Cinemas of Kyiv and their features

Residents of the Ukrainian capital and guests of the city oftenspend time in theaters. Traditionally, watching movies meet friends, in the cinema halls appoint visits. Cinemas in Kiev offer tapes for every taste, which can be viewed using modern or traditional technologies. In most of the capital's cinemas, several rooms operate at once, which allows you not to book tickets in advance and choose places where you will be comfortable to sit.

Cinema networks

cinemas in Kiev

In Kiev, operates several networks of cinemas. They deserve the highest feedback on the results of the popular vote. One of the most popular networks is Megaplex. Like many cinemas in Kiev, the establishments of this network are affordable for many townspeople, and discounts are offered for students and children. One of the most popular institutions of the network took place in the shopping center "Blockbuster". This cinema can simultaneously accommodate up to 1,800 spectators, and expect a session he offers in a spacious cafe and foyer. The disadvantage of the establishment is only that you can reach it only by bus or minibus.

The best cinemas in Kiev also come in one morenetwork - Butterfly. The most popular institution of this network in size is inferior to the one described above - it has only 6 cinemas. It is located in the entertainment center "Ultramarine". Its popularity has earned its popularity for the general public, in the repertoire you will find not only tapes for a mass show, but also an art house or a retro picture. Moderate prices, additional entertainment and comfortable sofas in the halls made this network very attractive to the public.

Where can I watch new movies

repertoire of cinemas in Kiev

If you want to watch the latest movies in goodquality, you should visit the Oscar. Like many cinemas in Kiev, it is located near the metro, which makes it very attractive for visitors. He has a very informative and convenient site, which allows you to quickly get the necessary information. The morning sessions are most available, and the students make attractive discounts for students. The location in the shopping center allows you to pass the time before a session in a cafe, restaurant or on a rollerdrome.

You can not ignore another movie theater,located in the heart of the capital, near the "Independence Square". It is called "Ukraine". Despite the elitism of the institution, ticket prices are available (about 60 gr.), Especially for students and children, who are entitled to discounts. Waiting for the movie to pass the time here can only be in the cafe, no entertainment for visitors is not provided. In the repertoire are often added films intended for trained movie lovers. This is not the only cinema that demonstrates pictures of unpopular genres.

Eating out for movie lovers

cinemas of the city of Kiev

Describing the best cinemas in Kiev, we can notBypass the attention of the very first institution, where films have been shown for a long time. It is called "Kiev" and was built in Soviet times. The main advantage of this establishment is its location in the center of the city. A large number of discounts and festivals, which are held in this cinema, attracts a very different audience. A lot in this movie theater offers for children. Since the construction of the cinema hall has undergone many changes. It has one of the best equipment for displaying movies in 3D.

Unusual in genre paintings often showin the cinema "Zhovten" at Konstantinovskaya, 26. Immediately they spend weeks of author's cinema and demonstrate retrospectives of tapes of cult directors. Not many cinemas in the city of Kiev can boast such a rich repertoire. In each of the five halls of this institution has its own atmosphere. Often in the repertoire you can find quite rare paintings that do not go in a wide box office.

What you can see in Kiev

best cinemas in Kiev

The repertoire of cinemas in Kiev is updated every Thursday. It is at this time that new films for children and adults begin to be rented. In June 2017, the institutions will please us:

  • a new part of the "Transformers";
  • the next "Pirates of the Caribbean";
  • remake of the "Mummy".

All these films, as well as the novelty "Wonder Woman"can be viewed in 3D. This technology is used in most Kiev cinemas. Children will be happy to visit cartoons "Cars 3" or "Spark", which also go to 3D.
The repertoire of cinemas in Kiev will be interesting andprepared for the public. Among the novelties, they can watch the drama "Manifesto" with Keith Blanchett, and in July they will be shown a documentary tape "Michelangelo. Life and death". Also on Thursdays in the posters there is information about films in the original language, festivals and retrospectives. If you want to watch an unusual film, then you should plan a trip to the cinema in advance. At the end of June, the "Week of Italian Cinema" starts, which is held throughout Ukraine for the seventh time.

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