Child development: fun games for babies


Child development is an important task for young parents.So that the crumb did not miss, and moms and dads was a little easier, we prepared a list of games with babies for months.

Baby from 0 to 3 months

We train sight. Bright colorful beans do not just fill the shelves of toy shops. Their function is to train the look of the crumbs, to teach visual concentration. But the task of parents is to acquire several small rattles of different colors and demonstrate them in the child’s field of view. The baby will react differently to the color scheme, the shape of the toys, so slowly, after the crumb focuses his eyes, move each side to side at a distance of at least 20-30 cm from the face of the baby.

We train hearing. Children's hearing also needs training, so if you have a ringing enough (but not harsh and not loud) rattle, move it from side to side after the crumb has time to find the source of the sound with his eyes.Use different sounds, for example, turn on light melodies on your phone or take a melodic bell. Already at this age, the baby will be able to demonstrate their musical preferences, reacting to some sounds more vigorously than to others.

We train fingers. Baby cams are often clenched into cams and this is quite normal. You do not need to unscrew the handles, but try to relax them with the help of the game - it's quite real. Help in this all the same favorite toys, because what is interesting, so want to pick up! Give the rattle to the crumb, and when he plays and releases it, stroke his palm, fingers. Do a light massage from the fingertips to the wrist, from the wrist to the elbow, from the elbow to the shoulder. Hang your favorite toy over the crib so that the crumb can reach and grab it.

Ladushki. How many generations were brought up on this wonderful game, and, perhaps, it will never lose its relevance. With the help of simple light pats, tactile sensations and kinesthetic babies are activated, the tone is reduced. You can spank not only the handle on the handle, but also various materials: the surface of the table, a soft blanket, a fluffy bear, and silky clothes.

Decoy. In this game, not only the attention of the baby is trained, but also its muscular system.It is better to settle down for this game on the floor or on the big bed. Put the baby on the tummy and place a beautiful and interesting toy in front of him at some distance. When the baby concentrates its attention on it and tries to reach it, with the words “oh, run away!” - move the toy to the side. The kid will turn his head, and behind her the whole body. At this point, make sure that he is not close to the edge of the bed. Let the crumb try to get a toy and again let it “run away” again. Make sure that the child is not nervous during the game, if he really wants to get a toy - let him get it. Often during the "Mank" kids begin to make sounds, shout.

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Kid from 3 to 6 months old

Turnip. For this game, you need an item that the child can grab and hold. The task of the parents is to slowly pull out the toy from the kid with the words “pull-pull”. At first, the child is unlikely to be able to hold the object for a long time, but over time, the tenacity of small fingers will increase, and the muscles will get stronger.

Manipulation. From about 5 months, crumbs can already be offered subjects for teaching manipulation.It should be light, but not small rings from plastic pyramids, empty boxes from creams, disposable cups, large building blocks from the designer, etc. While the baby can not simultaneously hold more than 2-3 items in his hands. Consider and play each one separately, compare shapes, sizes and functionality.

Construction site. From various objects (not necessarily a designer) try to build various houses. Two plastic cups, turned upside down and covered with a piece of cloth - a great house for your favorite toys. Several times to build and show will have to parents, over time, the kid himself will master the process.

Kid from 6 to 12 months old

Grimaces. Of course, the child had tried to copy your expression before: stretching his lips, sticking his tongue out, blinking. Now it's time to do it on purpose! Make grimaces in plenty, and let the crumb laugh and try to repeat. Add a mirror to the game - the baby will be even more interesting.

Articulation. The little one has been trying to repeat various sounds for a long time, so start playing typewriters, tigers and cats for real! Snarl, purr, click, grunts and barks.Remembering articulation, sing children's songs, recite small poems. Such training is very important for the appearance of speech in the baby.

More less. Inserting one container into another is a great developmental activity for any kid who already knows how to sit. Pans, cardboard boxes, plastic bowls and glasses may be suitable as a “work material”. The task of parents is to tell and pronounce the words “more”, “less”, “get”, “put”, “open”, “close”, “invest”.

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Feel. Pour the cereal, pasta or sand into a bowl and let the crumb pour the contents from one container into another. Those mothers who are not afraid of cleaning can try to make a dough with the child. To begin with, give the crumbs plenty to play alone with flour and water, and then mix the ingredients and knead the dough.

Findings. This game is a more-less variation, but with complicated conditions. You take some kind of toy and hide it in one of the containers familiar to the baby. The container should be with a lid - a saucepan or a box. Hiding, put the "secret object" among the same, and ask the baby to find a toy.When the task is completed, there will be no limit to children's joy.

Rainbow. Studying colors with a kid is actually a very fun activity. Just do not do it purposefully - sit down and dismantle the rainbow "on the bones". It is better to rely on the colors surrounding the baby: green grass and yellow flowers go for a walk, a red T-shirt is worn at home, and he drinks juice from a blue cup. Call, count, look for objects by color, for example, offer a child two toys of different colors at the same time, when he chooses one - say its color.

By the age of one, your baby can already be able to do many things: to express their agreement and disagreement, to know the names of objects, to be able to manipulate them, repeat movements after the adults and try to master them independently, clap their hands, wave “bye-bye” and accompany their actions with sounds and short in words.

All this he learns through communication with parents and the outside world.

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