Christmas ball of thread

New Year is a magical holiday! It is awaited not only by the kids, but also by adults. And to decorate the Christmas tree with toys, a garland and tinsel is a very exciting experience. Especially when you do it with your children.
On the eve of the New Year 2017, a contest of Christmas toys on the Christmas tree began in our kindergarten. So my eldest son and I decided to take part in it. We chose for a long time what kind of Christmas toy we could make. In the end, opted for a Christmas ball made of thread. When I was at school, we did such things in the circle "Skillful pens".
To make our Christmas tree we need the following:
  • balloon;
  • yarn or thick threads;
  • PVA glue and super glue;
  • sparkles;
  • tinsel;
  • sequins;
  • needle with a wide eye;
  • fat cream;
  • tape.

1. First you need to inflate the ball to the size you need. Remember that the size of the future toy directly depends on the size of the ball.
Christmas ball of thread

2. Then we grease our inflatable ball with a fat children's cream.It is even better to lubricate it with petroleum jelly, but, unfortunately, my house does not have it in stock. This is done in order to easily lag behind the ball after drying, with which we wrap it.
Christmas ball of thread

3. Next, insert the thread in the eye of the needle and pierce the vial with the PVA glue, approximately in the middle, so that the thread of yarn, passing through it, gets wet.
Christmas ball of thread

4. Now we begin to gently wind our balloon. First, leave a large distance between the threads of yarn. Then gradually reduce this distance. As a result, our balloon should be well wound and look a bit like a cocoon. Cut the thread and glue it to the top of the ball.
Christmas ball of thread

5. While the threads are not dried, sprinkle the ball with sparkles, which can be made from tinsel or rain. But you can do without it. My son and I decided to sprinkle it so that our Christmas ball would be brighter and more beautiful.
Christmas ball of thread

6. Everything, now we must leave to dry for about a day.
The next day, we gently punctured the ball with a needle and extracted it from the preform - "cocoon".
Christmas ball of thread

7. Here begins the most interesting, namely the decoration of the toy.
From ribbons do flowers - just twisting. We had a blue ribbon in our homes, which is why we have blue flowers. And gently with the help of super glue we glue them to the balloon "cocoon" in a chaotic order.
Christmas ball of thread

8. The sequins are only silver, we glue them, too, with the help of super glue, so that they are between the flowers.
Christmas ball of thread

9. From the top of the “cocoon”, where the balloon was tied, it turned out not very beautiful, therefore we simultaneously masked and decorated this place with a curled narrow ribbon and a big shiny button.
Christmas ball of thread

10. And so that our ball toy can be hung on a Christmas tree, we also make a loop of a ribbon, only green, so as not to merge with the flowers, and decorate it with a small piece of tinsel. The size of the loop should depend on the size of the toy.
Christmas ball of thread

11. So that our ball could not only be hung on a Christmas tree, but also put in place for interior decoration, we glued some green tinsel from below. And that's what we did.
Christmas ball of thread

We still don’t know whether our ball toy will take some prizes at a competition in kindergarten, since the competition is not over yet. But my eldest son said that we had made the most beautiful ball with him, he had never seen so beautiful before. And for me this is the best praise.
Happy New 2017 Year !!!

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