Curious facts about the Caspian Sea

19-04-2017, 17:30
The Caspian Sea is an extremely important reservoir for the economy and shipping, through which many centuries ago brave sailors sailed. It is absolutely closed, that is, separated from the waters of the world's oceans, which makes it unique in its own way. The shores of the Caspian Sea are very beautiful, and there are many excellent resorts on them. In the north, the lake stretches for more than 1000 kilometers, and in the east - at 435.
Until now, among scientists there are debates about whether to consider the Caspian Sea as a sea, or still assign it the status of a lake. Such ambiguity is caused by the fact that this sea is closed and closed (it is, by the way, the largest of all closed reservoirs), but at the same time it is larger than some other seas.
Depth: In the deepest point of the Caspian Sea, the water surface from the bottom separates a distance of more than a kilometer (1025 m).
The water level in the Caspian Sea is unstable, but there is a tendency to decrease it.
The Caspian Sea is located on the border of Europe and Asia.
The waters of the Caspian Sea are washed by five states, and Russia has the smallest part of its coastline among other countries.
There is a scientific theory, according to which the Black and Caspian seas were one whole about ten thousand years ago.
Most of the water in the Caspian Sea brings the Volga River.
More than a hundred different species of fish inhabit the waters of the Caspian Sea. In fact, this is not so much - for example, in the Lena River there are more fish species.
It is in the Caspian Sea that nine tenths of the total caviar produced in the world is mined. The most expensive caviar is Almas, beluga albino caviar, occasionally exported from Iran. Packed in pure gold cans
The water in the Caspian Sea is fully updated every quarter of a thousand years.
The biggest beluga caught in Russia in 1921 still holds the palm. She weighed 1224 kg and was caught in the Caspian Sea. Giant fish was filled with caviar. The photo of the largest beluga is simply amazing. The king-fish is comparable in size to oceanic monsters: sharks, killer whales, narwhal.
The area of ​​the Caspian Sea is larger than the area of ​​Japan and slightly smaller than the area of ​​Germany.The area is currently about 371,000 square meters. km
If we consider the Caspian Sea to be a lake and not a sea, then it will be the third in depth, giving the first two places to the lakes Baikal and Tanganyika
850 species of animals live in the sea. The most unique animal of the Caspian is the Caspian seal. In past years, the Caspian seals could easily be found along the entire sea area. Locals even claim that while swimming in the sea or fishing, it was easy to see how the seals swim nearby. At the moment, the population of the Caspian seal has decreased by 10 times, and the species is on the verge of extinction.
Again, if you count the Caspian Sea as a lake, then this lake will be the largest on Earth.

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