Egorova Tatiana: actress, writer, beloved woman

Egorova Tatiana is an actress, which many people know not only because of her roles, but also in her book, Andrey Mironov and Me, written by her once. It is this literary work that caused such a strong response that it is still remembered. And what is known about this woman who calls herself widow Mironov?

Andrei and Tanya - love in two decades ...

In January of this year, Yegorova turned 74 years old. She is still vigorous and is sure that she once acted absolutely correctly, having published her records, which she kept for more than one year, 13 years after the death of Andrei Mironov. Not everyone liked her titanic work, because in the pages of her book she not only talked about her novel with her favorite actor, millions of viewers, but also gave very unflattering characteristics to his colleagues. After the release of the book, Egorova Tatiana Nikolaevna, an actress and a writer, was equated by some with a crazy impostor,and her memories were called the “vile book”, the revenge of the evil woman, the disgusting way of settling accounts with former colleagues.

Tatyana Egorova, actress, writer

It just so happened that the attitude to it in the theatrical elite was rather ambiguous. After all, if someone condemned her for too frank statements and debunking the myths around the celebrities of our time, others very enthusiastically studied every page in this book, drawing on new knowledge that was unknown to now, thanks to which you could better know Andrei Mironov. After all, Tatyana Egorova, an actress whose personal life is a talk of the town, has been associated with this man for more than two decades. Everything in order.

Her biography

Actress Egorova Tatiana was born in January 1944 in Moscow. Her childhood was spent in a creative family: her parents were very talented artists, and her grandmother was a professional fashion designer. A creative spark was also found in Tanya, who wrote poems from early childhood. The first acting experience was obtained by a girl in the theatrical group “Spring”, where many other children were brought up, who later became famous actors.

Tatiana Egorova in the play "Wake up and Sing"

She studied in the "Pike", and after receiving a diploma began working in the theater of Satire, which gave twenty years. Actress Egorova Tatiana never hid that a significant role in her departure from the theater belonged to theatrical intrigues. And even though she left the walls that had become her family, she never regretted it. Especially since her departure occurred after the death of Mironov.

In the cinema, she starred in 65, playing a student in the film "Month of May." In fact, Egorova was not so often starred in films, but she appeared with enviable consistency in the film-performances: “Who is who?”, “When the sea laughs”, “Foam” and others.

In the 77th, she played in the episode of the beloved by millions of viewers of the movie "Office Romance", playing a guest at an evening at the Samokhvalovs. There were several works in the eighties - Zina in “Friend”, Mila in “Time of Desires” ... In the nineties Egorova was still shot: Dina Grigorievna in “Very True to His Wife”, “Mermaid” in “Armavir”, and then left the profession .

Casual acquaintance ...

Actress Tatyana Egorova and Andrei Mironov were a beautiful couple. And as Tatyana Nikolaevna says now, Alexander Shirvindt didn’t like it, because he was satisfied when there were completely different women next to Andrey, those who wanted to get their 5 minutes of fame, being close to their idol.And Yegorova (in her own words), as she could, protected her man from Shirvindt’s attacks.

Tatyana Egorova

They met in Riga on tour in July 1966, when Tanya, who had just graduated from “Pike,” was urgently introduced into the play “The Catcher in the Rye”. Mironov played Holden Caulfield, she - Sally Hayes. It was love at first sight.

Their romance

Tatiana claims that they had a very beautiful romance. Besides, it was Andrei who always came to her if he needed to speak out, consult, or just be in silence. The actress says that only with her Mironov was happy.

By some truly mystical coincidence, after 21 years, Mironov will die on the same stage where they met, in Tatiana’s arms. In her book, she wrote: the last thing that could capture the eyes of the dying Andrew was her face. On that day, he played Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro ...

Life after death

After Mironov’s death, actress Yegorova Tatiana was sick for a whole year. And then she left the theater and never again went on stage. When she recovered, her main job, as well as her personal life, was Maria Vladimirovna, Andrei's mother.Egorova helped her, becoming an indispensable person for an elderly woman. They spent a lot of time together. Tatiana even lived at the Mironov family dacha in Pakhra. She admitted that Maria Vladimirovna believed that any woman was not good enough for her son, because she gave birth to Andryusha only for herself. And when the son died, she and Tatyana were united in love for him.

Tatyana Egorova

And today, for Egorova, Mironov remains the most dear and beloved person. She still consults with him for any reason, being sure that their relationship does not break for a minute, because she was originally truly mystical.

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