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Dysentery- This is an infectious disease that is caused by Shigella spp. Dysentery occurs with a lesion of the colon and is characterized by intoxication, pain, spasms in the abdomen.


- diarrhea - first watery, and then with mucus and blood;

- pain in the rectum;

- pain in the abdomen, in the whole body;

- vomiting and nausea;

- fever, fever;

- dehydration, weight loss.

First aid:

- call a doctor;

- often water the patient with drinks for athletes or electrolyte solutions;

- give antipyretic if there is a high temperature;

- Do not use drugs for diarrhea, with the help of diarrhea, your body gets rid of the infection;

- You can drink sorbents (activated carbon).


1.Assign electrolyte solutions to prevent dehydration. In severe cases, they drip intravenously.

2.Preparations for diarrhea are used purely as prescribed by a doctor.

3.Prescribe therapeutic diet.

4.Assign enzyme preparations, sorbents and antibacterial drugs.

Possible complications and prevention

Possible complications of the disease:

- infectious-toxic shock;

- peritonitis;

- infectious-toxic damage to the nervous system;

- pneumonia.

Prevention of dysentery

Prevention of the disease should be comprehensive and aimed at identifying patients, breaking the mechanism of transmission, as well as increasing the body's resistance to the pathogen.

Among the main measures for prevention are:

- a thorough survey of people entering the work in public catering, water supply, enterprises related to child care;

- close monitoring of the sanitary condition of those objects that are associated with sewage, water supply, sewage collection, and their disposal;

- strict sanitary control on the enterprises engaged in the production of food, especially on those that produce dairy products;

- informing the public about the dangers of dysentery;

- strict adherence to the recommendation to always wash hands after using the toilet and before eating;

- a healthy way of life, a balanced diet.

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