Beautiful Azerbaijani names for women and men

Azerbaijan is a state in whose territory various cultures met and actively interacted. That is why the question of which names are Azerbaijani and which are not considered is rather complicated. We conditionally believe those names that are common among the population of this country.

Azerbaijani names for women

Origin of traditional names

Azerbaijani names for women and men largely originate from Turkic adverbs. This is the most ancient factor that influenced the formation of the local culture. Later they were replenished by Persian and Albanian borrowings. In addition, many Azerbaijani names for women and men are, of course, taken from Arabic culture, which is of colossal importance as a source of dogma and the whole way of life for the local population. The most popular of them are the names that once belonged to family members and close associates of the prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam - Ali, Hassan, Fatima and others.Another part of the names are given to children in honor of the names of any significant places, for example, rivers or mountains. At the same time, Azerbaijanis take the naming of the name very seriously, as the local proverb says: "Let the child match the name." So the name is a kind of program, a business card, on which, in particular, the idea of ​​a person is built. Therefore, children are called for a reason, and in honor of someone who is respectful and authoritative - from the prophets of the scriptures to relatives. Many Azerbaijani names, male and female, also originate from poetry. For example, the Kitabi Dede Gorgud epos is very popular in this regard.

Azerbaijani female names and their meanings

USSR time

The coming of the Soviet regime also played an important role in shaping the cultural picture of modern Azerbaijan. Because of it, new names have appeared, and in general, the approach to naming a child has changed somewhat. For example, the traditional endings "Khan" and "Bek" began to disappear from everyday life. Names in honor of the leaders of the revolution or new models based on communist values ​​were spread. Even the surnames from which the local endings were removed were subjected to Russification.

Azerbaijani female names are beautiful

Time after the collapse of the Soviet Union

But after the collapse of the USSR and the return to the old traditional values, the situation began to change - parents increasingly began to choose traditional male and female Azerbaijani names for their children. Modern parents in this sense have returned to the ancestral traditions, because Islam has again become the culture-forming force in the territory of the state. In this regard, the principle of a traffic light in the domain of naming is in effect in the country. This means that Azerbaijani names, male and female, are divided by color. Red color, for example, is a color that unites names, the choice of which is extremely not recommended for young parents. Names fall into this category mainly from the Soviet past and foreign names in general, which are not very welcomed in Islam. The green list, by contrast, includes those names that are most welcome. They may be in different languages, but, of course, the most popular of them is Azerbaijani. Women's names, like men's names, which are not in these two categories, are yellow. These are valid options. Usually they are given to children who were born in families where one of the parents is a foreigner.Attitudes towards such names are reserved, most often they are not approved by the conservative majority.

Names as a reflection of the nature of the era

From a historical perspective, the names of Azerbaijanis usually reflect the spirit of the times. So, in the era of strong Turkic influence, a person had three names at once. The first of these was given at birth and was used simply for recognition and communication. Then, in childhood, a person was given another name on the basis of his character traits, character or appearance. Well, and in his mature years, a person had a third name, reflecting the reputation he had earned in society. Islamization of the region led to the fact that the names began to Arabize, and to the fore those that were popular in religious Muslim society came to the fore. The Soviet system interrupted the tradition for some time, actively promoting the Russification and Sovietization of names (for example, such ones as Tractor, Kolkhoz, Vladlen became common). But the end of the era of socialism was marked by the revival of the old historical traditions based on the synthesis of the Turkic and Arabic components with small elements of the Albanian and Persian cultures.

women names modern Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani female names and their meanings

Below we give a list of some female names. Unfortunately, the full list of them would have turned out to be too lengthy, so we confine ourselves to only a few. All of the following Azerbaijani female names are beautiful and popular among the people.

  • Aidan. Means "moon".
  • Azad. Translated into Russian as "free."
  • Aygul Literally means "moon flower".
  • Islaya In terms of value close to the concept of dawn or brilliance.
  • Aysel. Very beautiful name with the value "moonlight".
  • Amina. This name is translated as "safe" or "preserving."
  • Basura Means a woman with an open mind.
  • Bella. The name means "beautiful."
  • Valid. In the literal meaning of "mother of the Sultan."
  • Vusala Reflects the notion of unity, meeting, connection.
  • Jamila. Arabic name with the value "beauty of the world."
  • Dilara. Difficult to translate the name. Approximately means the following: "caressing the soul."
  • Yegana. So "only".
  • Zara. Literally translated as "gold."
  • Zulfiya Means "curly."
  • Irada This name has a meaning close to the concept of a strong will.
  • Inara. This is the name of the chosen woman, that is, the meaning of the name is the one that was elected.
  • Lamia Means "bright."
  • Leila. Hints that the girl’s hair is as black as night.
  • Medina.This is the name of the holy city in Arabia. The name is given in his honor.
  • Nailya Speaks of a woman who enjoys life.
  • Ragsana Translated as "silent."

Azerbaijani male names and their meanings

popular Azerbaijani female names

Now we give a small selection of names for boys.

  • Abas. This name means a gloomy person.
  • Abid. Translated as "praying."
  • Adalat The literal meaning is “justice.”
  • Bayram It means just a "holiday".
  • Bahram. So called the killer of the evil spirit, if you literally translate.
  • Valef. Means "in love".
  • Valid. A word meaning parent.
  • Wasim. So - beautiful.
  • Garib. This name is usually given to children of non-local origin. It means "stranger."
  • Dashdemir. The name literally translates as "iron and stone."

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