Fatyushin Alexander: biography, personal life, filmography, cause of death

Alexander Fatyushin was remembered by the audience thanks to the cult film by Vladimir Menshov “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”. In this film, he played, albeit an alcoholic, but incredibly charming hockey player Gurin. A talented actor has died, but his name has gone down in history of cinema. What is the story of a star?

Alexander Fatyushin: biography, family

The hero of this article was born in Ryazan, it happened in March 1951. Alexander Fatyushin was born in an ordinary family. The professional activities of his parents had nothing to do with the world of dramatic art. His father worked as a driver, his mother worked in a factory.

photo of actor Alexander Fatyushin

Alexander is not the only child in the family. He had older brothers and sister.


At the age of four years, Alexander Fatyushin almost died.The boy began to play and did not see the car driving straight at him. The child was saved by a housemate who at the last moment pulled him out from under the wheels of the car.

Alexander grew up an ordinary child. He was a lively and active boy, fond of sports. From the first years of life, Fatyushin’s passion was football. Interest in the theater arose in his teens. Alexander began to engage in a local theater studio, playing in amateur performances.

Choice of profession

When Alexander Fatyushin announced his intention to become an actor to his relatives, no one supported him. Mother and father would prefer that the son received a "serious" profession. Sister and did say that with this name the guy will not be allowed even on the threshold of the university theater. However, the stubborn young man said that soon the whole country would learn about him.

Alexander Fatyushin in the cinema

After graduation, Fatyushin went to conquer Moscow. The first attempt of a young man to enter the theater school was unsuccessful. Impress the selection committee Alexander prevented the lack of experience. During the year the guy worked hard, and then tried again. He managed to become a student of GITIS.

The young man took into his workshop, Andrei Goncharov.Gratitude to his mentor Fatyushin carried through life. Goncharov not only opened for him the secrets of the profession, but also helped to believe in his talent. Many future stars studied with him on the same course, for example, Alexander Soloviev, Igor Kostolevsky.


Student years flew instantly. Diploma GITIS novice actor Alexander Fatyushin received in 1973. Soon after this, the Mayakovsky Theater opened its doors to the newcomer.

Alexander Fatyushin in the theater

Fatyushin began with episodic roles, then more serious tasks began to be trusted to him. Over the years of cooperation with the Mayakovsky Theater, he took part in many famous productions. “The life of Klim Samgin”, “Rumor”, “Running”, “Napoleon” are just some of them. The roles of Fatyushin in the performances “Molva” and “The Life of Klim Samgin” were awarded the USSR State Prize.

From obscurity to glory

Actor Alexander Fatyushin has achieved some success on the theater stage. However, he still became a star thanks to cinema. On the set of a graduate GITIS first appeared in 1974. Alexander made his debut in the film “Three Days in Moscow”, having played a business trip.Then a novice actor appeared in the tapes “Autumn” and “Personal Case”. Small roles did not bring him fame, but allowed to gain valuable experience.

Star status Fatyushin acquired after playing in the film "Spring Call." He embodied the image of Sergeant Karpenko in this picture. Alexander was able to convincingly play yesterday's recruit, who seized upon the authorities and is keen to control the fate of the younger ones by rank. Igor Kostolevsky brilliantly depicted an intellectual recruit who opposes the despotism of the authorities. Kostolevsky and Fatyushin played a great duet.

70s movies

Thanks to the tape "Spring Call" on the actor drew the attention of not only the audience, but also the directors. Films with Alexander Fatyushin began to go out one by one. In the film I Guarantee Life, he is assigned the role of engineer Dmitry Radkevich, who died during the testing of ejection systems. This person comes to life in the memories of loved ones who tell the story of his life.

In the movie "Office Romance" Alexander was assigned a bright role. Eldar Ryazanov planned to entrust the talented actor with the role of the husband of secretary Verochka.However, these plans were not destined to come true, Fatyushin received a serious injury right before the shooting. As a result, he appeared only in the episode of the picture.

What other interesting films with Alexander Fatyushin were presented to the audience court in the 70s? A bright image of a talented actor created in the detective story "The cure for fear." In this picture he played captain Tikhonov. His hero - the investigator who deals with a mysterious case. The criminals are accused of using the latest medical drug to neutralize law enforcement officers.

Second high point

From the biography of Alexander Fatyushin it follows that in 1979 he appeared in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” by Vladimir Menshov. Melodrama was an incredible success with the audience. Famous woke up all the actors who played prominent roles. Fatyushin, who embodied the image of Gurin, gained new fans.

Alexander Fatyushin in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”

The hero of Alexander in the past was a talented and promising hockey player. In the present, this man is an unemployed alcoholic. Gurin got drunk because the gentle nature did not allow him to refuse people who wanted to drink with him.His sports career is in the past, he is forced to interrupt himself with odd jobs and beg for money from his former wife. The hero constantly promises to improve and get on the right path, but this does not happen.

80's tapes

In the eighties, Fatyushin Alexander Konstantinovich continued to act in films. Films and series with his participation, released in this period are listed below.

Alexander Fatyushin in the film "Young Russia"
  • "Faster than your own shadow."
  • "Ladies invite gentlemen."
  • "34th fast."
  • "Expectation".
  • "Russia is young."
  • "They were actors."
  • "Run".
  • "Man at the station".
  • "Happy, Zhenya!"
  • "Paratroopers."
  • "Road to yourself."
  • "Come free."
  • "Abduction."
  • "Single swimming".
  • "Here is my village ...".
  • "Dancing on the roof."
  • "Victims have no complaints."
  • "The Life of Klim Samgin".
  • "Two banks".
  • "Daylight Saving Time".
  • "Code of Silence".
  • "Women who are lucky."
  • "Braking in the sky."

Difficult 90s

In the 90s cinema was in crisis. This reflected negatively on the career of many talented actors. Unfortunately, Fatyushin was no exception. Alexander rarely received offers of filming.

A few bright roles during this period, he still played.In the crime tape "Charged with Death" Fatyushin brilliantly played the sailor Krosovsky. In the action-packed picture “Blood for Blood” he embodied the image of a fighter against the underworld. In the series “Transit for the Devil” the actor played the role of Veni Snegirev.


Of course, fans are interested not only in creative achievements, but also in the personal life of Alexander Fatyushin. For ten years, the talented actor met with his colleague Irina Kalinovskaya. Beloved Alexandra was married to a theater director, she did not want to part with her husband.

Fatyushin beautifully courted Kalinovskaya. He constantly did favorite surprises, gave armfuls of roses. However, she did not dare to become his wife. Irina was embarrassed by Alexander's addiction to alcohol. In the end, this couple broke up.

At one time, rumors that Fatyushin had an affair with actress Natalia Gundareva were popular. In fact, colleagues were just friends.

A family

Alexander managed to create a family only in 1986. He met Elena Molchenko at the Mayakovsky Theater. He took this woman away from his colleague Anatoly Lobotsky.A significant difference in age did not embarrass the lovers, they played a wedding. The marriage ceremony took place in April 1986. With Elena, Alexander lived to the end of his life.

Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko

After the death of Fatyushina, Molchenko told about how jealous he was. Because of this, the family constantly had scandals. However, Elena has never regretted that she married Alexander. With the actor she spent about 17 happy years.

Fatyushin and Molchenko dreamed of children. They repeatedly tried to have a baby, turned to doctors. The doctors could not establish the reason why Elena could not get pregnant.

A few years after Alexander's death, Elena became the wife of actor Igor Vorobyov. However, she did not change her surname, and Fatyushina remained on the passport.


What is the cause of the death of Alexander Fatyushin? To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the actor has carried his childhood hobby of football through his life. Alexander with all the passion was rooting for his favorite Spartak team. In 2003, she suffered a crushing defeat in a game with CSKA. Fatyushin took the incident very painfully.

Grave of Alexander Fatyushin

Alexander felt unwell in a few minutes after the final.An ambulance was called for him, but the visiting doctors could not do anything. Fatyushin suffered a heart attack, which led to death. The actor left this world in April 2003. The week before he was 52 years old.

Where is Alexander Fatyushin buried? The grave of a man who embodied the image of an alcoholic Gurin in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is located at Vostryakovskoye cemetery. The farewell ceremony with the actor was magnificent. Shortly after his death, a special edition of the "To Remember" program dedicated to Fatyushin was released.


In 2011, the documentary film “Fatal Role of Alexander Fatyushin” was presented to the audience court. As it is easy to guess from the title, it is dedicated to the artist. The film deals with the work of Fatyushin on the role of Gurin in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”. This role turned out to be prophetic, predicted to Alexander a quick rise and a quick ending.

To create the picture was attracted widow Fatyushina Elena. It was also interviewed by people who loved Alexander and were friends with him. These are Vladimir Menshov, Igor Kostolevsky, Irina Muravyova and others.

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