Grandson Gurchenko Mark Korolev: biography, cause of death

“I would be a star, the one behind you. See that you are near and that alive ... ". Few people know that Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko put her personal grief into the words of this shrill song, it’s hard to imagine. A vent from incessant conflict with the only daughter, hope for the future, grandson Mark Aleksandrovich Korolev, held a strong place in the life and heart of the actress. And took a half soul. But what happened to the grandson of Gurchenko - Mark?

Birth of grandson Lyudmila Gurchenko

Gurchenko always wanted a son, and on the day when she had a girl, she even cried from frustration. The relationship between Lyudmila Markovna and her daughter Maria has always been tense. From her very childhood, her daughter rebelled against the wishes of a strong-willed mother: she dyed her hair in eggplant color, entered the nursing home, not wanting to continue her acting career, got married early.When the son, Mark Aleksandrovich Korolyov, was born in the family of Maria on September 22, 1982, the newly made grandmother was happy: her hopes of continuing the craft were revived. The boy received the name in honor of his great-grandfather Mark Gavrilovich. Later it became clear that the child inherited the features of the appearance of his famous relative: the shape of the eyes, the oval face, playful dimples on the cheeks. Bright external data fascinated others, fell in love with girls.

grandson Gurchenko Mark

School years

Mark Aleksandrovich Korolev began his studies at a regular secondary school No. 528, located near the Novokuznetskaya metro station. Naturally, the entire teaching team and classmates knew who was in front of them. Despite the external similarity with the grandmother, Mark's character was strikingly different. A closed, lonely child who has not gained friends during his school years. He did not participate in mass pranks, he kept aloof on class trips. The study was difficult for the boy, although he attended numerous additional classes, his “troika” was a stable score. Despite this, teachers loved him and turned a blind eye to problems with science.They admired his diligence, thoughtfulness, a penchant for philosophical arguments about love, friendship, as well as interest in literature. Mark's favorite authors were Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. He was pleased to stay after lessons and talk with the teacher about the meaning of life. The arguments were adult and measured, which won the heart of the teacher. Despite his secrecy, Mark remained in the memory of his classmates as a kind and sympathetic person. They remember that he always came to the rescue, organized the collection of money, if misfortunes happened in the families of classmates.

Mark A. Korolev

Communication with Lyudmila Gurchenko

The famous actress adored her grandson, but the relationship with her daughter grew worse. Alexander Korolev, Maria's husband, did not contribute to a peaceful settlement. The young family lived in an apartment bought by Lyudmila Markovna for their mother, and she, in turn, bequeathed to her granddaughter. Later Gurchenko will challenge this decision in court. Nevertheless, it did not interfere with the communication of the grandson with the grandmother. They spent a lot of time together, the actress indulged in every way the only grandson: she gave pocket money, bought fashionable things.Mark's teachers recall that he was even freed for a week from his lessons in order to go with her to the shooting in France. At the same time, Lyudmila Markovna never came to school, nor did she go to her daughter’s home.

Mark grandson Gurchenko cause of death

Teenage years

When the son of Maria Queen Mark was 8 years old, and his sister was only 3, problems with money, frequent domestic conflicts, led to the fact that the parents decided to leave, and the father left the family. The children experienced their gap. Reconciliation did take place a year and a half later, but this did not remove the tense atmosphere at home. By the time Alexander Korolev became involved in the business, having solved the problem with money. It is worth noting that things were going great. The family lived well, could afford expensive purchases. Therefore, when his son turned 11, seeing his difficulties in studying, his parents decided to send him to a private boarding school. They were confident that the professionals of a paid educational institution would definitely find an approach to a closed child and would be able to reveal it, would be interested in studying and help to improve grades.

grandson Gurchenko Mark biography

Bad Company

Hope parents did not materialize. The new school brought to the life of a teenager new friends who could not become an example to follow. Already at the age of 12, the biography of his grandson, Gurchenko, Mark went downhill.He began to smoke in the company of peers, skipping classes. He became increasingly self-contained, removed from his parents and grandmother. Their incessant growing conflict affected the fragile psyche of the adolescent, he was caught between several lights: father, grandmother, mother. The situation was aggravated by the repeated rupture of relations between the parents. His father left the country and moved to America. The only right decision at that time seemed to the guy to forget. The grandson of Gurchenko was not deprived of money at that time, the pocket budget was regularly replenished with his father and his beloved grandmother. The combination of factors pushed him into the arms of intoxicating, forbidden substances, which for a time carried him away from all problems. For the first time having tried hard drugs, Mark began to spend all means on purchase of a dose.

what happened to the grandson gurchenko mark

Life in america

His secret was soon revealed by his mother. Unable to cope with this problem on her own, Maria in despair calls Alexander Korolev to America and asks for help. He instantly responds and takes his son to himself, determines his treatment. Boarding school grandson Gurchenko Mark, whose biography is told in the article, never finished.A teenager is allowed to periodically fly to Moscow, visit relatives and friends. No more than once every few months. His trips were always a holiday - he brought gifts to his sister and mother, to his friends. He talked a lot about the life overseas. He said that he was seriously interested in tennis, he plans to do it professionally, he made plans for the future. Father's income allowed to live well, even to have a personal driver with a car. However, because of his teenage ambitions, Mark believed that he would be able to quit drugs at any time, and use in rare cases would help to relax, forget about problems and will in no way affect treatment. Therefore, in the states, he strenuously observed all the prescriptions under the strict gaze of his father, and in Moscow he allowed himself liberties. Drugs and caused the death of Mark, grandson of Gurchenko. How did everything happen?

the mystery of the death of his grandson Gurchenko

The mystery of the death of his grandson Gurchenko

The winter of 1998 was marked by another arrival of Mark in Moscow. The teenager was perfectly tuned, showing a photo of his girlfriend, who was waiting for him in America. According to relatives, he was inspired and instilled confidence that the past is over.But what happened to the grandson of Gurchenko - Mark? With all the positive shifts, he could not resist meeting old buddies. On December 13, the company gathered at the apartment, and heroin was present at the party. Mark could not resist and decided to relax. A few hours later a call arrived at the emergency room console. Alarmed adolescents reported that their companion was bad, and honestly admitted that it was drug use overdose. At this time, Mark was beating a chill, his jaws were tightly closed, and foam was streaming from his mouth. His tongue will later be bitten to blood. All the time of anxious waiting, friends tried to help the guy, ease his suffering: they put a spoon in his mouth and warmed him with blankets. The guy was literally dying before their eyes. Three hours later, the doctors arrived. By the time the teenager was already agony. In unconsciousness, he called for relatives, asked for forgiveness from Lucy (as he called Gurchenko, because she could not allow herself to be called grandmother, wanted to be forever young). The moment for salvation was mercilessly missed. Mark died at the age of only 16 years. The cause of death of his grandson Gurchenko, Mark, is a drug overdose.

where the grandson of Gurchenko Mark is buried

The funeral

The death of the beloved grandson Lyudmila Markovna was reported by strangers. Her daughter Maria, as she will say in subsequent interviews, was so heartbroken that she could not call anyone. According to the memoirs of Elena, Mark's sister, more than 400 people attended the funeral. Schoolchildren, fans of the actress went on their own, without any invitation or request to express their sympathy to the family. Lyudmila Gurchenko arrived with her husband Sergey Senin. Everyone expected to see an emotional farewell, but she tried to keep quiet and imperceptible. Without attracting attention, a strong and uncompromising great actress laid flowers on the grave and left the cemetery. She will yearn for her irreparable loss until the end of her life. Where is Gurchenko's grandson, Mark, buried? He was buried in the Vagankovskoye cemetery, next to Lyudmila Markovna’s parents.

Lyudmila Markovna about the grandson

It is known that Gurchenko lived in complete ignorance about the dependence of her grandson, she was hidden from her. This side of his life shocked her. In her interviews, she will bitterly blame her daughter for not informing her that she couldn’t save her. Lyudmila Markovna believed that she could influence the events, the tragedy would not have happened if she had been informed in time. Mark’s death will finally set aside mother and daughter on opposite sides of the barricades.They will not be able to find the strength to communicate. After the death of her grandson, Lyudmila Markovna will dedicate to him a song written for her by Anatoly Dorovsky, “Prayer”. In her she puts all the sadness, from her performance in the eyes of the audience rolled tears. Survive the great actress grandson of just 13 years.

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