Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life

Boris Titov - a representative of the interests of entrepreneurs under the President. And many Russian citizens are interested in how this work is done today, what its results are and what is known about the facts of the biography and the personal life of the authorized politician himself.

From the very beginning

Boris Y. Titov was born in the winter in 1960 on December 24 in Moscow. His father at that time served as an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Soviet Union. When the boy was 6 years old, their family went to New Zealand, as the head of the family for working affairs was sent there for several years. Boris's school studies began there and lasted until the age of 10. After returning, after graduating from elementary education in Russia, the young man entered MGIMO University, which he successfully graduated in 1983.

The genus Titov on the paternal line has noble roots. Boris Yuryevich's grandfather was a physician and worked as a chief physician. But the maternal great-grandfather is a strong Orenburg Cossack.

Boris Titov. Activity Biography

From 1983 to 1989 the young man worked in the Soyuznefteexport foreign trade association. And in 1989, Boris was appointed to the post of head of the chemistry department at the joint venture with the Dutch company Urals, where he headed until 1991. In this very year 91, Titov set up the trading and investment company Solvalub LTD for the production of oil and gas chemistry, and its executive director. From 1996 to 1999 he becomes the head and works as president of SVL subsidiary - JSC "Interhimprom". From 2000 to 2001 heads the post of chairman of the Interhimprom Joint Management Board. Boris Titov is a man of active life position. This is evident from the facts of his business biography. A successful start gave a good boost to his career growth.Boris Titov

Personal life

Boris loves traveling, he is fluent in English and Spanish, so that in any country does not have any difficulties with communication.

In addition to traveling around the world, he enjoyed diving and squash, which he gladly gives his free time from time to time. He is fond of yachts, seriously interested in navigation. Marital status of Boris is married. His wife Elena is the director of the All-Russian Moscow Museum of Decorative and Applied Art. In the media, where nowadays one can often hear the name Boris Titov, his wife is also represented as the head of the Russian Glass Development Fund. In the family of Titovs there are two children: daughter Maria (1992) and son Pavel (1984). Boris was repeatedly mentioned as a successful businessman among Russian billionaires.

Titov Boris Yuryevich

Professional experience and dynamic growth

Meanwhile, the career of Boris Titov continues to go up the hill. The accumulated experience allows him during the year to be on the post of president of the CJSC "Agrochemical Corporation" Azot ". Around the same year, Titov began his biography as a politician. He became the head of the Fund for the Development of the Mineral Fertilizer Industry. Already in those years, Boris Titov got a private plane. In the same year 2000, a businessman was enlisted in the leadership of the Russian Union of Industrialists.Well, after 4 years, Boris headed "Business Russia" and was admitted to the Public Chamber.

Under the leadership of Titov, in 2006, the company began to develop a new direction - investing in wine production, for which the brand Abrau-Durso was acquired. And here the accumulated experience allowed the business to succeed: after 8 years, the expanded production achieved an excellent result in the form of an increase in the sales of Abrau-Durso wine products by a factor of five.

Talent entrepreneur

Further, in business, Boris Titov moved to a new level of development so much that in 2006 his financial condition was estimated at $ 1.03 billion. His political career did not stand still. About a year later, a well-known entrepreneur was elected to the High Council of the United Russia party, and three years later Boris Yuryevich Titov joined the leadership of the Right Cause party.

2010 was marked by the election of Boris Titov head of the Council of the Union of Russian winegrowers and winemakers. At the same time, the businessman purchases from the global producer of champagne wines of the Moet & Chandon brand an old and quite good winery Chateau d’Avize.Such a purchase cost about ten million dollars.growth party

Entrepreneurial skills are noticed and appreciated.

In 2012, Boris Titov was elected business ombudsman. He was not only noticed, but also remembered by many, thanks to his initiative activities aimed at protecting the rights of the class of Russian entrepreneurs.

Amnesty for businessmen was considered particularly bright (2013), under which 2,466 people were lucky to get. But, of course, it is simply impossible to pay due attention to all matters with such employment. And because of the entry of Boris to the post had to somewhat move away from business management. As a result, the leadership of the Abrau-Durso passed to his son Paul.

Revenues from a broad business

As is known from the declared income of Boris Titov, the annual revenue from the wineries is 150 million dollars. There is also an additional income from the nearby hotel. The number of people wishing to relax in a beautiful place overlooking the lake reaches 130 thousand people annually. And this is only the main asset, in addition to which, the Titov family has a poultry farm in the city of Rzhev, plus another office center in Moscow.Boris Titov Presidential Representative

How did the "Party of Growth"

Boris, leading the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party of the Russian Federation, called "Civil Force", began to create a new legal structure in Russia. This is his brainchild of the press assessed as "the Kremlin project." However, in November of that year brought the dissolution of the “Civil Force” and the Union of Right Forces, as a result of which a new party of Boris Yuryevich Titov “Just Cause” was established.

At the congress, three of its co-chairmen were approved: Leonid Gozman, Boris Titov himself and journalist Georgy Bovt. Well, in 2016, Boris Yuryevich became the head of the Right Cause party. In consequence, renamed it became known as the “Party of Growth”.

During his work, Titov was repeatedly awarded for his operational work. On August 25, 2008, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, in 2010 he received the Stolypin Medal (the highest award of the Government of the Russian Federation) and in 2015 the businessman received the Order of Honor.

Post activities

What was Boris Yuryevich’s activity as a business ombudsman? Boris Titov, authorized by the President, coordinated issues related to inspections and, as a rule, property rights.As he explained to the media, their team is doing everything that depends on them so that not only system problems are solved, but each individual case is considered.

Being authorized to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, Titov often held meetings with businessmen from different regions of the country. At such meetings, common to all concerning transportation, private pharmaceuticals and medicine, procurement procedures and others were discussed.

Commissioner for the Rights of Businessmen Boris Tita

Experience gained by personal practice

When Boris Titov is asked why it was he who was appointed Ombudsman for Russian Entrepreneurs, his answer puts all the dots on “i”. He says that their party is not the first to deal with this problem. Since its inception, their group has actively risen to defend the rights of domestic entrepreneurs, perceiving them as their companions and colleagues.

More than once, the representatives of the new organization had to bore the president (at that time he was prime minister) regarding the problems of individual entrepreneurs. And in some individual cases, the aforementioned member of the government had to intervene.

Mature decision

And then, a little over a year ago, the Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Boris Titov, and his team came to the conclusion that the organization of systemic work is necessary in the human rights field. After a ripe decision, a Center for Public Procedures was created, called “Business against Corruption”.

Here they are fighting for the rights of entrepreneurs and businessmen in two major areas at once. The first is to ensure the protection of specific people caught in the millstones of criminal prosecution. And the second equally important thing is the elimination of loopholes in the legislation, which are used by corrupt officials and other unscrupulous officials, and of course, the subsequent development of more advanced points of legislation on these issues.Boris Titov Biography

Local representatives

Boris Titov believes that his ombudsman should work in every region and region of the country. These will be correspondingly slightly different, but, nevertheless, unprecedented powers. Such representatives will also have the right to file applications to the courts on their own behalf and terminate the actions of certain state acts. This is a very important stage in the work of the new party.

By the way, now, in order to apply for protection from illegal actions, it is not necessary to go to the capital, since there is a “reception room” of Boris Titov on the Internet. Sites on which you can leave a statement or complaint, called "Business Ombudsman", "Persons of power", "Rapsi" and this is only one of the most famous.

Why is it important

Giving an interview to the press, Boris Yuryevich, explained his position to Russian citizens. According to him, their activities for the state may seem far from being the most important. After all, they provide assistance to individual entrepreneurs, and they are very ordinary people, and not those who are in sight and hearing, and who are considered to be creating the economic power of the country. Their assistance is directed to the businessmen of the regions who have created small and medium-sized enterprises, and who really are the platform of the country's economy. So far, there are not so many of them, and often the reason for this is that they are greatly hurt. And because the main focus in the work of this figure is the protection of entrepreneurs, especially in cases where they are trying or, moreover, officials have already taken the business. In general, businessmen, whose rights are unfairly trampled, and even put these people in jail, can count on protection.reception Boris Borisova

Modern today

Previously, that it was no secret to anyone, unscrupulous businessmen were pursuing for the sake of bribes, but today their appetites have increased so much that they aim to capture the business completely, for which they are constantly trying to attack it.

The work of his party Titova will lead and with foreign investors, and with large companies. Their plans also include some legislative changes. The team plans to exercise control in the tax and tariff sphere and, in addition, oversee the procedure for the allocation of land. And for each of these areas will be made the appointment of public ombudsmen.


Boris Yuryevich Titov is an accomplished successful businessman and politician who experienced, not in words but on his own experience, what obstacles can sometimes get in the way of medium and small businesses. And it is not in vain that he was chosen for the post of Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of entrepreneurs. After all, Boris Titov is a man of action and purposeful, successful businessman who managed to get into the billionaires.

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Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 39

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 17

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 63

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 11

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 62

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs: biography, personal life 17