TSCI transformer - device and application

The need to increase or lower the voltagearises quite often. Virtually all electrical household appliances and appliances are powered by 220 V or 380 V networks, however their operating voltage is many times less. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the voltage in order to avoid ignition of the equipment. Precisely for this purpose, there are so-called step-down transformers, in particular, a TZZI transformer.

tsui transformerIn general, according to the type of execution, according topurpose, technical characteristics and design, there is a huge number of different transformers. For example, even by methods of cooling, you can divide them into oil and dry ones. The transformer TSCI is a step-down three-phase transformer, dry, in a protected design.

Such electrical machines are usually used forIn order to reduce the voltage in three-phase circuits. The transformer is usually installed in workshops, cellars, industrial premises, in the service station, in places and in enterprises with increased requirements for fire safety, sanitary standards, explosion safety. Often they are used to power electrical appliances, industrial lighting lamps, power tools.

The TSCI transformer is an electromagneticA device that converts an alternating current of one voltage into a current of another voltage. The work of such an electric machine is based on the famous principle of mutual induction, which acts through magnetic fields and is used to transfer energy from one circuit to another circuit of the transformer.

tzzy lowering transformer

The TSCI transformer consists of windings andcore. Two-winding, three-winding and multi-winding transformers are poured depending on the windings and their number. The primary winding is the one that is connected to the power supply (source). The winding to which the device is connected is called secondary. If the voltage at the output is less than at the input, then such a transformer is called decreasing, if more - then raising. When the transformer is connected to the source, an alternating current causes a magnetic field on the primary winding. And since both windings are on the same core, the secondary winding will also be in a magnetic field. If a load is connected to the secondary winding, the current flows through the circuit and outputs the required voltage.

tzi transformers

The value of the voltage value depends on whether,how many turns on windings of such electric machines, as transformers TSZI. For example, if there are two thousand turns on the primary winding, and at the secondary two, then such an important parameter as the transformation ratio will be equal to ten. That is, by connecting a transformer that reduces TPSI to a 220 V network, an output of 20 V can be obtained. Similarly, the transformation coefficient parameter is calculated to increase the voltage in the network. However, it is considered that a good lowering device is one with this coefficient being less than one. Since such a voltage transformation is a widespread need, then such electrical machines are used very widely.

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