Great Aston Martin DB5

Once DB4 was replaced by Aston MartinDB5. I must say that outwardly they almost did not differ, but technically the "heir" became better. The working volume was decided to increase to 4 liters. This move allowed to increase the capacity to 282 "horses". In the DB5 GT version, the power was increased even more. It made 325 horsepower. The usual version, coupled with a 5-speed transmission, develops 240 km / h, which even today - a good figure.

aston martin db5Aston Martin DB5 interior trimmed with leather, naturalsheep's wool and wood. The basic equipment was equipped with electric windows. It's no secret that this car was James Bond's main vehicle. The unbeaten scout starred in the movie "Tomorrow Never Dies," "Operation" Fireball and Skyfellow. " For the coupe agent was seriously modified. This applies to various machine guns, rams, leaking oil and poured nails.

The interior of the car is convenient to the impossibility. If there was an Englishman nearby, he would compare it to a worn favorite shoe, in which you feel very comfortable. It's no wonder that almost everyone knows about this car. But you do not need to mislead yourself by looking at the James Bond film. In one scene, he is chasing the Aston Martin DB5 for a girl driving a Ferrari 355. In the film, Bond is naturally the winner of the duel. But in real life this would never happen. He could not keep up with Ferrari, under the hood of which 8 cylinders with 32 valves.

aston martin db5What is interesting: the directors chose to shoot the same model of the Aston Martin DB5 even 39 years after the debut of the film. No wonder, because even after such a period of time, it looks very dynamic.

Outwardly, he is very attractive. There are many different comparisons, but the comparison with a smiling bulldog is most suitable for him. To create such an image helps the front grille, powerful wings and, of course, the headlights.

Driving a "smiling bulldog" delivers a lot ofpleasure. A man who once sits behind his wheel, will never forget the sensations that he received. You remember every little thing when you're driving Aston Martin DB5. Starting from the sounds of the melodic engine, ending with the gleams of light from the rear-view mirrors. You immediately notice that everything in the salon is done on conscience, according to the best technologies of that time. Do not even bother the lack of power steering. You have to strain your muscles while bending, but it's even nice. In a way, you feel like James Bond, making your muscles tense.aston martin dbsThis feature of the steering requiresdriver Aston Martin DBS full concentration, little talent and practice, courage and precision. Assemblage you will need in order to make the right time at the right time, in order to switch the gearbox.

After some time with the instanceyou understand that it was created in order to ride it on a free road, allowing you to be in the open position of the throttle. Everything becomes easy and at ease. The main thing is to tame it, and then it will remain for the rest of your life!

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