Black Rice Pizza

About a year ago, an interesting pizzeria Scrochiarella was opened in Moscow, its highlight was that they were preparing a pizza on a crispy crust made of real Italian flour. What do you think happened to the pizzeria in the Russian business environment? What has changed this year? Now see!

About a year ago I moved from China-City, where the pizzeria was located, and stopped to follow its fate. And now fate brought us together again. It turned out that the business was not closed at all or how it happens on the same Pokrovka, and even expanded. Initially, these were 2 halls, and now there are 5 of them, one of which is intended for a culinary school, where they will train cooking chefs to prepare such a pizza. That is, the business, as they say, has gone.

The basis for pizza can be eaten just like that - very tasty
But the pizza itself is also not worth it. Tiziano - brand chef brought from Italy a recipe for a new test ... black! As you can see, the color is really different.

First white cake, then black.
Once upon a time I made a pizza from rye flour, well, I just didn’t find any wheat flour. And here, in addition to various cereals, the dough includes flour from Italian black rice and the Piedmont region.And it seems to me that this way the pizza has become even tastier.

In this test, 80% is water

I literally stretch the dough on the board, sprinkle flour abundantly and pour over olive oil, and then it goes into the oven

What I like in Tiziano is that before serving he must decorate pizza with basil, I love this weed

And here is the very nipper - with prshut and young figs

And this for vegans - hummus, eggplant, walnut and pomegranate

With mushrooms and spinach
For the rest, I confirm that Scrochiarella continues to cook one of the best pizzas in Moscow, at least the most crunchy.

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