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Calcium pantothenate is also known as vitamin B₅, D-calcium pantothenate or pantothenic acid. It is a water-soluble vitamin and is often a dietary supplement, but can also have a significant positive effect on the outcome of a serious illness. Pantothenic acid belongs to the B vitamins and is often used in combination with them.

calcium pantothenateWhat it is

Prescriptions for taking the drug are given to patients in order to prevent or treat diseases caused by a lack of vitamin B. People suffer from a deficiency as a result of inadequate or inadequate nutrition, as well as if the intestinal absorbability is impaired or significantly reduced. The body receives calcium from pantothenate from both animal and plant foods, including meat, liver, bran, legumes (except green beans), vegetables, milk and eggs, fish caviar and yeast.In addition, the substance is produced and E. coli living in the human body. It should be remembered that the indications for additional intake of pantothenic acid can only temporarily replenish the missing substances in the body, but they are in no way a complete replacement for naturally needed food.

What is it for?

The main role of pantothenic acid is to provide metabolic functions in the body. Calcium pantothenate is a component of coenzyme A, which is a coenzyme for enzymes. They, in turn, are involved in the processes of carbohydrate, lipid and fat metabolism, acetylation and oxidation. He is directly involved in the synthesis of steroids, porphyrins, acetylcholine and other substances. It improves myocardial contraction, restores function and promotes better regeneration of skin and tissues. The adrenal cortex contains a large amount of pantothenic acid, which contributes to the formation of corticosteroids.

Indications for appointment

It is believed that vitamin В₅ has a lot more positive effects on the body than officially confirmed.But to use the drug for the prevention and improvement should be only if its effect and effectiveness are proven.

calcium pantothenate analogues

In case of pathological diseases associated with a lack of substance, doctors recommend taking calcium pantothenate. The instruction says that the use of the drug is indicated for use:

- with postoperative intestinal atony;

- to prevent pantothenic acid deficiency;calcium pantothenate Price

- with burns or trophic ulcers;

- in case of allergic reaction, dermatitis;

- with neuralgia, polyneuritis, paresthesia;

- with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, bronchitis;

- with Botkin's disease, hepatitis (acute and chronic);

- To improve the adrenal glands and in the case of stunting in children;

- as a detoxicant during pregnancy (toxicosis);

- to reduce the negative effects of thyroid therapy and congenital hypothyroidism;

- in case of poisoning with streptomycin, pantomycin and arsenic;

- People with heavy physical exertion or actively involved in sports.

Also drug:

- warns and helps to eliminate the adverse or neurotoxic reaction to steroids, antibiotics and drugs,containing arsenic compounds;

- improves the body's resistance to colds and other infections;

Dosage and administration

Pantothenic acid is prescribed orally, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intravenously or topically. The instruction has the following instructions.

Daily dose for children orally:

- babies up to 6 months - 1.7 mg;

- babies 7 to 12 months - 1.8 mg;calcium pantothenate instruction

- up to 3 years - 2 mg;

- up to 8 years - 3 mg;

- up to 13 years - 4 mg.

Daily intake for adults orally:

- men, women and children over 14 years old - 5 mg;

- pregnant women - 6 mg;

- breastfeeding women - 7 mg.

If the patient suffers from intestinal atony, the dose of the drug may be increased by the attending physician.

For injection, 20% calcium pantothenate is used as follows.


- up to 3 years - 0.5 ml one time (daily 1 ml);

- up to 14 years - 1 ml one time (daily 2 ml).

Depending on each individual case, treatment can last from 1 to 4 months.

In the form of lotions or for rinsing use a 5% solution of the drug, apply the application several times a day. For burns or other skin lesions, ointment is used.

The drug is used in the form of aerosols or inhalations per 5 ml of water - 0.2 g of the substance (4%). Appointed once a day for 10 - 15 minutes. in a week.

Absorption and removal from the body

Vitamin B₅ is easily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in its normal functioning. The highest concentration is found in the kidneys, adrenal glands, liver and heart. Not metabolized. Excreted unchanged from the body by the kidneys (70%) or the intestines (30%).

pantothenic acid instructionContraindications and side effects

In general, problems and side effects were not observed in the substance calcium pantothenate. Analogs are also well tolerated, but each should be considered separately. Rarely, azotemia, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting can be marked by overdose. All symptoms are relieved with drug withdrawal. Sometimes patients noted painful sensations in the area of ​​intramuscular injection and the appearance of infiltration.

The tolerability of any drug in patients is purely individual. In the case of vitamin В₅, one must be careful in the designation of hypersensitivity to the constituent elements of the substance to patients. It should be remembered that the drug enhances the action of cardiac glycosides. Reduces the toxic effects of many substances, can reduce the effectiveness of some of them.

Release form and storage

Vitamin B₅ is available in tablet form, in the form of a powder or solution for injection.

Storage time: solutions - up to 2 years, powders and tablets - up to a year at temperatures up to 40 ° C, unless otherwise provided by the manufacturer. In the dry, tight, not passing light to a container.

How much is it, are there any analogues

calcium pantothenate reviews

The price of calcium pantothenate in Russia and the regions starts from 200 rubles (for 50 tablets), but it may vary depending on the manufacturer. They can be both in our region and in other states.

Calcium Pantothenate has an analogue: these are Vasavital, Noofen, Noozam, Noobut, Aminalon. Before using similar drugs, you should consult a physician.


There is evidence that calcium pantothenate positive feedback received in the fight against many and very different diseases. Namely, it was effective: to stabilize attention deficit and hyperactivity, with autism and Parkinson's disease, in the treatment of alcoholism, with alopecia, fungal infections, with heart failure, with low blood sugar, colitis, cystitis, convulsions, conjunctivitis.He is also accepted and talked about his positive effects on depression and anxiety, headaches and insomnia, irritability, lowering blood pressure, muscular dystrophy, and obesity. Pantothenic acid is used in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness. Creams, which include pantothenic acid, relieve itching and promote healing of soft eczema and other skin diseases, they help with insect bites, burns with poison ivy, diaper rash and acne. Creams and ointments have been successfully used for the prevention and treatment of skin reactions to radiation therapy. Calcium Pantothenate is also used in bodybuilding as a powerful anabolic that promotes rapid weight gain.

calcium pantothenate in bodybuilding

Regardless of the overall successful use of D-calcium pantothenate, it should be remembered that it was created only in order to come to the aid in the difficult situations in the fight against the disease. He can not replace a healthy diet, and therefore should be monitored for its usefulness and timeliness. Do not forget about sports and how bad habits can slowly destroy our body. Your health is in your hands.

Be healthy!

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