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Applicants should collect as much information as possible about the company in which they wish to work. Employee reviews are the most reliable source of information.

About company

GC "Integrated Security" is focused on ensuring the security and protection of the property of owners of social facilities, municipal and state property. Employees have high professionalism and competent approach to work. This allowed the company to achieve a strong position in the security market. The structure regularly develops technical security systems and continuously improves the quality of the services offered.

Security company

Work specifics

Depending on the specifics of the object, the Integrated Security group of companies in Moscow (Lublinskaya st., 151, entrance 8) offers individual and comprehensive solutions for monitoring, escorting cargo and protecting employees. Experts conduct a comprehensive survey of the object before the conclusion of the contract. Much attention is paid to staff training. The company's staff consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. The security company has its own training center, which provides training. Services are provided in accordance with existing legislation based on licenses.

Company Services

According to the personnel policy of the company, all employees regularly undergo professional and adaptive training. Experts regularly confirm the qualification and suitability of the position.

Company security

Highly qualified staff allows the company to provide the following services:

  • Consulting and audit of security systems.
  • Providing personal protection.
  • Polygraph services.
  • Console protection.
  • Information and analytical.
  • Rapid response teams.
  • Check and recruitment.
  • VIP escort.
  • Technical security equipment.

Features of the company

The security company has the necessary licenses to carry out security activities and related documents that confirm the qualifications of each employee. The company strictly follows the legislation of the Russian Federation and carefully monitors the passage of the planned professional development of specialists. GC "Integrated Security" is responsible for non-disclosure of information provided by customers.

Security Company

The Integrated Security group of companies is distinguished by the highest level of professional ethics. Constant checks of employees on professional efficiency allow them to respond correctly to sudden and dangerous situations. Extensive experience and high quality of the services offered confirm grateful feedback from customers.

Employee feedback on working conditions

The company GC "Integrated Safety" has established itself as a reliable and responsible employer. The structure offers a decent level of remuneration and formal employment.Responses of employees of the GC "Integrated Security" talk about the relevant conditions and stable wages. The company provides housing for professionals who came to work from the regions. Employees of the Integrated Safety Group of Companies agree that the company is focused on long-term cooperation with specialists, therefore it offers excellent working conditions. The management does not call specialists for unscheduled shifts and rewards them for first-class work.

work in the GK integrated security

There are also reviews of employees of the GC "Integrated Security", who say that the company had a turnover of personnel. Some experts worked for several months and quit their jobs. This was largely due to the fact that at that time the company did not provide housing for specialists from the regions. To date, this problem has been resolved, so the feedback from employees about the GC "Integrated Security" is mainly praised by the company.

Today, security companies are regularly subjected to various checks. Therefore, employee feedback on the Integrated Security Group of Companies suggests thatthat the requirements for specialists significantly tightened. The positive side of this security structure is the complete absence of fines. The company applies special motivational development programs, which allows employees to grow professionally. Therefore, reviews of security officers about the company are full of positive reviews to the management. Experts value the stability and transparency of the company in matters of pay. The salary in this structure is official, and various systems of material motivation are also provided.

However, not all leave positive reviews, as many have noted stringent requirements for specialists. Many people who do not comply with them, quit independently, because they do not stand up to the competition. The company ensures that employees lead a healthy lifestyle. This is another factor that stops many from working in this security structure. Employee feedback suggests that the company is responsible for each employee and provides comfortable working conditions.

security officer

GC "Integrated Security" is a leading Russian company that provides security. Therefore, the organization manifests itself as a responsible employer in relation to employees. However, feedback from specialists of this structure does not always highlight the positive aspects of work. Many talk about wage arrears and the absence of bonus payments. Such situations are not uncommon, because customers do not always transfer money on time. Also, many employees claim that they deduct the cost of the form from their salaries. The indisputable advantage of this company is the provision of housing to its employees. Highly paid work in the Integrated Security Group of Companies requires high competence and physical fitness. Many people who do not meet these criteria are forced to leave the company.

Who to believe?

When looking for a job, it is important to follow the laws of logic. Therefore, the higher the wage, the more stringent and high requirements will be placed on applicants. Negative reviews about the GC "Integrated Security" leave people who have not passed the selection or do not meet the requirements for applicants.Before sending a resume to a security company, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess the level of physical fitness. The company "Integrated Security" is a responsible employer, therefore it does not leave from the obligation to conclude an employment contract with employees.

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