Effective cough compress for children

How to make children? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. After all, treatment should be not only effective, but also safe. In addition, there are situations when there are very few ingredients at hand that can be used to cure a baby. That is why we offer you several options for compresses, for sure at least one of them will do!

Immediately make a reservation that not all doctors consider this method of treatment effective. Someone recommends compresses, and someone says that this is a placebo, allowing parents to feel that they are doing something to alleviate the condition of the baby. Saying something unequivocally about this will not work, so you should try to make a compress and understand the individual reaction to it of your child.

In general, a compress is done to activate blood circulation and vasodilation. It is believed that this contributes to a more intensive production of interferon, which helps the body to cope with the disease.

As components for compresses can be used onions, aloe, mustard, cabbage, potatoes and more. About it - further!

cough compress for children

How are compresses made?

Before you begin to treat a baby, you need to familiarize yourself with the theory. Because the misuse of even the most successful in the recipe of the compress can not give any benefit.

Cough compress (for children or adults it is done - it does not matter) should consist of several layers.

  1. Internal (a kind of "filling" compress, which eliminates cough). This layer can be gauze or a bandage dipped in alcohol, vodka, or any tincture. Also "stuffing" can be potatoes, onions and other components.
  2. External (in other words, warming). Its purpose is warming. For this, a large terry towel, a down scarf, and a woolen shawl can be used. It is important that the outer layer covers the entire chest of the patient, keeping heat.
  3. Insulating layer. It is located between the inner and outer layers. In this capacity, special paper for compresses or oilcloth / cellophane usually acts; dry gauze or bandage can be used (placed in several stacks on top of the inner layer).

coughing warming for children

What not to do?

  • Regardless of whether an oil cough compress is made for a child or, for example, honey, the inner layer should in no case be located in the heart region.
  • If the child has a high temperature, then you should not put compresses.
  • Children who are not one year old are not shown compresses.

alcohol cough compress

How to choose a cough compress for children?

It will depend on what kind of cough your baby has.

  • Productive cough (it is also called "wet", "wet"). A distinctive feature of this cough is sputum separation. It is advisable in this case to make a compress from cabbage leaves, paraffin.
  • Dry (in other words, unproductive). In this case, the cough is not separated by coughing. A suitable solution would be compresses from honey, oil, potato, with alcohol, mustard.

Note that there are universal compresses that are suitable for getting rid of dry and wet cough. These include potato, butter, cottage cheese.

vodka compress baby cough

How to make oil compresses?

Traditionally, oil is in every home, so this treatment is very affordable and effective.


  • Vegetable oil should be placed in a metal container and heated in a water bath; soak a napkin or thick towel with warm oil, then put a compress on the baby’s chest,over it you should put a paper for compresses or parchment (polyethylene / cellophane absolutely cannot be used!); top with a large towel or a downy / woolen shawl / shawl.

Keep this compress should be at least two hours, it is permissible to leave it overnight.

oil cough compress baby

There is another version of the recipe, which is recommended for bronchitis:

  • squeeze the juice from black radish, combine it with vegetable oil, preheated in a water bath, in this mixture we moisten a thick towel or napkin; the compress is laid on the child’s chest; The following sequence of actions is exactly the same as described above.

After half an hour or an hour the compress must be removed. The signal that the treatment time has expired is the appearance of a light perspiration on the baby’s face or a burning sensation.

Next, you will need to thoroughly wipe the breast with a clean cloth (or rinse under a warm shower). The child is warmly dressed and laid under a blanket.

Important!If the baby's skin turns red, it should be smeared with petroleum jelly.

Honey Based Compresses

Before you engage in such treatment, you must make sure that the child does not have an allergic reaction to honey, otherwise the consequences may be unforeseen.

honey cough compress baby


  • take in equal parts (usually one tablespoon) such components: honey (liquid), vodka, vegetable oil and mustard powder; mix it all up and add a little flour to make a fairly stiff dough; heat the mixture in a water bath and put it on a napkin; then on top of it put a paper for compresses or parchment, and a warm scarf or terry towel.

This compress is held for 15-20 minutes, if there is a burning sensation - they are immediately removed.

Honey cough compress for a child who is under 12 years old, it is better to do without vodka.

Compresses based on potatoes and cabbage leaves

Such warming cough compresses for children have already been made by many generations of parents, so there is no doubt about the usefulness.

Recipe with potatoes:

  • boil the tubers in uniforms until ready, then drain and crush the potatoes (without turning it into a puree) and put in a plastic bag that needs to be tied up well; the compress is wrapped in a towel and placed on the chest, avoiding the heart area; remove the compress when the potatoes cool.

Recipe with cabbage:

  • warm the cabbage leaves on the water bath so that they become soft enough,but they did not burn the skin of the baby, then place them on the chest and back of the baby, on top of them - parchment or cellophane and a towel; can be left for 2-3 hours or for the whole night.

Alcohol compresses: why you should use it carefully

Compresses based on vodka and alcohol are in some cases quite effective, one of the recipes was described above (with honey). But apply these tools should be very carefully. For example, it is better not to do a vodka compress to a child from coughing if he has not turned three.

In addition, the following points should be considered:

  • use pure alcohol if the patient is under 12 years old is not worth it (it is better to give preference to vodka or, if not, to alcohol that is not stronger than 45 degrees);
  • the younger the child, the more water should be in the compress, the less alcohol;
  • Alcohol-based compresses last no more than 2–3 hours (alcohol evaporates during this time), so it makes no sense to keep them longer.

Cough compress child (alcohol), recipe:

  • 80 ml of water combined with 20 ml of alcohol, put liquid on the flannel, put a compress on his back, covering with polyethylene on top; so that the whole structure does not slip off, it can be fixed with an elastic bandage (not tight!); it is better to wear warm pajamas to the child (optimally - bikay); after a couple of hours to remove the compress.

Now you know what kind of cough compress children should use in a given situation. But, nevertheless, if in doubt, it is better to consult a doctor and make compresses with complete confidence in the correctness of their actions. Good luck and good health!

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