Features of Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan

In Russia every year on October 5, all teacherscelebrate their professional holiday. They receive memorable gifts and listen to words of gratitude for hard work. It is interesting, but in other republics this event is the same? How, for example, do teachers in Kazakhstan celebrate?

How did this holiday come and go?

Before we talk about the day of a teacher in Kazakhstan, it is worth mentioning the very history of the origin of this holiday.

Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan

Who is a teacher? This is a person who shares his knowledge and experience with others. The exact date of origin of this profession is not present. It is believed that it arose with the appearance of the first person. After all, even in tribal communities there was always a person who was engaged in training other people. Officially, the profession of a teacher appeared in 425, together with the foundation of the world's first university. At first, she had only a masculine gender (teacher), but eventually she accepted a woman's appearance (teacher).

Several centuries there was no professionalholiday for these people. Only in 1965 the Supreme Soviet issued a decree on the creation of a celebration that could be celebrated by those who devoted their lives to pedagogical science. The date of its holding was the first Sunday in October. Teachers on this day could rest from work and note this important event.

The USSR fell apart. In 1994, a new decree was issued on the transfer of the holiday in Russia on October 5. In other republics, it is still celebrated on the first Sunday in October. Therefore, there is no exact answer to the question: "What is the day of the teacher in Kazakhstan?".

How to celebrate?

All traditions of the event are preservedsince the times of the USSR. The morning in this amazing republic begins the same way as in Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. Honored teachers accept congratulations from their closest people.

Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan

Students remember their class leaders and rush to come to their house to give a memorable gift.

On or before this event, a holidayis celebrated in the school. A concert is organized for all teachers, where pupils perform creative performances, congratulations from colleagues and the parent committee.

Annually on this day there is a competition, which allows to determine the best teacher of the year for the previous period. This is a very important event that takes place in Astana.

How are you congratulated?

How is Teacher's Day celebrated in Kazakhstan? First of all, it is necessary to say that in this country there live gay and respectable people. The house in which the teacher lives is filled with love and joy. All relatives gather at a big table, women prepare national dishes, for them the most pleasant words sound to them express their respect.

 Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan Congratulations

In each entertaining complex there are noisy events. Mandatory component is the national dance and national song.

Evening is a special time for teachers. At the door to each of them are knocking students. Differences and misunderstandings can occur in their relations. But, despite this, they come again and again in order to say words of gratitude.

What is given to women?

how to celebrate the teacher's day in Kazakhstan

There is an opinion that the teacher is asexualprofession. However, congratulations on Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan are significantly different. In this amazing country do not welcome capacious verses. Women of this nationality love prolonged and touching congratulations in prose. As a gift, basically, use practical things that can come in handy (a good pen, a set of paper, a table stand and much more). The teacher is, above all, a woman. Accordingly, she will be pleased with such gifts as imported perfume, a certificate to a cosmetic store or skin care products. A teacher's day in Kazakhstan can not do without a chic bouquet of flowers and sweets. Another option - a souvenir that will decorate the interior of the house.

What is given to men?

how to celebrate the teacher's day in Kazakhstan

What does the Kazakh teacher look like? It is, most likely, a stylish and confident man. He is smart, handsome and neat. It is recommended to give him a stylish tie or cufflinks for this holiday. Such an accessory will definitely have a place in the teacher's closet. You can give him a perfume or a branded watch. Who said that men are not given flowers? The teacher, like no other, deserves them.

Gifts from children

how to celebrate the teacher's day in Kazakhstan

Especially the day of the teacher in Kazakhstan is honored by children. They make gifts for their beloved teachers with their own hands. Those, in turn, are very touching to them. As a rule, every worker in this sphere of the house has his own set of creative projects from the most beloved disciples.

Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan is not just a date. This is a symbolic day in which the significance of science is sung. In the life of each of us there is a mentor. For someone it's a mother, a true friend or friend. A large amount of knowledge in each child was invested by the teacher. Do not forget about the holiday, which is so dear to him. We must congratulate him and thank him for his efforts.

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