Good morning: what do people who cannot live without coffee do

People fall into two categories: some drink tea, others prefer coffee. And the second life is twice as hard. Tea (packaged or brewed) is easy to find almost anywhere - it is carefully stored in the "most cardboard" offices, it is abundant in storerooms at the female conductors. Tea can be brewed literally on the run and in places that are completely unsuitable for this, it is enough just to have a tea bag with you and find boiling water.

With a good coffee is not a ride. To get a flavored drink, you need either a coffee machine and a good barista, or ground coffee beans and at least a French press, which is far from everywhere. In the company of the latter, even avid fans do not travel on trains and do not go, for example, on a hike. So, it turns out, coffee lovers have lost and the only way out is to suffer?

Not at all. We recall situations in which it is difficult to get a cup of good coffee, and tell you how to solve the problem.

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Office weekdays

Large companies are trying to provide their employees with everything they need - they have at their disposal kitchens, good coffee machines and some kind of table tennis or kicker in order to bring down their arrogance and slow down their activity if they have overdone caffeine. So not everyone is lucky, and many hard workers spend half their monthly salary on morning coffee at the nearest eatery. But they are also lucky, because there are offices in industrial zones, for example. And there is only a teapot at hand, and around - smog and loaders of all stripes. And you want coffee no less.

Resourceful Japanese have found a solution to the problem of coffee lovers. In the 90s, on the eastern continent, they realized that the process of brewing a drink in a coffee maker can be repeated right in the cup. Fresh ground coffee was packaged in small cotton bags and called them drip-bags (from English drip - a drop). Thanks to the uncomplicated cardboard construction, the bags were put on the rim of the cup, and the coffee was brewed by the drip method - just like it does in coffee makers. The distance between Japan and Russia is almost 7.5 thousand kilometers, so the Eastern people caught the buzz in the 90s, and innovation only reached us a couple of years ago.

So for “bare” offices, where only the legendary “chair-table-boiling-water” conditions are in place, coffee in drip-packs is perfect. All you need is a kettle and your own mug.

During the working days in Russia, take the bracing variety Brazil Santos.

Working trip

Business trips are different. Good employees are sent to Europe, bad ones are sent to the republics, which are lost on the Asian side of Russia. We recently sent one such editor to Kyzyl. Kyzyl was generally stuck in the 90s, the hotel was somewhere in the Soviet Union. The large room had strange looking sofas, a huge bed and one socket, exactly in the middle of the wall. It seemed to be specially arranged in such a way that the wire of a fashionable electric kettle did not reach out and the guest showed wonders of savvy, wanting boiling water. A colleague showed - dragged a coffee table over a laminate shiny with old age and cleanliness - the kettle was turned on from the table.

Our editor likes to scribble texts at night and gushes coffee as not to himself. In the hotel, of course, the restaurant closed at 8 o'clock in the evening, and there was not even a “lipton” in the room. It’s good that I took coffee in drip-bags with me — jammed it at night and even had time to drink a cup of fragrant in the morning before the main breakfast exit.

For night vigils and morning awakenings suitable variety "Colombia".

Morning on the train

Train romance is almost a legend, shrouded in a network of unspoken traditions. Large companies and small families with an enviable responsibility are planning an evening on the train: they buy alcohol or boil eggs for a second-class dinner. And in the morning they are counting on the help of conductors — sleepy trudge around glasses in tin coasters and ask for tea. And what to coffee lovers?

Coffeemans - drip package. A cardboard bucket, to which a cotton bag with ground coffee is attached, is equally convenient to hang on both home cups and face glass cups. In addition, the coffee itself takes up very little space in the travel bag. You want to cheer up in the morning - just find the gap between things and plug it in packed ground coffee.

For the road morning, a variety with an amazing creamy smell "Irish Cream" will suit.


Imagine: you open your eyes in a spicy pine forest. Above his head there is only a tent cloaker, and around the air is so sweet and fresh that one wants to break his chest while inhaling. You crawl out of the tent, inhale again, and think: "Oh, some coffee now."Common situation? Yes, camping with tents is a unique phenomenon, when the cheapest buckwheat from the store seems tasty, simply because it is cooked on a fire. With instant coffee is not a ride - its taste as it was plastic, and will remain, and no matter how boiling water you dissolve it. Only real ground coffee gets into cotton drip-packets, which keeps freshness for a long time due to properly developed packaging. Plus drip coffee, like all the “hiking”, costs almost ridiculous money: the cost price of one cup is only 30 rubles.

And now morning in the forest becomes much more wonderful, because everything else is mixed with the smell of real freshly brewed coffee. Grace.

To wake up in nature, choose a variety of "Espresso Florencia" - this ground arabica has a light creamy flavor and barely noticeable sweetness.

The cases that we remembered are not all situations where drip-packs will save coffee people from having to be content with tea. They will solve the problem of morning coffee after the move or during the repair, when it is not possible to explore all the boxes with the packed things to find a coffee maker or a Turk.Still surely help out the inveterate bachelors, in whom the teapot appeared at home simply because it was bought by inertia.

In fact, at some point it turns out that brewing drip coffee is much more convenient than getting caffeine in a cup in other known ways. And, oddly enough, it is more interesting: like all Eastern, the process of drinking coffee in this way turns into a whole ritual. The package must be opened, the paper “ears” of the drip package should be pulled, the fancy design should be placed on the cup and the boiling water should be drained through the ground grain. It takes all the action less than a minute, but it brings as much pleasure as a successful alchemical experience would bring.

Try it and you.

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