Gel manicure at home. Manicure on gel nails

is nothing more than a manicure using gel polish. That is a long-term coating that keeps on nails from one week to four (depending on the level of professionalism of the master and the quality of the material). Gel manicure at home is easy to perform, if you carefully examine all the nuances and subtleties of the issue.gel manicure

What gel polishes are suitable

For a home, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive Shellac kits, despite their high quality. Enough to find a good and budget equivalent. For example, TNL. There is such a gel polish in the range of 150-200 rubles per bottle. With proper application, gel manicure with its application will last a whole month. Unless, of course, the owner will not be embarrassed by the same color during such a time, and the grown nails in the area of ​​the cuticle. No less suitable is Bluesky, which can also be attributed to the budget.His price category: 200-350 rubles per bottle. Manicure, gel coating which is made using the products of this company, lasts from three to four weeks. At the same time, many note that the coating does not give any chips or cracks.gel manicure at home

What are good gel polishes

In addition to the fact that the material keeps on the nails for a long time, he has a lot of other advantages. First, unlimited palette. That is, it is enough to purchase only 2-3 colors, and then mix them on a piece of paper or an artistic palette to obtain a new shade, which leads to substantial savings. You can never guess with simple varnishes: whether it will turn out to mix, or not. Gel varnishes of one company are mixed without problems, as a result giving the desired consistency. Secondly, removing the cover is easy, safe and fast. Thirdly, the nails are noticeably compacted. That is, they automatically become stronger, less prone to cracks from impacts, fragility and lamination. Manicure with a gel coating is a good way to “kill two birds with one stone”: let the length go, protect the nails, and get a long-lasting decorative coating.manicure gel nails


Before proceeding with the procedure of applying gel polish, it is necessary to prepare the tools. There are not many of them, but without them it is difficult to get a quality result.Need a nail file for natural nails. Non-metallic with sputtering. Suitable: soft emery (200/220 grit) and glass. The buff for nail polishing is good to choose quadrilateral, where each side performs its function: one is harsh for global grinding, the other is softer for gentle use, the third for leveling minor irregularities, the fourth for polishing. Orange sticks for manicure - an integral part of the tools, because only they can safely and safely move the cuticle. A sweeping brush is required to remove the dust that forms during sawing and grinding. Lint-free wipes will be useful at all stages of working with gel polishes, because they do not leave any villi or hairs on the surface of the nails. And this also affects the quality of the manicure. And the most important tool: UV lamp for the polymerization of the material. Gel manicure at home does not require expensive equipment, a fairly small and budgetary lamp of 9 watts (its price category: 200-1000 rubles).manicure gel coating


They are also not very many:

  • nail degreaser (it is also a means for removing the sticky layer);
  • base coat for gel polish;
  • color gel polish;
  • topcoat (top);
  • antiseptic.

Color gel polish can be the same color, and maybe different shades. It depends on what kind of manicure you want to have in the end: simple or with design.

Application Instructions

To get an immaculate and beautiful result, you need to strictly follow the instructions, without breaking a single step. They are all simple. Manicure on gel nails (more precisely, using gel polish) is not so difficult, special skills of working with nails, tools and materials are not required.manicure on gel nails

Step 1: preparation

First of all, you need to bring your nails in order: remove the cuticle, give shape, polish. Before proceeding to the procedure, first nails should be soaked in a bath with warm water and oils. After that, you can push back the cuticle with orange sticks, remove it with nippers or a special solution. If the manicure is performed regularly, then you can simply push. Hands need to be treated with antiseptic immediately after the bath to protect them from possible infection. After that, the nails are shaped using a nail file. It all depends on the length and desire.For example, the most popular is the oval shape, which is convenient in household chores and work, beautiful and neat. After that, the nails are carefully polished with a buff to level the surface, remove shine. The very last point in the preparation: degreasing. It is carried out after all the dust has been removed with a brush, using lint-free napkins and special means. At home, you can use for this purpose nail polish remover. After the nails are degreased, you can no longer touch them with your hands. Otherwise, the adhesion of the material and natural plates will be broken. And this leads to a deterioration in the result.french gel manicure

Step 2: Base

Gel manicure begins with the application of the base. It is transparent, odorless. Density depends on each specific company. Some kind of base is very fluid, some kind is thick. The coating is applied in one thin layer, it dries in the UV lamp exactly as much as indicated in the instructions. Important: you can not perederzhivat material in the equipment, otherwise the technology will be broken, and the result is corrupted.

Step 3: Color Coating

After drying the base, nothing else is done with it. On top of it simply put a color gel Polish with a thin layer, without touching either the cuticle or the side rollers.If the material is too fluid and liquid, then you need to work with him very carefully. First, keep your hands strictly horizontal so that the gel polish does not flow to the sides. Secondly, to dry in the lamp in the same position until complete drying (according to the instructions for the material). Typically, the drying time of the color layer is at least 2-3 minutes. If necessary, repeat the step. For example, to get a richer shade. Or block irregularities first.

Step 4: Top

When the colored layer is already applied and dried, gash or polish the nails is not necessary. It is enough to block them with a finishing coating (top). And then dry in the UV lamp. If the top gel with a sticky layer, then it is removed with a lint-free cloth moistened with a degreaser. But usually the topcoat does not have a dispersion to make gel manicure

Extended nails

All of the above applies to natural nails. That is how they are manicured. Gel nails that were enlarged, are covered somewhat differently. Not fundamentally, but there are differences. First, the nails themselves are first modeled with artificial material according to all the rules of extension. Secondly, after sawing and grinding, before applying the finishing gel, put gel varnish (without base, only a color layer and top).It is noteworthy that such a "sandwich" of materials does not affect the sock. With proper extension and application of gel polish, nails should not be too thick and uncomfortable. On the contrary, a manicure, the gel coating of which is made on artificial material, serves many times longer (up to two months). Only the growing edges of natural plates interfere, which can be corrected by timely correction.


Most of all the fair sex is interested in how to make a French gel manicure. There is nothing complicated about it. And for those who have done such a manicure with a simple varnish, the procedure will not cause any difficulties at all. It will take:

  • instruments;
  • base;
  • white gel polish;
  • pink or beige gel polish;
  • top

Nails are prepared in the usual manner, the base is applied in the same way as always. Then the entire nail plate is covered with pink or beige color, dried. After that, the free edge is painted white, a smile line is drawn out with a thin brush. Nails are dried in a UV lamp, then overlapped with top gel. Gel manicure in the style of "classic jacket" is ready. For beauty, you can add a drawing or rhinestones.


Before you do the gel manicure yourself, you need to prepare all the materials and tools. Choosing a company, you should pay attention to the consistency of gel polishes, color (not on the bottle, but in it), the degree of clearance. The latter is easily determined: make a brush stroke on a sheet of paper. If the coating is laid unevenly, then it will have to be applied in several dense layers for evenness. It is worth remembering that the manicure, gel nails under which are enlarged, although it lasts longer, at cost turns out to be very expensive for home-made. Gel polishes easier to draw patterns and patterns on artificial nails, than to cover them entirely. When performing the procedure at home, it should be remembered that even if the material gets on the skin, it can be removed with a degreaser until it is dried in the lamp. If this is not done, then avoiding chipping and detachment will be impossible. And this, again, affects the duration of socks manicure. Gel polish is removed with a special agent (concealer), which can be replaced with nail polish remover with a small percentage of acetone in the composition.

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