Cormorants again got down to business!

Peter, a new spit in the face, but you bear it. Guests of the city, by the way, too. It is difficult to imagine how much you need to despise your hometown in order to look at the development of events with indifference.
Since two of the three public speeches of the city administrators ended in complete fiasco, Smolny made it a rule to make all the decisions crucial for the city in a strong-willed but quiet manner. From under the table.
For some reason, the authors of the most odious statements about cormorants, Matilda, Isaac and dozens of slightly less replicated, still do not earn a stand-up, but receive huge sums from the budget remains a subtle northern mystery.
Here you could make your hit parade of shameful statements of city officials, some of whom require immediate dismissal, and some immediately and hospitalization, but here's better news. While the whole world is going in one direction, the second city of Russia is sent to the opposite.

At the Pulkovo airport, new rules will be established for the passage of passengers to the preflight zone andwill return paper tickets.
From January 15, 2018, you will not be able to get into the sterile area, showing only your passport and boarding pass. A printed ticket will be added to them: it will need to be presented for inspection in order to receive a boarding pass, and then to go to the control and pre-flight inspection zones. Such an order is fixed in the Air Code, however, it is not followed at the airports and they check the ticket once.
Manual Pulkovo, together with the airlines appealed to the Ministry of Transport, proposed to amend the legislation and limit checking boarding pass and passport. However, they were refused.
At the airport, it was noted that at the initial stage it is possibledeceleration rate of controldue to the need to check another document.
What do you think it will give? Probably no less than the initiative with the polls of citizens at the entrance to the subway, which paralyzed the city for several days, just to see what happens.
After all, we don’t pay billions from the budget enough? And historical architecture, is rapidly disappearing in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia? And the self-esteem of the indigenous people of Leningrad,whose opinion has long been of no interest to anyone? You can also spend millions of hours of human time to appease the pensioner who got us by luck. The city is like this: someone drinks, someone suffers.

Here you can express your opinion. Nobody cares about it.

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