COM Surrogate: What is the process in Windows?

Many users of Windows operating systems very often complain about the poor performance of computers, even with powerful configurations. In particular, attention is drawn to the COM Surrogate process (Windows 10). not because of the presence of this service, but because of its incorrect work or forced termination. At the same time, the process itself is only a related service, and the main problems relate to the platforms and programs that use it.

COM Surrogate: what is this process (Windows 8, 7, 10)?

To begin, consider directly the service. It is called COM Surrogate. What is the process represented in the Task Manager by the dllhost executable component? There may be two options.

com surrogate what is this process

On the one hand, the user can deal with the built-in tool of the operating system itself, which is necessary for the correct functioning of the .NET environment, as well as for processing COM + services in Internet Information Services.

However, this is not the only case. There is another kind of service COM Surrogate. What is this process, it is easy to understand if you look at the location of the executable file itself (it must be located either in the System32 folder or in the SysWOW64 directory, depending on the system capacity).Its appearance in any other place directly indicates that it is a real virus masquerading as a system service.

process com surrogate windows 10

In any case, quite often you can observe the appearance of errors with the notification that the process of COM Surrogate Windows 10 completed forcibly (in emergency mode). However, getting rid of the constant failures can be quite simple, but for this you need to know which system or user programs can use it in their work.

What programs use the process dllhost.exe (COM Surrogate)?

In addition to the aforementioned platform and service, by using this service, other applications can also access the processing of objects and COM + processes.

For example, it can be used by the KM Player software player, which is also capable of causing failures of this type only due to the fact that some video file or audio track is damaged.

Often, you can observe and complete freeze even the standard "Explorer". In some cases, the impact of unofficial codecs and K-Lite decoders can affect. A common cause of errors is the obsolescence or “rally” of the graphics driver for the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset.In general, the situations are quite different, but the method of troubleshooting applied to each of them is almost always the same.

What to do with the integrated Windows service?

This is basically the COM Surrogate service. What is this process, at the initial stage is clear. Now a few words about how to ensure that the service does not give out permanent errors related to its incorrect operation or critical stop. Immediately note that even after completing all the processes in the Task Manager in Windows 10, neither renaming nor deleting the executable file in the original location will work.

process dllhost exe com surrogate

To troubleshoot, you need to go to the system section and in the speed parameters select the Data Execution Prevention tab (DEP), on which enable the DEP enable line for all programs except those specified by the user. Next, the add program button is used, followed by the full path to the dllhost.exe executable file.

Multimedia playback issues

As for playing a video, as already mentioned, errors can be associated solely with the damage to the files themselves. They will have to get rid of.But first you need to know exactly which object caused the crash.

process com surrogate windows 10 slows down the computer

To do this, in the main Start menu, you need to find the resource monitor, on the CPU usage tab, mark the required dllhost.exe process and search for related descriptors, after which you can see the full path to the media file that caused the crash. If for some reason the file cannot be deleted using standard methods, you can use the Unlocker utility.

What to do if it is a virus?

What about the COM Surrogate virus? What is this process? This is a spyware malware disguised as a system service. With its removal is not so simple.

The first step is to create a system restore point, then remove the virus in the list of programs and components or using special utilities like iObit Uninstaller. The fact that this is a virus is not difficult to understand, if only for the simple reason that the application is on the list of installed applications (the original service is never displayed there).

After this, the regedit command needs to call the registry editor, when searching (Ctrl + F), set Surrogate and delete all the corresponding keys (use the F3 key to continue the search).

com surrogate what is this process windows 8

Then the system is rebooted and at startup it starts up in safe mode, and then in the system recovery section, the point that was created at the very beginning is selected.

process com surrogate windows 10 slows down the computer

In add-ons, virus add-ons can also appear, so sometimes after deleting registry entries in browsers, you need to use the extensions section and delete all suspicious objects from there as well. Only then can it be said with certainty that the threat has been completely eliminated.


That's all that concerns this many incomprehensible service and its related processes. If its name in the list of programs is missing, then all problems related to the service can be eliminated by the method shown above, or you can delete the problem media files. Otherwise, you should immediately take measures to neutralize the virus, since it is not only an advertising applet and browser hijacker, but also a spy who steals confidential user information.

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