Bloating. Treatment and Causes

Pathology description

Almost every one of us knows the unpleasant sensations, accompanied by abdominal pain, seething, and sometimes diarrhea. This is flatulence. The prevalence of this pathology is directly related to the current environmental situation, stress, and unhealthy diet. Abdominal distention occurs due to the accumulation of excess gas in the intestine, which displaces the stomach. When this provoked belching, having a sour taste. Flatulence is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and an increase in the abdomen. With this pathology, there is an increase in pressure in the alimentary tract. As a result, there are cramps in some parts of the intestine, which is fraught with colic. When flatulence worries rumbling in the abdomen, as well as the discharge of gas.

abdominal distension treatment

Measures in the event of pathology

If bloating is observed for a short time, treatment should consist in normalizing the diet. In this case, it is enough to exclude from the diet only a few foods that cause increased gas formation. You can determine their list empirically.At the same time the menu should not contain sweet, salty, spicy dishes, as well as carbonated drinks. For some period of time should abandon the bread. It also causes increased gas formation in the intestines. The similar phenomenon can arise and from the use of dairy products. Abdominal distention, the treatment of which should include bowel cleansing, often occurs with constipation. Getting rid of this unpleasant phenomenon also leads to a decrease in gas formation.

constant bloating

Examinations with flatulence

If there is a constant bloating, which does not pass even after the normalization of the diet, you should consult a specialist. The purpose of the medical examination will be the elimination of the likelihood of gastrointestinal tract pathologies. As a rule, the doctor issues directions for laboratory tests, instrumental diagnostics, as well as bacteriological microflora research.

Pathology therapy

Abdominal distention, the treatment of which is based on a systemic approach, is eliminated by:

- adherence to diet;

- getting rid of the underlying disease identified during the examination;

- prevention of the appearance of excess gas in the intestine.

abdominal distension

After the diagnosis, the patient will be assigned the necessary diet and the recommended course of treatment of the underlying disease. Abdominal distension, the treatment of which may also consist in the normalization of intestinal microflora, is eliminated by the use of pre- and probiotics. Such drugs are Linex and Lactrofilter. These funds are beneficial bacteria that positively affect the functioning of the digestive system. Abdominal distention is eliminated with drugs that affect the appearance and removal of excess gas in the intestine. These include "Espumizan", activated carbon, "Plantex". Alternative medicine is also helping to get rid of the pathology. Excessive formation of gases eliminates the decoction of dill, as well as fennel.

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