very fond of the sun, but it can be dangerous for them, as unprotected skin can get severe burns.

How to wash a bald cat?

This issue should be given special attention. Sphynx should be bathed at least once every two weeks, as these cats sweat. For this purpose, you should use special shampoos for bald cats or baby soap.Do not worry that bathing will be unpleasant to the Scythian, as representatives of other breeds. Bald cats are very fond of water treatments, and many of them are first-class to wash a bald cat

Hygiene and nutrition

Do not forget that the sphinx needs to clean its ears, cut its claws so that it does not scratch itself. A naked cat needs an increased level of heat exchange, so she eats a lot more feed than her "dressed" fellows. And in winter, increase the calorie content of to wash a bald cat

In the diet of the Sphinx must be present vegetables - carrots, cauliflower, beets, zucchini. They need to teach the kitten from an early age. From dairy products you need cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir, a little cheese, which is added to porridge or vegetables, boiled meat and fish, egg yolk.


Anyone who wants to have such a pet should be aware that the nature of these animals is significantly different from ordinary cats. They like dogs more. They prefer to choose the owner and boundlessly attached to it. Sphinxes do not tolerate loneliness, they should be started only by those people who spend more time at home than outside it.If a bald cat is given to other people even for a short time, it can get sick from anguish.

Bald cats love children very much. Despite the somewhat intimidating look, these are very affectionate and gentle creatures. They love when they are stroked, and sometimes it seems that they understand the master's speech perfectly.

The names

If you have a sphinx, then you probably wondered what to call a bald cat. Choose names for pedigree sphinxes should be based on some of their features. If you bought a kitten in the kennel, look in his documents. Some breeders themselves call newborns, while others indicate in the documents only the letter with which the cat's name should begin. For example, if the letter K is specified in the metric, then such names as Cassiopeia, Clarissa, Cassandra, etc. are appropriate for your cat.what do you call a bald cat

Kota can be called a name from Egyptian history or mythology. The most appropriate nicknames are Osiris, Seth, Yahnus. A regal cat will suit the name Cleopatra or Nefertiti, Isis or Bastet, etc.

Remember that cats best remember the nicknames that have the sound K and hissing sounds. Therefore, they react to the traditional "kitty-kitty".If such sounds are present in the name, and it will be no longer than two syllables, the baby will instantly learn it.


Sphinxes learn easily. Their memory and a developed sense of the simplest logic are very similar to the canine ones. They can bring small objects in the teeth to the owner, perform rather complicated tricks, can open doors, etc. The sphinx is easy to train and train. They are absolutely not annoyed walking on a leash. They are very sociable and curious by nature, and therefore easily socialize.

Their habits and character give the owners pleasure - the Sphinx will watch TV with you and follow you on the heels of the apartment, wanting to be the center of attention.

Exercise and walking

We think that from our article it has already become clear to you that sphinxes are not created for life on the street, so they do not need daily walks. This can be done occasionally and only in good, warm and sunny weather. Two such walks per month are enough.

The best physical activity for the sphinx - the game. Get labyrinths and gymnastic equipment, toys, so that your pet can have fun, even if left alone.

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