Flatulence - what is it? Excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines

Is there a more annoying problem than flatulence? Let's be fair: of course, in life there are problems and more serious, but still a rare person will rejoice at such a surprise. It is not so important that you have to - a date, friendly gatherings, a business dinner - all spoil flatulence. What it is? The problem with the intestines, accompanied by excessive gas formation.

gas formation in the intestines

Hidden problem

What is so bad flatulence? What it is? Imagine the feeling of fullness in the stomach. Constant abdominal distension and heaviness, as well as the swelling and abundance of digestive gases. True, pleasant enough? With such symptoms, there is no desire and opportunity to go to any event, and I just want to lie at home and complain about life.

But, alas, with modern rhythm of life it will not work this way. For various reasons, flatulence may occur. What is it for healthy people who do not have serious illnesses? This may be a consequence of malnutrition, digestive disorders, sedentary lifestyle.

In severe cases, flatulence can be considered a symptom of gastrointestinal disease. If a person is healthy, then we must really pay attention to nutrition. You can contact your doctor, who will conduct a full examination to identify food allergens and products that trigger gas. In particular, the risk group includes legumes, sweet grapes, natural dairy products, kvass and carbonated drinks, beer, cabbage, and potatoes. One should be wary of cereals and bran, as with excessive consumption it can cause a stomach.

how to deal with flatulence

Rate and deviation

In the body of an adult there is a certain amount of gas, which is considered normal. It is necessary for the full operation of the intestines. The situation is worse when flatulence is a symptom. Its presence may indicate a whole bouquet of possible diseases, ranging from banal dysbiosis, in which gases are the product of bacteria, and ending with enteritis, colitis and liver cirrhosis.

By the way, all sorts of acute intestinal infections develop directly in the intestine, where toxins are released.In such situations, the discharge of gases is disturbed and bloating occurs. This is how insidious flatulence can be. Practically everyone knows what it is, but rare people think about ways to treat a symptom, although such an attitude to one’s own health is fraught with complications. One thing is when flatulence arose because of a feast the day before, but quite another when flatulence became a faithful companion to the meal.

How to deal with flatulence?

As in the case of any other disease, it is more correct to treat not the symptom, but the root cause. What caused such an unpleasant problem?flatulence what is itFirst you need to think about the most simple and logical options. How do you eat? A lot of greens, vegetables and fruits? Well, you are the perfect person, then the problem of nutrition disappears by itself!

If you abuse the sweet, like fatty potatoes and buns, then perhaps the reason lies on the surface. Try to arrange a few fasting days. This does not mean that you need to starve yourself. Simply select those foods that you will eat all day. The ideal option would be dairy products, for example, low-fat milk and cottage cheese.You can make all-day vegetable stew. For especially radical, a day is suitable for drinking: on kefir or on milk.

Thus, when the disease is primary, meteorism is easily and quickly treated. Gas formation is painless. When the secondary disease is necessary to begin full treatment. Disposal of the symptom fades into the background, as after removing the cause, the discomfort disappears.remedy for flatulence and bloatingIn any case, it is necessary to adhere to a diet, which implies the exclusion or reduction of the quantity of consumed products. Meals should be regular and complete. Doctors can prescribe adsorbents or even prescribe deworming to detect parasites. In the pharmacy, you can buy funds for the rapid discharge of gases.

Stages of treatment

If you do not go to the doctor, then the gas formation in the intestines is treated with folk remedies. In particular, medicinal infusions of chamomile and sage are considered. More similar infusions are called carminating tea. The recipe is simple enough. It is necessary to brew a spoonful of mint leaves, chamomile flowers, dill seeds, and yarrow and immortelle leaves in a teapot.

Gas formation in the intestines passes quickly and gently. Yes, in fact, it is a harmless phenomenon and does not pose a threat to health. But this is an incredible embarrassment. Therefore, it is possible for the prevention of drinking herbal teas, use less sugar and salt, so as not to retain fluid in the body.

What are the causes of the development of flatulence?

Flatulence does not arise from nowhere, and most often it is provoked by certain groups of products. For example, dairy, if used in large quantities. Most often, the provocateur is milk. Yeast-based beverages may be dangerous. In particular, this beer and kvass, which is called "alive". Although vegetables are considered a priori useful, but in large quantities they are fraught. For example, pickled and ordinary cabbage, beans, potatoes are considered risky.

The first symptom of indisposition will be colic. Flatulence is characterized by cramping pain, rumbling and heaviness, as well as bloating of the lower abdominal sector. Ideally, go to the toilet. But there are other measures to get rid of trouble.

chronic flatulence

On their own

Rummage in the home first aid kit and find the usual activated carbon.Remember that it should be taken in the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of weight. Chew the tablets before swallowing. So they will act faster. You can also replace the coal "Enteros gel", which is considered a very effective absorbent. Sell ​​it without a prescription at any pharmacy.

By the way, the choice of absorbents in pharmacies is great and allows you to buy a person with any level of budget. If finances allow, you can purchase a pack of absorbed prebiotics that take a course to stabilize the bowels and the digestive tract. Depending on the drug, the dosage varies, but the effect is, in any case, cumulative, and it will be noticeable after a week after the start of administration. But with regular use of prebiotics, heartburn disappears, the intestines function normally, the excess weight goes away.

What will the doctor say?

The problem of flatulence, of course, is delicate, because people are embarrassed to go to the hospital. But shyness must be overcome to alleviate their suffering. There are, by the way, a number of cases where the patient’s condition may worsen from his actions. The doctor may recommend an enema.

colic flatulenceThis is an effective remedy for flatulence and bloating. By the way, the same effect has a heating pad or laxatives. The effectiveness of such methods has not been proven statistically, since the intestines are even larger.

Enema, by the way, is quite difficult to do. All actions should be neat, smooth and gradual. In the event of pain, it is necessary to stop the flow of the composition into the intestines and with a massaging movement, stretch the stomach. If you use a heating pad, fill it intensively with hot water and gradually change it. Knead stomach in a clockwise direction, gently palpate. If you decide to take a laxative, then choose a delicate means, take them with a heavy drink in the evening to get a result in the morning.

If the problem has become chronic?

We have already said that chronic flatulence is a much more serious problem compared to one-time misunderstandings. It is necessary to get rid of ailments consistently. The first is to revise the diet, to exclude from it soda, sugar and fatty dairy products.

flatulenceIt is better to include in the daily menu more protein products, namely meat and fish.When applying, a doctor will prescribe such medicines as activated charcoal (black or white), “Smektu” or white clay. These are affordable and effective absorbents that improve the human condition.

When intestinal dysbiosis doctor helps to restore the balance of microorganisms, and with severe pain prescribes a means to relieve spasm.

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Flatulence - what is it Excessive accumulation of gases in the intestine 32

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