Daria Aslamova: biography and creative life

Daria Aslamova, a biography whose personal life caused genuine interest in many in the nineties, deserved attention to her person by frank and extravagant publications in Komsomolskaya Pravda, as well as books, which focused on the sexual adventures of the main character.

Biographical information

The place and date of birth of the future journalist in various sources is different. Some indicate the city of Khabarovsk, the date is September 8, 1969, which corresponds to reality. In other sources you can find information that Daria Aslamova was born in Yerevan, the date of birth can be 09.09.1969.

After graduating from school, she became a student at the faculty of journalism at Moscow State University.Daria Aslamova

Received a specialty journalist, she mastered the profession of a war correspondent. Around the very first of its army report immediately raised a lot of hype. This was the period of the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the problems of a sexual nature were not yet widely covered.

Daria herself told about her first trips to the combat areas even before the Karabakh events, as about “having fun”, some kind of game of a brave journalist. To herself, she seemed to be an actress from a film, in which the ending must be a good one.

Reporter "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

From "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Daria visited "hot spots", where she was even captured. About this she wrote a series of reports. Colleagues noted that her favorite theme is war.

During 2011, she was arrested four times in Egypt, where she was on editorial assignment.

In the middle of 2012, Aslamova visited the region bordering Syria in Turkey. She managed to secretly get into the Syrian camp, where there were refugees. Among them were representatives of the rebel forces who fought with the troops of the Syrian President Assad. Desperate correspondent managed to talk with some rebel leaders.Daria Aslamova photo

Daria was able to successfully use in the war various women's tricks. She could cry in any situation at once. It could easily pretend to be a silly fool and get out of a situation from which a man could hardly have been able to get out alive.

Daria Aslamova, "Mean Girls"

In the manner of writing, Aslanova notes the presence of a cheerful disposition and a light pen, which is considered her main weapon. It was these factors that allowed her creation, the Notes of the Mean Girls, to open an updated page in the practical Russian press.

In these "Notes" there is a parody interweaving of the genre of adventure novels with the genre of political (and not necessarily political) portraits, in which fairly well-known faces are easily guessed. R. Khasbulatova, N. Travkina, A. Abdulova and some others can be found in the characters of the journalist.Daria Aslamov biography

On the part of the reading public, the journalist’s allegations of debauchery were often heard, although her works were always extremely popular. Many liked to savor the details of an open and funny story, which described the male temperament and dignity of many famous personalities.

Participation in elections

Daria Aslamova, whose biography has some political nuances, in 1999 she took part in the election campaign.

At that time, quite popular writer Dmitry Bykov expressed the following opinion about this non-standard journalist.

Daria Aslamova was compared to Bykov with Ivan Okhlobystin in a skirt, and "often without her."

Bykov sees the difference in the fact that Aslanova’s pen is more exciting than Okhlobystin, and he considers its vulgarity consistent and style-forming.Daria Aslamova personal life

Under the style of the Bulls just understands the sequence. He calls Okhlobystin eclectic, in Aslanova he notes obstinacy and purposefulness in achieving "a high level of tastelessness, which makes her reading fun and enjoyable."

In the Moscow Komsomol Bykov noted a good start for Darya as a military journalist, her books were very funny.

The rapid start of a career was replaced by the marriage of a journalist and the birth of a child, the need for solidity arose.

Looking for a new identity, Daria Aslamova, a photo of which could be found in many periodicals of various kinds, turned out to be in the Unity block. However, Shoigu realized that Aslanova’s reputation could bring negative dividends for the political bloc, as a result, she had to be nominated in a single-mandate constituency.

Darya Aslamova couldn’t go to elected bodies,and more than its promotion in the political arena is not engaged.

Creative milestones

In 1999, the journalist worked as a special correspondent in AIDS-Info.
In the summer of 2003, Darya Aslamova was the only journalist who managed to interview such an odious leader as Saddam Hussein.Daria Aslamova biography personal life

In 2011, she had an interesting conversation with Maysan Thierry, who suggested that the US State Department intends to use the Georgian and Ukrainian scenario for a coup in Egypt.

Not without curious awards, after participating in the election campaign of 1999, she was awarded the Silver Galosh award (the Star Without Mandate nomination).

After her literary opus, "The Notes of the Mean Girls", published in 1994, the second part of the book came out a year later.

The new book was titled "The Adventures of the Mean Girls", a sequel was released in 2001.

The year 2002 was marked by the release of two books: "Sweet Life" and "Notes of a Mad Journalist."

In 2005, the book "In love, as in war."

About the profession and attitude to war

Aslanova speaks of himself as a terrible coward. The battle she considers a drug.Everything that happens on the battlefield, the confrontation between life and death, reminds her of sexual feelings.

When she was in hot spots, she was annoyed only by domestic difficulties and inconveniences. According to her, in the captivity she was left with escorting persons of the opposite sex, the presence of ropes, robe clothes. She had the feeling of a real lady in front-line conditions, because everyone around her perceived her as something exotic.

From colleagues about her receive feedback as a very funny and easy-going person who does not lose composure in difficult situations. In her actions, calculation and reason always prevail. As a result of all this, the work of the journalist is always successful.

About family life

Daria Aslamova, whose personal life is inextricably interwoven with creativity, got married twice.

At first she was married to entrepreneur Andrei Sovetov. Their common daughter Sona is more than twenty years old. The popular TV presenter Zhanna Agalakova became her godmother for her.Daria Aslamova trashy girl

The second time Aslanov in 2005 was married to a famous Croatian journalist, Robert Valdec, who had two children from a previous marriage.The journalist met with him in Pakistan, where both of them as part of a group of journalists from various states were preparing to cover the American invasion of Afghanistan.

In the future, they together visited many wars.

New creative landmarks

After the second marriage in the work of Aslamova there was a decisive change. Robert Valdets categorically forbade her to write on sex.

He demanded that she write only about geopolitics. At Darya’s protests regarding her poor orientation in this area, Robert replied that she would easily learn from her talent.

As Aslanova said, when her husband was asked about choosing a creative direction between politics and sex, she stopped on politics. “Sex should be dealt with and not write about it,” Daria joked.

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