Effective work with the client base

Often in companies with continuous increasessales volumes, there is a significant decrease in the level of profitability. The main reason for this situation is the wrongly organized activity of the enterprise. This may be due to inefficient operation of the company with its customer base.

customer base

In other words, they worked with enterprises,which are either unprofitable for the company, or interacted on completely unfavorable conditions, which was expressed in meeting any requirements of customers in order to keep them.

Principles of constructing work with the client base

Often the task of increasing the number of clientscomes into some contradiction with the purpose of growth of size of profit. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to optimizing the company's work with the client base, which will ensure favorable operating conditions.

What is it? This is a database containing information about all the counterparties of the company, who bought from her something or something that she sold. Having become acquainted with these data, it is possible to draw conclusions about the policy of the enterprise. In this case, it is both a real counterparty, and potential.

Working with the client baseformation of customer base

Effective activity in this direction is expressed in five points:

  1. Formation.
  2. Accounting of information.
  3. Work with current customer data.
  4. Analysis of the generated information.
  5. Based on the results of the analysis, the adoption of appropriate decisions.

All these processes can be optimized. To do this, it is necessary to assess the current situation for each individual item in order to identify "bottlenecks" and identify ways to improve the situation.

Increase customer base. Effective and inefficient ways

Formation of the client base can be carried out both purposefully and spontaneously.

For example, if the expansion of the circle of counterparties is carried out at the expense of ringing by the managers of the entire telephone directory, one can say with confidence about the spontaneous formation of the base.

If we are talking about target customers, and all efforts are made only to attract them, then in this case, the increase in the client base is carried out purposefully.

increase in customer baseAccounting information and monitoring the maintenance of customer lists

Accounting for information on counterparties is carried out in accordance with the style of doing business in each individual company.

For example, if all customer information is stored in thelists of managers, then this is one style. The negative moment in this account is the weak influence of management on the company's policy towards clients, since the entire process of forming the base is given only at the discretion of the managers themselves.

However, there is a different style of client managementbases - the use of common criteria when entering information in a certain table and imputing to the employees timely replenishment of it with reliable information.

The head of any company should remember,that a complete and competently constructed client base is an effective sales management tool to achieve a high level of profitability. With the help of such tables, the management has an opportunity to forecast the sales volume, effectively manage them and create favorable conditions for the company's cooperation.

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