Rest in the winter on the sea has already become a habit with the Russians. A short trip from winter to summer gives a boost of energy, good mood, helps to cope with the winter depression. And if you plan a vacation after the New Year holidays, you can find budget travel options - due to the decrease in tourist flow. Today, countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America remain quite popular destinations for winter holidays.

Winter holidays in Africa

African countries remain the most visited almost all year round. Winter holidays in Egypt, Tunisia, Tanzania or Morocco, with its oriental diversity and hospitality, remain in demand in the winter, mainly due to the short flight and good price range.
Holidays in Morocco are unforgettable, vivid impressions.Holidays in Morocco are unforgettable, vivid impressions.
For lovers of Eastern exoticism, winter tours in Morocco are a good alternative to Egypt and Tunisia. There is an opportunity not only to relax on the shores of the Atlantic, but also to visit Marrakesh, the Atlas ski resorts, or the equally famous Casablanca.

Travel to Southeast Asia

The exotic countries of Southeast Asia especially attract Europeans in the winter. This is due to weather conditions this season. It is in winter in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, you can enjoy the calm warm ocean waters, good windless weather, an abundance of seafood and exotic fruits. Beach holidays can be perfectly combined with acquaintance with local attractions.

Beaches of Latin America

Winter holidays in Latin America in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile are increasingly attracting Russians. Travel can be planned to visit the world-famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro, which is held in February, and attracts travelers from all over the world with a cheerful atmosphere, bright costumes and incendiary dances. Hundreds of thousands of tourists, specially choose the time of rest in the winter to get to this event.
The carnival in Rio de Janeiro attracts thousands of tourists to Brazil every year.The carnival in Rio de Janeiro attracts thousands of tourists to Brazil every year.
Independently choosing a direction for rest, you can get into summer in the middle of winter in one day and enjoy the sea, the sun, bright colors of flowers and green trees.In order to quickly find a profitable offer, it is better to turn to professionals, such as SmilePlanet. On the site of the tourist portal you can track low prices for tickets of the main airlines in all directions, choose a hotel, and also find all the information on countries of the world, including attractions and travel features.
As the editors of notes, a trip to warm countries in the winter is a great option for those who want to organize an interesting, relatively inexpensive and high-quality vacation.

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