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In the cinematography, detective thrillers with elementshorrors always took a special place. Sometimes such films go down in history as real classic masterpieces, and sometimes they are awarded the status of pretty pass-through. About these people say: "for C grade." And sometimes it happens so that the project is so successful that after decades it will be photographed anew, in a new way and in step with the times. So it happened with the British "Braided Man" 1973, which was born in America in 2006. For those who think which one to look at and whether it is worth doing it at all, you can read reviews about "Wicker Man" on "Imhoete", but you can study this article, where the opinions of users are highly appreciated.

The first "Braided man"

In the early 70's the theme of the mystical and terrible in the moviewas at the height of popularity. It was then that the world saw such cult films as "Omen", "Exorcist" and "Carrie," and the black and white TV series "Twilight Zone" generally experienced an unprecedented rise. Interest in the otherworld, unexplored and frankly terrible was every time fueled by new and new creations to please the public. One of them in 1973 was "Braided Man", reviews of which are replenished daily on various sites so far.

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The film was filmed in the UK, directed bymade a little-known Robin Hardy. In the lead roles: actors Edward Woodward ("The type of tough cops", "Her name was Nikita", "Purely English Murder"), Christopher Lee (Odysseus, the second episode of Star Wars) and Diane Cilento who had already left this world. This "Braided Man" turned out to be extremely successful, the feedback of viewers about whom both then and now is mostly positive and enthusiastic.


American filmmakers are so inspiredthis legendary film that in 2006 they decided to reshoot it. So there was a remake with Nicolas Cage ("Rock", "Without a Face", "Treasure of the Nation") and Ellen Burstin ("Requiem for a Dream", "Where Dreams Lead", "The Age of Adalin") starring and Nick LaBut as the director. However, as is often the case with imitators, the project did not have a big and loud success. Moreover, it turned out to be unsuccessful: numerous negative reviews about the movie "Braided Man", low rating and five nominations for the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst almost all speak for themselves.

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Here is another striking fact,that the attempt to outdo the original did not just fail, but failed miserably. Dear actor Edward Woodward, who starred in the original film, received an offer to light up here, but, having looked at the script, found his quality unworthy and refused. In any case, all this does not prove that to any horror lover the film absolutely definitely does not have to taste. There must be a lot of those who consider it a fresh trend and throw stones at the old, irrelevant and dusty "Wicker Man." Positive feedback on the new film, which is also a lot, indicate exactly this.


The only thing that links these films fromdifferent eras - this is a story. It is not exactly identical, but it is still as similar as possible. Here's the point: suddenly there is a missing adolescent girl, and an experienced detective is going to investigate this case. The thread of the investigation leads him to one of the Scottish islands. In an attempt to find out what the hell happened to the innocent poor thing, he is entangled in something even stranger and beyond logic. The islanders do not just show their entire appearance how much they are not pleased with the newcomer, but also engage in occultism.

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Scary rituals, strange spells, idols andworship of pagan deities - in all this the main character will have to find the key to the loss of the unhappy girl. Tense atmosphere, powerful intrigue, mysterious denouement and magnificent intricacies of manifestations of good and evil - all this can be seen both in the debut film, and in the remake. In this maelstrom of pagan rituals, unsolvable puzzles and frequent hallucinations, there is something to ponder not only the brave detective, but also the ordinary spectators of the "Braided man." Many reviews are full of various theories, philosophical questions and completely unexpected guesses.

Influence, interesting facts

Two of these creations produceda huge impression not for one generation. One of the most important consequences was the world famous festival "Braided Man". It is mainly musical and is held annually since 2004. Organized by a platform for all lovers to listen to live music and how to be drawn back is the place of filming the original picture. The climax of the festival is a grandiose burning of a wicker stuffed, supposedly sacrificed to the gods. That's how an ordinary film produced a whole culture.

wicker man reviews of the audienceBy the way, in the movie "Rules of sex", tooThere is a scene of burning a wicker man. In the reviews of this picture, observant reviewers often trace back to the legendary thriller. It is also noteworthy that the 2006 film was created by the creators of the iconic Johnny Ramon, who was a member of the American punk band Ramones formed in the 1970s.

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