Sofa "Click-Klyak" - reviews of the owners, description of the mechanism and features

When choosing a sofa model for the whole family, many are guided exclusively by its external qualities. But this is not entirely correct. Considering all sorts of options in furniture stores, take a look at the sofa with the mechanism of "Click-klyak." We will provide feedback about it in the article below.sofa click grub reviews

The name of the mechanism comes from a sound that resembles a double click when transforming from a sofa into a bed.

Some features and description

The standard click-klyak sofa consists of several parts:

  1. Steel frame, which is intended to sit.
  2. The back strengthened by constructive wooden elements.

Such constructive elements create the transformation mechanism of click-klyak sofas, about which customer reviews are very ambiguous. In this case, they use the upper part of a drawer for storing bedding and linen as a support.

By the way, the box itself is mainly made of solid wood or laminated chipboard (as, judging by the reviews, in the sofa “Santa”). "Click-klyak" at the same time can withstand quite serious loads. The volume of such a box makes it possible to store almost all the necessary laundry inside.

Fixing sofas "Click-klyak", reviews

The price of such furniture, we will immediately make a reservation, depends on many factors. Judging by the reviews, the main components of the cost are not the applied mechanism and design, but the “promotion” of a particular brand and material. Now let's look at how the click-klyak mechanism works. In fact, this device is quite simple. The principle of its work is that in order to expand the sofa, you need to raise the seat up. Gradually the back falls down and gets on the office intended for linen, at a finding in horizontal position. The top of the seat will continue to move, helping to reduce the angle with the back.couch cluck mechanism reviews

Speaking of clicks, it should be noted that there is a 3rd position, which is not in ordinary sofas, it is considered intermediate. Hearing the first click, know: the mechanism was moved to a position designed for a relaxing and relaxing stay.So, judging by the reviews, on the sofa "Dragonfly" "Click-klyak" works very gently, producing an audible sound. If you start to lower the seat, the lock will remain stable in an intermediate position. Consequently, the sofa can be used to rest in a semi-sitting and reclining position.

If, after hearing a click, the lift of the seat continues, then you will soon hear a repeated sound, which will indicate that the mechanism has released the lock, which is no longer held back. So, the back remains, as before, in a horizontal position. The seat can be lowered, while it in a level with a back will not be caught up. Consequently, you can use the resulting flat and straight bed for sleeping, as you can lie down on it.

Speaking of reverse transformation, everything happens in the same way, with the difference that this time a second click will indicate that the sofa can now be transformed into a sitting position, since the latch is held in its extreme position. You will now be aware of how the Click-Klyak sofa works. "Modern", the reviews about which, of course, contradictory because of its appearance, to someone like, while others simply do not understand it, equipped with the same mechanism.santa click clack sofa reviews

The main disadvantages and pros

Reviews of sofas "Click-klyak" say that it has advantages and some disadvantages. Here are the main advantages:

  1. Due to the peculiarities of the functioning of the mechanism, it becomes possible to create an absolutely flat surface for a good sleep. It is also perfect for using an orthopedic mattress.
  2. The design having a support on the box intended for bed linen turns out exclusively reliable and strong. At the same time, this box remains very roomy.

Reviews on the couch "Click-klyak" there are negative. This is about the free space between the back and the wall of the sofa, which is necessary to push it apart. Consequently, you may need to constantly move the sofa to or from the wall. Or put up with the gap, while the sofa bed will be in a sitting position.

Only such reviews about the Click-Klyak sofa relate to older versions of the mechanism. More modern specimens, whose production is mastered by the largest manufacturers, are deprived of this problem, as they are shifted to the wall during transformation.Click Click Sofas Buyers Reviews


In models of such sofas armrests deserve close attention.Thanks to ratchet built-in mechanisms, they are able to transform better, changing position several times. This makes it possible to use them not only as armrests, side parts, but also in the form of head restraints.


Judging by the reviews, in the “Click-klyak” sofas the design consists of 2 backrest seat frames, most often made of steel, interconnected by a transformation mechanism. It is worth considering that the 2 parts have exactly the same width, which guarantees getting a wide enough berth. At the same time, both parts of the model are supplied with wooden battens, mainly from beech.

The whole system is stably on top of a linen spacious drawer made of furniture laminated plate. In the box, the internal parts are very resistant to moisture, while having a smooth and smooth surface. These qualities guarantee the safety of things or linen, as well as the ability to carry out regular wet cleaning.

At the same time, designers have coped with this problem today. Now a huge number of models are made with a mobile special mechanism, which allows the berth during the transformation to “move away” from the wall, making the decomposition process easier and more convenient.sofas click rake reviews Price

The whole structure is on metal legs. The shape of the legs is unusual and original. Basically they serve as a spectacular additional decoration of the sofa.


The sofa has a special shape, it differs from other models. Models "Click-klyak" from each other differ only in different upholstery fabric, as well as the absence (presence) of pillows, which with the help of velcro fasteners from the side.


Basically, the frame of the sofa combined. It is made of wood and metal or laminated DMP, MDF. Plate items are mainly made of flexible, flexible beech.


At the sofa, the filling may consist of several components, which are mainly used at present in the manufacture of upholstered furniture.couch dragonfly click grub reviews

The buyer himself is determined what to choose the filler, based on material capabilities and personal preferences. It can be springless and spring-loaded, from natural latex, polyurethane foam, holofiber, or padding polyester. The main qualities that a place to sleep should have are simultaneously stiffness, softness and elasticity.

Competently chosen place to sleep ensures a healthy and sound sleep, well-being and mood during the day.


The most common cause of failure of this mechanism is the lack of lubrication. In this case, the friction that occurs between different parts of the mechanism increases significantly, it wears out fairly quickly, and a bias appears that prevents easy transformation.

In order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to lubricate the mechanism with technical thick oil. Due to its density, the lubricant will long be located in the rubbing sections of the transformation system. It is also necessary to lubricate the rivets connecting the mechanism with the seat and the box.couch cluck modern reviews

It happens that during the layout a characteristic sound is heard only on the one hand, which may be a sign that the mechanism on the other hand has become completely unusable. Thus, folding will occur, but the load will fall completely on only 1 part of the entire decomposition system. But it is not designed for such, and after a while it may become unusable. In this case, the mechanism will need to change the pair.


Feedback on click-klyak mechanisms is generally positive for buyers. The only disadvantage that customers report is the need to frequently move the model to transform from the wall. But this problem has already been solved, as mentioned above.

This sofa can be easily placed in any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen. This is a great piece of furniture that can liven up a room in an original way, making it much more interesting.

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