Corrugated paper balls: master-class

Corrugated paper is a material that is oftenUsed by needlewomen to create flowers, bouquets of sweets, topiary, photo albums. From it, you get light and beautiful interior decorations: giant pompons, garlands, balls. Such decor often form wedding ceremonies, birthdays and other holidays.

To transform space, create an atmosphereat a party or a themed photo shoot, corrugated paper balls can be made by yourself. This is easy, for the manufacture of this decoration will need only the paper itself, ribbons in tone, scissors and ruler. The corners of the pompon are cut out according to the pattern, which is made from cardboard beforehand. The workpiece looks like an elongated oval, it is necessary that the edges turn out to be the same, and the pompon looks neat.

corrugated paper balls

Large corrugated paper balls: master class

To create a ball 50 cm in diameter, you need 13 sheets of paper. You can use different colors or make it monophonic.

The process of making a pompon will look like this:

  1. Cut the same rectangles, size 50 x 70 cm and carefully stack them on each other, leveling the edges.
  2. The long ruler is pressed parallel to the short side and begins to wrap the edge, bending the paper by 4 cm.
  3. Press it with your hand until you get a smooth fold, then turn the sheets around, trying to make them not move, and bend from the opposite side in the same way.
  4. Repeat the procedure until we reach the end. Should get a "fan".
  5. Take the ribbon in its tone and tie the middle of the fan. Instead of a strip of fabric, you can use a thin wire with a loop to imperceptibly suspend the pompoms on the line under the ceiling and create compositions.
  6. Connecting the halves, we check to see if they found the middle. If necessary, move the tape to the side so that the ball does not turn out to be a curve.
  7. We tighten the knot.
  8. Apply the stencil to the edge of the paper and cut out the tip on each fold. This will help make the edge more accurate. We repeat from the other side.
  9. It remains to open the finished product: we do it in layers. First, on the one hand, then on the other, to make it symmetrical. We pull the paper layer by layer, trying not to tear it.

corrugated paper floral balls

How to open a large paper ball

To make corrugated paper balls turned outlush, you should try to open the middle, pulling at the edges. It will not be easy to do this because of the many layers, so it's better to start spreading the pompom when one side is ready. And only after full disclosure once again stretch the edges. Now it remains to give the product a spherical shape: we find the middle and begin to straighten the wrinkles, and then take the ribbon and shake it vigorously. The pompon is ready!

Creating a small decorative ball

Balls of corrugated paper can be madea smaller size, using a round piece of foam or papier-mache and glue. This method is so simple that even a child can cope with it. For work the rest of the paper remaining from other products will approach:

  • we cut identical strips;
  • stretch them slightly from one edge;
  • we twist the flagellum and paste it on the workpiece (it is more convenient to use an adhesive gun for this);
  • The next segment is added in the same way and pasted closely to the previous one;
  • repeat the procedure until we fill the entire piece.

Balls of corrugated paper on the photo look better if they hang in the air. To make the finished product possible to hang, glue to it a ribbon folded in half.

corrugated paper balls photo

Paper balls with flowers

It's a little harder to make floral balls fromcorrugated paper. For their registration in advance, you need to make special elements of decor. Paper flowers are created with the help of various techniques: they are folded from petals, twisted from a long ribbon, cut out the same circles and fastened them in the center. When making floral balls from corrugated paper, different buds can be combined, creating unusual compositions.

Roses made from corrugated paper

The most popular plants for decoration of decorative balls are roses. The simplest way is to make them in this way:

  1. We take a roll of corrugated paper, cut off about 50 cm from it.
  2. We pull the piece to the sides, straightening the folds.
  3. Fold it with an accordion to make 10 layers.
  4. Take a glass or any other thing that you can circle with a pencil to make a circle. Moving it, draw a few circles.
  5. Cut out circles, in the center of each workpiece make two holes and draw wires through them.
  6. We twist the wire from the back and begin to straighten the petals, forming a flower.

large corrugated paper balls

Such buds do not even need to be glued topolystyrene billet, it is enough just to stick flowers close to each other, filling the entire surface. Balls of corrugated paper can be made out and simple double petals, cut out by the template, fixing them in the center with a pin. This method is the fastest - it does not require additional fixation of parts with glue.

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