Behind or behind?

Some words cause difficulty in their use in speech. These are the words“Behind” and “behind". Let's see in what cases they are used.

 Behind or behind? How correct?


This word may be an adverb

1.The preposition "behind"Is used with a noun, and means the expression" for someone "," lagging behind someone, "that is, the direction of movement.


He was walkingbehindall (behind whom?)

2.The preposition "behind"can be used with a noun, and denotes the expression that something is “on the back side”, “on the other side” of something.


The school was locatedbehindthis high-rise building. (Behind what? For what?)

  1. The adverb "behind"Indicates that something or someone is behind the back.


She was sittingbehind(Where?)

4.The adverb "behind"May have a figurative meaning, having the meaning of" gone. "


All difficulties werebehind.


1.Adverb "behind"means "from the back."

An example.

The dress was tornbehind.

2.The preposition "behind"used with a noun.This expression means “for something, for someone”. This meaning is synonymous with the phrase “behind” with the noun.


Stand behind a friend (Behind whom? For whom? Behind whom?)


Such difficult words"behind"and"From behind."

Material prepared: Vera Melnikova


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