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Of course, I thought that this occupation was very popular in Russia, but not as much. Levada Center revealed the most popular activities that can be fun. The greatest pleasure for the Russians brings ...
watching TV. In general, watching TV, monetary gains and leisure time with children, like eight years ago (in 2010), are the main reasons for joy among Russians.
For young people between the ages of 18 and 24, listening to music (39%) and spending time with a loved one (38%) are in the first place among everyday joys. More often than their older fellow citizens, they enjoy traveling (33%), sex (24%) and sports (21%). Almost every fifth millennial enjoys computer games or studies.
Russians between the ages of 30 and 39 rejoice at the time spent with children and “good money” (35%). In general, these same preferences are recorded among Russians aged 40 to 49 years.
Pleasures of respondents over 50 years of age are concentrated around TV viewing and working in a garden.More often than other age groups, they note the joy of reading a book or magazine, as well as walking in the woods. Thus, the older the respondent, the more joy he is given by his classes in the garden and the garden, and less - travel, money, time with a loved one and sports.
The path to male joys lies through the stomach (31%) and TV (33%). Every fourth Russian man enjoys fishing and hunting, and every fifth - from drinking in good company. The joys of Russian women are concentrated around television viewing (35%), cooking (33%) and children (31%). More often than men, they enjoy working in a garden or a vegetable garden, receive guests, shop and read books, i.e. their main joys are mostly limited to family and home.
The more educated the respondent, the less pleasure he gets from watching TV, and, conversely, more from his time with family and children, traveling, reading and music. Animals are one of the sources of everyday joys for every fifth Russian with primary education.
Russians with high consumer status, who can buy almost anything they want, are generally more varied and richer sources of pleasure.They are often happy time spent with a loved one or traveling, sex and sports.
The family status of respondents imposes features on the formation of ideas about joyful activities. Teleview (33%) and leisure with children (29%) give the greatest joy to family people. Russians who are divorced or widowed enjoy watching TV, garden and books. Single Russian men and women, often family people, enjoy their favorite music, good money, travel and computer games.
Living in the capital and major cities provides more reasons for joy. Moscow residents more often enjoy shopping and spending money, drinking in good company and traveling. Russians living in villages and small towns more often enjoy everyday activities: working in a garden or a garden, running a household.

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